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Even Ipods need some love

Posted on: March 10, 2010

I just spend the last hour re-doing all my ipod lists. Not that I really get to listen to my ipod much any more since Sakura came along. It used to be my walking buddy but now she is and I sort of feel weird listening to tunes while I should probably by talking with her.

So today is yet ANOTHER rainy and cold day. Seriously… when the hell is this going to end? I really hope Friday is “warm” and sunny as promised because I actually have plans to meet up with a friend for lunch – however that lunch place is a 25 min walk from here so really hoping that I can load Sakura in the baby car and enjoy a leisurely walk instead of a cold and wet back breaking time.


Just need to keep holding on until the weekend when our onsen trip is about the only thing keeping me from not going insane. Yes.. I’ve mentioned it the last 3 posts I know. So exciting my blog is~

30 minutes later——-

Ok Sakura just woke up from her nap. I tried to feed her some mashed carrots which she wasn’t having. She eats pretty much anything but doesn’t seem to like carrots… just like her Dad. Interesting… she even eats stuff that I can’t/won’t eat like raw tomato, vegemite (thanks Nay and Lulu), and pickled daikon. But… no carrots.

Her two front teeth are starting to come in… and its showing. Sleep has been hellish lately. I feel like a zombie most of the time and Ryohei has been sleeping most of the night in the other room the last week. Sakura just wants to sleep in bed with me… preferably with one or both of her hands touching my boobs. Which is SO not conductive to sleep.

I’m hoping once the teeth come in she can go back into sleeping in the pack and play since that is a lot more assuring for me as I worry about her rolling off in the middle of the night or somehow getting tangled up in Ryohei’s phone cord even though its on the other side of the room.

I am SO SO tired of the waking up at least 2 times a night. Last night it took 45 minutes to settle and get her back to sleep at 1am. And then we were up again at 5ish… WHEN is this going to stop?

Whenever I see other parents with similarly aged children saying they sleep through the night I wonder what the heck sort of magic they are weaving. I am wondering if this will stop when and only when the boobies go bye-bye. And in a few months they will be. I’m starting to be “over” breast-feeding. I’ll stick with it until Sakura’s a year or so but then I really need to “get my body back” and really need to start losing the weight that breastfeeding doesn’t seem to allow me to do.

Sorry going off on tangents all over the place…

Anyways Sakura’s being good now (destroying a toy) but I doubt its going to last so off I go.


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Teething makes for some baaaaad sleep. But the good news is, things go back to normal once those teeth come in!

That onsen is going to feel soooooo good compared to the cold weather you’ve been having!

2 more days! i can’t wait!
and….. normal-ness would be nice. of course she hasn’t slept through once since she was born ;_;

I think sleep is sort of pre-programmed for some kids. I’m not sure if weaning her will be the answer or not. My son didn’t get boobies for very long at all because I went back to work early and was a pumping FAIL and but he still didn’t sleep through the night till about 6 months, and even then, he’d go through phases where he’d regress and wake up in the night, or not go to sleep at all. I can understand the feeling of wanting your body back though, regardless of whether it helps with sttn or not.

I agree with Allison, teething is pretty hard on the sleep schedule. The top two teeth I think are some of the more difficult teeth to cut too. Dylan got his bottom two first and they came in relatively easily, but those top two … dang, I felt bad for him because I could tell that hurt. Once the teeth break the skin it seems to get a bit better.

Have fun at the Onsen! Only a few days left now!

that makes me feel better.. i always heard that formula fed kids slept longer and started sttn earlier than breastfed ones. good to hear that maybe it just depends on the kid which means nothing to do but suck it up XD

onsen is gonna rock! are there similar type places in china?

There are! We have hot springs here, although they’re not as extensive and awesome as the ones in Japan. They’re more common in mountainous areas I think than around here in Beijing, but I love them!

I think the formula fed kids sttn thing is a myth. I know some breastfed kids who sleep through night earlier, and some formula fed kids who did too. Right now Annika doesn’t sleep through the night yet at 3 months and she’s getting both breastmilk and formula still, and I know some kids who didn’t sleep through the night till they were like 2, long past the point when milk would be a factor. NOT that Sakura will be one of those!

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