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Posted on: March 25, 2010

That would be the sound of me being a little piggy. The ever present rain and cold has lead me down a dangerous road of clearing out my snack supply in “the name of moving.” Which.. turns out will be delayed another week.

Thanks dear for telling me you were 99% sure we were moving in a week and half. Instead Ryohei jaunts in today telling me “Guess what I start on the 12th.” However looks like he will take the 8th and 9th off and we will move on a weekday instead of the weekend so we can get living registrations and other menial only do-able on weekdays annoying stuff done.

The one silver lining is that I can get Sakura’s second polio vaccination here in Nagaoka before we leave so I don’t have to go through the trouble of doing it after our move since it is scheduled for the 7th. After that she won’t need any more shots until she past a year old so that will be nice not to have to get it over with.

So once again my time in Niigata has been extended… not  sure how much more of the cold and rain and SNOW (I’m looking at you tomorrow and Saturday) I can take without becoming a newsbrief on the 5pm news.

Sakura started crawling although she can only get 2 or 3 paces before collapsing back on to her belly and creeping the rest of the way. She also started signing back to me. I’ve been doing baby signs for a while now and today was the first day she started to pick up on it. She’s been doing “all done” a couple times today… one time when I was holding her. She signed “all done” to me and I put her down and she moved on to her toys…. my heart of glass…. ;_; Anyways she seems to understand “more” but can’t do it yet so maybe that will be next.

Shes super active and I’d love to be able to take her out but the damn weather is preventing that.. according to my forecast schedule we should finally be getting sunny and warm (15 C) plus weather from mid-next week. PRAYING that its true…

So yah.. not much tonight. I’m guessing the lack of comments recently is because of the boringness of my posts. Hopefully I’ll have more riveting life stuff going on mid-April on!


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Polio – Ryu has that on the 15th – right when I want to go home. But Polio is only done twice a year and Kunimi is like the bloody vaccination police.

Another week isn’t long. You’ll be in Tokyo before you know it.

I can’t believe Sakura is crawling and signing. She’ll be walking and talking soon – and Ryu will still be sitting on his fat ass and blowing spit bubbles 🙂

Hahaha… when did your other 2 start moving about? While I’m certainly not UNhappy she is so active… having a baby that still stays put would be so nice….

I’ve realized that mobility = trouble… noooooo

Hope you can go back to NZ after Ryu’s vaccine. We have the shots here every month so that makes it fairly convenient for us.

That’s too bad about the move but, like I said on FB, I’m happy to get some extra time with you and Sakura 😉 And to see Ryohei again.

Polio… same as GW it’s only twice a year and Missha’s are April 9th and 23rd =) BUT I seem to have missed the DPT?! They sent the papers when we still lived at our old place, so they were packed in my folder, then I went to Canada and then got the BCG papers and did those when we got back….. haha So I’m taking her maybe today or tomorrow to get that out of the way. Are you get the hib, or any of those yuuryou ones?

We’ll have to hit up some of those baby places you found and let Sakura (and hopefully soon Missha) tear the place down. That’s so cool she’s crawling… Missha isn’t even scooting..she hates being on her tummy now so… might be a long ways away.

When you wrote “It’s only a couple months until she’ll be walking!?” It hit me with a wtfomgi$#^&^%& IT IS! Time goes by SOOOO fast… I’m really interested in this Baby Signing you and Lulu talk about… do you have any good links about it? =)

Anyways… enjoy your last bit of fresh Inaka air, we’re waiting for you in the citay. 😉 It’s been rainy the last couple days but still pretty warm.. can’t fucking wait for SPRING! xoxo

(A long comment to make up for the lack of comments?)

Staying in is TERRIBLE for snacking, isn’t it? Anyway to get rid of the snacks so you won’t be tempted? Or to replace them with bell peppers and baby carrots? Easy, healthy AND yummy 🙂

I left you comments 😦 Don’t feel bad! I often get a big fat ZERO on my posts, ha ha!

Having spent yesterday in Saitama where it rained cold horrible rain all day I have to say I prefer snow! It is hard when you have had your head/ heart all primed for a certain day and then things change… hang in there!

Wow, Sakura is signing already? A genius!! Smart little cookie!

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