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Things I Love Thursday/M’eh

Posted on: March 18, 2010

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Well its Thursday again! Wow the week has actually gone by pretty fast most likely in part to going out most of both Monday and Weds. afternoons. But today is freezing again (3 Celcius) and snowy/hailing so thats not really an option although at some point I need to go to the post office to take out money so I can buy dinner because the nearest grocery store doesn’t take credit card and I’ve only got about 200 yen in my wallet… gah.

So umm things I loved in the last week…

– Finally had my bi bim ba last Friday. Yay delicious!! There is a place here that makes them SO yummy.. I will have to go back and get at least one more before we move.

– TV that makes you happy. I enjoyed the 3 hour special of waratte koraette last night especially the parts on the Chilian Granpa who was trying to learn Japanese and made friends with the 8 year old Japanese boy living in Chili and the part about the bilingual American woman who helped re-write the Japanese constitution after the war. Both were really moving.. I’m sure they were dramatized a bit.. oh I also liked when they went to New York as well. It made me miss home and the friendliness of the average American. (not being sarcastic!!)

– Sunny warm days. Sadly there seems to be only one a week here. Monday was pretty nice and supposedly it will get to 15 C on Saturday but we shall see.. of course for the rest of next week it will be raining and down to 6 or 7 C again…. GAH.

Speaking of… theres a bit of stuff going on the rest of the month. We are finally getting down to the last 10 days of March (After the weekend) Ryohei’s boss is FINALLY telling his co-workers about his transfer tomorrow. I think he is looking forward to not having to keep it a secret. He’s been having to deal with our realtor and all the paper work without letting anyone at work know and I think its been stressing him out. He also has an overnight trip to Tokyo with his boss from the 30th – 31st where he will get to see his new office and meet his new co-workers.

Still no news on the moving date… from what Ryohei told me it could be anywhere from April 3rd – April 20th… umm… wow. They better tell us soon since there has really been no packing/cleaning/getting ready action here esp. if it is going to be the 3rd. Which is actually it better not be since I have an event I will not be missing come hell or high water.

Also a bit bummed because no translations since the beginning of the month I had a “maybe” one that fell through when the company didn’t get the project and since then haven’t heard anything from my contact 😦 I also sent our another resume but got the “we’ll keep your paperwork on file” standard we don’t need you but thanks for applying crap mail. sigh. I know I want another agency or two to work with but I don’t want to get crazy busy yet…if any of you more seasoned translators out there have any suggestions or work that you are too busy to do  – please feel free to pass on my name. (onegai~)

Anyways its only 9:30am and I’m already feeling terminally bored. It looks like today is just going to be a long one… probably doesn’t help I was up 5 (YES 5!) times last night with Sakura… gah. So tired…

Well… at least I managed to get a few good things out for my TILT. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with SIL and baby Iroha in the afternoon and spending the night at Ryohei’s parents so at least I won’t be alone all day. Its also a 3 day weekend but we don’t have any plans for Sunday and Monday, ho hum~

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