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Lousy Smarch weather >_<

Posted on: March 8, 2010

Thumbs up if you get the reference. (Simpsons – old school)

Gah….. what the frick?! I know that March doesn’t automatically mean spring weather and temps but its been ridiculous lately… cold cold cold and even snow yesterday and today.

I have been itching to take Sakura out in the stroller again… it is a lot more comfortable than taking her out in the baby carrier now that shes hitting the 8kg plus phase. But ever since I came back from Tokyo it hasn’t hit a high of over 5 or 6 degrees C! Supposedly it will get warmer towards the end of the week but from the damn forecast it seems there will be rain or snow nearly everyday.

I guess I’m just in a grumpy mood since Sakura’s one night of good sleep.. lasted just that – one night.

She’s going down in the baby bed ok but has woken up screaming and will not be pacified until I take her into bed with me for a feed… which is FINE… except theres no room for all three of us so the past 2 nights Ryohei’s had to go sleep on a futon in the other room. So… def. need to get a bigger bed once in Tokyo.

I think Sakura may be having some seperation anxiety as well which is not fun. Esp. when she’s tired she gets really really crabby… its fine except I’m feeling sleep deprived again which makes me see the world through thorn colored glasses (as opposed to rose ones)

We actually had a pretty nice weekend! We started moving some of the “stuff we don’t need” to Ryohei’s parents and Ryohei got me a little something from Lush as an early “White Day” present! He got me a really yummy smelling body soap šŸ˜€ I love it! I like how their stuff actually “lasts” I can still smell it from my shower last night.

We actually our celebrating our 2nd Anniversary at an onsen this weekend! This will be our third time going to an onsen together. We went once when we had just started dating back in 2006, once when I was just pregnant with Sakura, and now! This place has a special package just for babies so we’ll be able to go in the onsen as just our family with Sakura. It should be fun and the onsen we picked is in Ryohei’s “town” so he was happy to contribute to its economy.

Anyways not much else of excitement… I got most of my taxes for America done. Next year I’ll have to start counting my freelancing income so it will be a lot more complicated but this year (2009) wasn’t so difficult.

Guess thats about it for me~~~~ pretty boring here. Really really wishing we could go out and play. Weekdays get so lonely for me esp. when its cold and wet out… just have to keep telling myself that in a months time it will all be different šŸ™‚


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So tell me about babies and onsen– I mean, do you take them in the regular super-hot onsen, or is there a special medium-hot one for them? Anyway, the onsen trip sounds like so much fun! Ahhh, onsen…

And yeah, baby sleep. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it. Um, make that most of the time. Hang in there!

I think its a not-hot one.
The last onsen we went to when I was pregnant had hot and warm onsens so I think it may be the same deal with this one as well?

Onsens are awesome… no if, ands, or buts ;D

Oh, that’s cool that there are different temperatures! (Nice for pregnancy too.) That is going to be soooo relaxing!

I thought if you spent over like 300 days or something out of the country you didn`t have to file taxes in America?

I don’t have to pay taxes unless my income was over a certain amount (which it way isn’t) since Japan is my “tax base” but all Americans have to file taxes every year.

Your onsen trip sounds wonderful – I would love to soak in a super hot bath right about now… I’m sure it would relieve all those aches and pains I am experiencing. Shame I can’t though…

Being able to go in with Ryohei and Sakura will be great! I have always wanted to try out a family bath. You’ll have to let me know the place you are going if it’s good šŸ™‚

Ryohei is so sweet buying you both some bath stuff and chocolate for White day!! If only Naoki was as romantic… LOL! Well I can always dream šŸ˜›

I will let you know for sure! I know that sometimes you and Naoki go to Niigata to visit friends so I will give you a brutally honest review šŸ˜‰

Hahah I’m not sure if it was romantic since it was me saying… “I’d like to buy this.” And him saying “it can be your white day present” šŸ˜›

Tell me about it with the weather … it snowed here today and the high was -1C. It is March 8th here people, almost the ides of March, creeping up on April. At this rate I feel like we’re just going to skip Spring and go straight into Summer.

The Onsen sounds awesome, by the way. So cool that they’ve got a setup just for babies. I hope you three enjoy the trip!

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