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Give Spring a Chance

Posted on: March 16, 2010


What the heck weather? How depressing to check this weeks forecast and see snow or rain and temps ranging from 7 to -1 C for the whole week. At least yesterday it was somewhat decent and what did we do? We went on a 2.5 km walk and it was GREAT. Great to be out and about and not worry about Sakura freezing her little buns off. I was going to go and have lunch at my fave place in Nagaoka but it was randomly closed so that was a bit of a bummer but oh well.

Anyways whyyyyyy… why is it cold and rainy and even snowy for later this week again?! It is soooooo depressing. I wish I had our moving date already but still no 100% date. I’m thinking it must be around the second week of April or so… no motivation to pack or get ready when we are still using so much stuff and when we don’t even have a date. From what I’ve been told our apartment is being leased from April 1 – but we don’t get to move in until Ryohei’s boss “allows” us. Gag – barf – roll eyes.

Apparently this boss is retiring next year and Ryohei’s other boss is retiring in 3 years… so all his people he “owes” his work to are leaving. Thank god – this will make it a lot easier when we finally decided to relocate to the US (which is still tentatively on the books for a year or so after our Tokyo jaunt is finished depending.) Now that Ryohei has found another career path he wants to pursue and that going to Tokyo will allow us to save the money we need for him to go back to school in the US he is all for it.

But thats getting a bit ahead of ourselves… in any case all I ask for now is some warm and sunny weather so Sakura and I can get out of the house. Ever since January we’ve been so cooped up and I can’t ignore the fact its probably been one of the causes of the major blue period I had since returning from my Christmas trip.

Anyways Sakura is SO active now. You wouldn’t believe it. All over the place and getting into everything. She’s creeping a lot but no real crawling yet. She “talks” a lot. She’s social and chatty and a real sweet kid 90% of the time but shes def. a girl who knows what she wants. Nights are still pretty rough… we are still having at least 2-3 wakings a night. I am hoping that once we start going out more she will tired herself out and sleep better at night, although maybe thats wishful thinking?

Hmm who knows… wow this post has been long and windy and not so interesting.

I guess I’ll sign off with a picture of my pretty girl!


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february is depressing, but march is a cruel bitch. hang in there sara, you’ll be out of there soon! *hugs*

you kyushu-ers are lucky!! well until it comes to summer and the giany kyushu bugs lol

well, so far *knock on wood*, my new house has kept the bugs out. and yes, that means i dread visiting my in-laws during obon. *shudders*

i do love summer, though, even the heat. i am ready for winter to finish!!

I made an almost identical post on my blog last week. It snowed here the day before yesterday. I’ve been saying for WEEKS “oh, this must be the last snow of the season.” But no. This stupid winter just will not end! Surely it can’t continue on until April, can it?!

Anyhow, I feel your pain!

Ohhh don’t say that (about April) I can handle a bit of cold in early March… but damn April needs to be cherry blossoms, and picnics, and tulips, and long walks with a light jacket!!

Its not quite so bad down south, not exactly what you want to hear but hopefully that means the spring weather will be making its way up north (hopefully before you guys actually leave). If not look on the bright side, March is halfway over, even without an exact moving date, mid April is only 4 weeks away.

Hahaha my greatest fear is I will “miss spring” that just as it comes to Niigata we will be leaving and it will already be getting hot in Tokyo. Gah…

But you are right only another month or so until I can be in the big city!

I’m right here next to you feeling the cold and awful winter that will NOT go away!! At least I am saddled with work at the moment that would prevent me from going out even if the weather were nice, so I’m almost happy the weather is crap at the moment. But I would definitely not mind turning off the heaters finally!!

Is this how every winter is here?? Or is this one just really bad in particular?? Gah.. damn mountains I want to trade it in for the beach. Glad to hear you are keeping busy tho!!

Weather is fucking freezing in London still, which is very annoying. At least we have had a few nice sunny days though which has made things a bit better. This winter has felt ridiculously long and very depressing. I am ready for the spring but not quite ready to trade my knee high boots for sandals yet so am kind of hoping it doesn’t warm up too quickly straight away!! (Although I will no doubt be bitching about having a crap summer when it hits.)

I too am so sick of winter this year. I am hanging out for Spring. ALthough to be honest I don’t think this winter was anywhere near as bad as last. I can just remember freezing every single day last year (even down here in Shizuoka!!).

Sakura looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo!! SHe is such a pretty little thing – and Spring clothes just make her even cuter 🙂

Sakura is super cute and looks just like you!

I’m also totally over winter – in London it seems like it’s been winter ever since we arrived here a year ago…….

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