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Lonely Rice Fields

Posted on: March 24, 2010

I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately. Just sort of blah and tired. Could be lack of sleep… even though I think I am getting more now due to our new sleeping arrangement it still doesn’t feel like enough.

I’ve only been “having to get up” once to feed Sakura though. She had a feed at 1am last night and then Ryohei brought her into me at 5:30am so we are getting closer to the magical mid-night – 6am space I am hoping for. I don’t know if she is waking up inbetween those times I would have asked Ryohei but he left before we got up this morning.

He has 3 events the next 3 days so… that means he won’t be around tonight, will be super late tomorrow, and one again won’t be around Friday and most of Saturday morning.

Then I guess Saturday and Sunday we need to start getting things in order because it looks like Ryohei will be starting April 5th so he’ll take April 2nd (Friday) off and we’ll get the stuff moved that day and then Saturday it will be delivered to our new place in Tokyo. I have plans that will not be missed Saturday afternoon so I’ll go straight to our house after that and we will spend Saturday evening and Sunday unpacking (so I don’t think I need to the night Khea – I will be going “home!” afterwards)

Anyways we have a lot to do next week. I have my final Hello Work paycheck as well. I’ve only had one translation assignment this month so I’m greatful to have the Hello Work come in although I still need to do one more “job searching activity” to complete my resume.

So I guess maybe the root of my blah-ness is all the boring/tedious stuff that needs to be done before we move in oh… 10 days?! Wow.

Hopefully the weather report is correct and it will be sunny for a bit this afternoon so Sakura and I can take a walk. It was rainy yesterday and being inside all day was not good for both of us… she crawled for the first time yesterday and sat up from a crawling position on her own… my baby is getting so big. She’ll be 8 months later this week. Is walking a couple months down the line??? Can’t believe it…


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Ryu will be ten months in a couple of weeks and he still doesn’t even crawl! Just sits – plonks. On hs tummy all he does is go round and round the room in cirlces – backwards. Granny K is starting to stress that he will miss the crawling phases and go straight from sitting to standing. I’ve heard its better for right/left brain functionality to go through the crawling phase. She is ‘training’ him – the poor thing.

Good luck for the packing and the move. Exciting.

Wow, have you packed your stuff yet? Will you move it by yourself or hire a moving company? I would be stress-ing out with all the packing and old and new apartment cleaning to do..but then I tend to stress to motivate, ha ha!

And great new with the baby sleeping! Luka didn’t sleep through until about 19 months old. And are you and Sakura in different rooms now? Well hope your “blah-ness” changes to excitedness with your move!

I know that ‘blah’ feeling – it has really hit me this week. I think it has a lot to do with the weather though and not being able to get out. I find that if I can get out for my daily walks (even though I am really detesting them at the moment) my mood overall is SOOO much better.

It will be interesting to see if you guys end up moving down to Tokyo before Baby N arrives or not. My due date is the 5th – so even just a couple of days early… Looks like we are both going to be counting down the days for the next 10 or so days.

Hopefully the packing won’t be too stressful for you!

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