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Too much of a good thing?

Posted on: March 22, 2010


Hope everyone (in Japan) enjoyed the 3 day weekend. Ours was fairly busy… and I think both Ryohei and I are pretty exhausted now. We spent Friday night through Sunday afternoon with the in-laws which was so tiring. One night I am ok but after the 2nd I just start to get a headache from all the Japanese and all the “manner minding” especially when it comes to having Sakura around. It was nice since my BIL and SIL were staying as well but at the same time the differences we have in child raising is so different. But really its not my place to say anything so I don’t even though SIL is always trying to get me to layer Sakura is like 4 or 5 layers and even told me she thought she had a cold just because she sneezed. SIL is so like MIL even though they aren’t related.. just very behind the times old school Japanese. But oh well… they are both nice enough. MIL even made pizza dough and gave me some to take home so we had pizza last night.

Today we had some shopping to do so we were up super early and out for most of the day. I finally got my 2010 Starbucks sakura mug. Since they came out with the next series of drinks I thought I lost my chance but turns out no one in Niigata bought the cups so there were still like 8 left when I went to the nearest one to buy them this morning. I was afraid i would have to get them off yahoo auctions which would cost another 500 or so on the (already expensive-ish) mug. Anyways I’m pleased with it!

I guess we are just super tired out from Sakura. She has grown up a lot and has a lot of awareness. I’m pretty sure she’s starting to understand some words. She reacts to “more” by opening her mouth when I’m feeding her and “boobies” by screaming if I don’t give them to her immediately, and to “look” if I point at something while saying it.

Very cool! She also knows her name and will turn when called about 2/3rds of the time. She still gets distracted though.

She’s just super active and unfortunately there isn’t a lot of room for her to roam about here. We are planning on making our new 6 tatami mat room a completely baby safe room so she can just be gated in there and have free reign instead of having to pull her away from stuff all the time.

We’ve decided that I will sleep in the other room for now instead of Ryohei as we are trying to semi-night wean Sakura as the 5 times up a night is NOT working for me. Last night Ryohei slept in the same room as her since he doesn’t wake up unless shes really crying where is I wake up at every little hiccup. I got a good amount of sleep and only woke up to feed her at 5am. Yay.. trying it again tonight and hoping that by the time we move to Tokyo she might be waking up less since she’s not going to get boobies every time now. I’m more than happy to feed her before midnight and after 5am but I just want that 5 hour period in between to sleep and I don’t think her going without boobs for 5 hours is going to kill her.

Anyways like I said we are both fairly tired and sort of passed out. Ryohei said he understands how tiring it is to be alone with the baby all the time and is encouraging me to go back to work (part-time) after she’s weaned and our summer visitors come. My dad is coming for a week in late June and my mom and step-dad are coming for about 3 weeks in august for Sakura’s 1st birthday and obon.

After that I’ll start looking for a part-time job that will get me out of the house for a couple days a week.

Anyways Ryohei has two nomikai this week and he’s working Saturday so Sakura and I are going to have more “futari no jikan.” We’ve had 2 nice days lately so hoping the weather will be nice so we can get out of the house and not be stuck inside.


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oops … I posted something at around the same time as you, and I guess covering the same kinds of things, and I just wanted to clarify that I am NOT being passive aggressive about you! I guess its the nomikai thing that might sound a bit dodgy, but I wrote it first!!

Glad you got your cup though, and the tatami room idea is a good idea.

hey no worries!! i didn’t even think about it that way. i just commented on your blog as well 🙂 hope you get a good and full night of sleep!

Yeah! Breakthrough! Ryohei understanding how tiring 24/7 parenting can be is great. And ditto on the IL exhaustion- you know I would rather drive 7 hours there, spend one night and drive 7 hours home again than ‘relax’ and rest up for a second night there?

yah lets hope he “remembers” though. i wouldn’t be surprised if hes back “ii na-ing” about me staying at home within a week or two 😉

hahaha i totally understand where you are coming from on the in-laws. i just get sooooo tired from being on my best behavior all the time

Sounds good! Bet you’re excited to start getting the new place set up. I’m so curious to see how your baby room ends up! I bet it’ll be great~~

What’s your strategy for night weaning? I need to start with Missha too. She’s still up 9, 12, 2, 4, and then 6 again… *sigh* I end up just bringing her into bed and falling asleep feeding her. Today she was AWAKE at 4am…. and NOW she’s sleeping (8:30) gaaah….

Khea, Misshas sleeping/waking habits seem similar to Sakura’s…

I’ve been sleeping in the other room and having Ryohei put her to sleep by rocking her. I fed her at 11am and then 3am and then she slept until 6:30 so that was better than the previous 3 times a night since I was only up once. She is still waking up a lot though… I hope she learns that no boobies = reason to stay asleep.

Its hard when you sleep in the same room – which we will be doing in Tokyo so we are trying to wean her except for maybe one time before then…

I can totally understand your feelings about spending a second night at the inlaws. One night is definitely enough for me – even when we have a nice weekend together!!

The baby proof room in your new apartment sounds like a great idea – that way she can crawl around, play, do whatever she pleases without you having to worry about her getting into stuff. Not sure how we are going to ‘baby proof’ our apartment when the need arises…

I didn’t realise your dad was coming too – that is great news!! YAY! How exciting!!

Don’t worry I’m sure baby proofing will be ok for you! And you have all us sempeis to help you out if need be with recommending goods and tips.

Yah my dad is coming out for a week. Should be interesting – I’m thinking about taking him to see a baseball game while he’s here.

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