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Onsen trip

Posted on: March 14, 2010

Thought I might as well write about it before I get distracted by a bunch of other stuff!

We had a very nice time at the ryokan and onsen. We arrived at about 3pm and went straight to our room which was just a bit tatami room with a kotatsu and tv. We decided to go straight for the “family” onsen while Sakura was still in a good mood. It was pretty nice but REALLY hot.. I thought it was going to be a “cooler” bath but no… it was hotter than most other onsens I’ve even been in. We had Sakura in for only a few seconds and she turned as red as boiled shrimp. So we took turns holding her so only feet were in the water while the other one bathed.

After that we tried to get Sakura down for a nap with mixed results… shes a really sensitive sleep and only wants to breastfeed to sleep now so I had to lie down next to her on the tatami until she fell asleep.

After that our dinner came. It was ALL fish and veggies.. which I was ok with. I ate probably 80% of it with only a couple exceptions of things that I really can’t stand. Ryohei was about the same since hes picky too.. even though it was “inaka ryori” (country cooking) but it was still pretty good. After that we “tried” to put Sakura to sleep again but it didn’t work so well… so I told Ryohei I was going for a quick bath by myself.

There was a rotenburo (open air bath) on the top floor over looking the snowy mountain and it was drizzling a bit so although a lot of people were in the closed onsen one floor below I was the only one in the outdoor bath and it was SO nice and relaxing. I love having the bath all to myself as getting nekid with a bunch of skinny Japanese women never does much for the old self-confidence.

After a 15 minute dip in the tup I returned in brighter spirits to put Sakura to sleep. Since Ryohei was tired too they both went to bed at 9 while I stayed up a bit later playing games on my phone. We had an “Average” night. Sakura wakes up a LOT lately… and doesn’t want anything but boobs although I’m pretty sure shes not hungry. Its frustrating and tiring… and when we woke up at 6:30 I was still tired. Ryohei went off to bath again while I watched Sakura and then I took another go in the outdoor bath. Once again NO ONE there! Yes! I def. feel like I lucked out on that part.

After that we had breakfast… where fish and veggies are ok for dinner I really need either bland or sweet food for breakfast. Not a huge fan of the slimy fish, natto, and other stuff they had laid out but ate what I could (only about 60%) this time and gorged on rice and miso soup instead.

After that we head home stopping at a karaoke place – my first time since Sakura was born!! My singing sucks now… we used to go once a month or so but now I haven’t gone at all so I sounded like a dying cat or something. Oh well.. it was still fun! Afterwards we had lunch at Coco’s which was good too!

Now both Sakura and Ryohei are passed out in different parts of the house and I’m typing up this blog. I’m hoping after they both wake we’ll be able to go for a walk since its a nice day although a little bit chilly.

Feeling refreshed for the upcoming week though – just hope it and the next one go quickly though cause I can’t wait for the hanami part coming up… 3 weeks from now? Ahhhh 3 weeks too long!


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Sounds like a generally nice relaxing trip =) Too bad the water was so hot, I even feel nervous putting Missha in the 41C bath because *I* feel it’s hot XD

But yay for relaxing privately and for karaoke! I used to karaoke ALLLL the time until Tetsu said my voice is weak, haven’t gone since and now it really IS weak lol Oh well…

Totally can’t wait to see you on the 3rd/4th SLUMBA PARTAAAAY!

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