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Things I Love Thursday

Posted on: March 11, 2010

Hmmm… not much loving going on this week. Considering that we’ve been mostly housebound for the whole week. So the things I Love Thursday is going to be a “looking to the future” one.

I am getting psyched for our move… minus the actual moving part. I am a total packrat but usually whenever I move I end up letting go of a lot of “stuff we don’t need” but it always makes me sad for either sentimental value or “what if i need this again someday!” I’m sure there must be others like me out there!


Lots of fun stuff coming up! And I’m pretty sure by this time next month we will be in Tokyo…

Looking forward to

Warm weather!

Hanami (esp. hanami with a bunch of LOVELY girls I am priviledged to call my friends)

Getting ENGLISH TV at our new apartment—- yes!

Joining a gym (apparently there is a “curves” type gym on the second floor of our building which would be awesome – 30 mins a day and only have to go down one floor!)

Getting a bike – so that i can get more exercise, save on train fees, and just enjoy going out with Sakura

Enjoying Tokyo’s restaurant scene. I LOVE various cuisines… Asian, Middle Eastern European, Mexican… you name it. I am planning to go to a new “foreign” place once a month. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome~~

Joining an English playgroup! Apparently there is one who meets up near where I will be living so I am planning to go and meet some new people and get English exposure for Sakura

Playdates with Tokyo area friends!

Traveling around the Kanto area with Sakura, Ryohei, and/or friends

Looking for more translation work to fund my travels haha…

As you can tell I am sooooo excited and have lots of great plans!!! Even though its gloomy and cold and HAILING here… posting this has made me all excited!


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Future Things I love Thursday posts are a great idea!

I am feeling a little down today as well but I will get to my list later today sometime I am sure- despite the sun coming out I am still a little blue but hopefully that will pass soon!

I think because we had such a great routine going with Noah but his teething (i think it is the teething) sees me getting up 2-4 times a night instead of the once a night feed we got him down too!

Aww hope the sun cheers you up a little. Looking forward to reading your post 🙂

Oh tell me about the interupted sleep ;_; I was up 2-3 times last night as well. Hope that both our little ones pop their teeth soon so better sleep and happier mamas can return.

Wow… you have so much to look forward to!! I couldn’t help but smile reading your list. You are going to have such a fantastic time once you move to Tokyo. To be honest I am a little bit jealous but it just means I am going to have to come up to the big smoke a little more often so I can join in the festivities 🙂

Hi Nay..

Well I figure this is my last chance to live in a big (Japanese) city so I have to make the most of it. And of course once you and Baby N get settled in you are welcome to come and visit any time for however long you like!

I plan to trek out to yours as well if you’ll have me 😉

Sounds like you have lots of fun things to look forward to! I am also looking forward to better weather and hanami!

All the yummy food in Tokyo will be great! I also love ethnic foods and so miss having different stuff. Whenever I go to a big city I try to go an interesting restaurant. I remember going to a really yummy Asian cuisine restaurant in Ginza the last time I went to Tokyo! Looking forward to hearing about your culinary adventures in future posts 🙂

Ohh yes I’ll have to maybe to a blogging corner on my gourmet experiences~ If you have any recommendations let me know!

Mmmmm… Tokyo sure does have a lot of good ethnic restaurants! My restaurant buddies (both of whom have since left Japan) and I tried Russian, Eastern European, Hawaiin, Korean, Thai, Israeli… mmm… making myself hungry now!

Yummmmm!! I’ve been using bento.com as a sort of starting point since its a bunch of places (in English!) with reviews and price range etc. Makes it a lot easier if I can just pick from there and know what I’m getting into.

I sure hope I can get some buddies to go with me though… dining alone isn’t too fun and the baby doesn’t count ;P

I haven’t used Bento.com in a while, but have had really good luck with it when I did!

I realize we haven’t met, but…. I am so up for trying out new yummy restaurants~!

Ha ha, I love that you are excited about not having to walk so far to the gym! You DO know what you do at gyms, right 😉

Seems that Tokyo will really make you happy. I have to say, I think I only ever ate Japanese food in Tokyo! Had no idea there were so many other places..mind you, I was more focussed on the alcohol at that time 😉 I used to feel that I wanted to move back there, but I think I just got used to living here, especially with children. I HATED Gunma when I first visited here, ha ha! Strange how things turn out.

When are you moving? Must be soon so Ryohei will start work from April?

Yes Laura I know what gyms are for :PPPPP
But theres something to be said about getting in your OWN shower 30 seconds after leaving… plus easier for me to come back if there is some sort of Sakura emergency or Ryohei emergency. Its actually a circuit gym.. so only 30 minutes a go or something like that.. is it bad I’m actually considering going while Sakura naps… hmm…

I am really looking forward to Tokyo. The small city life just hasn’t really grown on me in the past year… maybe if I was a bit older… anyways not sure how long we will be there but def. making the most of my (extremely) lucky chance.

We should be moving sometime in beginning to mid-April… Ryohei’s NOT starting from April first.. but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have started before around this time next month. His work is being very vague on the details and they haven’t even told his co-workers he’s leaving yet!! But we’ve already paid for our apartment so I know we are going…. just… when?

Yeah, a bright shiny, neon, big city favourite things list. I have heard great things about curves I’ll be interested to hear what you say.

And the food? wow…. just wow….

I will def. update!!!

Yes food in Tokyo is awesome~ thus need the gym badly

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