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Less and More

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Well our move is finally getting on the way. We had our “assessment” yesterday when the moving company came and told us how much we would be spending on our move. It was just about what I had thought so no scary surprises there. We also got a lot of boxes and special tape that we need to use to designate breakables, things that will be used right away, etc etc… So now we need to start packing but I have a feeling that its not going to happen much this week.

Ryohei’s parents came up yesterday and took a bunch of baby stuff that we may or may not use again in the future and a few other things we want to keep but don’t want to store at the new place. They’ll get stored in Ryohei’s room since we won’t be staying there as often as we do now. (Although Ryohei will have to go back to Niigata about once a month toย  report progress.) Anyways we went out to lunch with them and it was nice. This was the first time my FIL and MIL have come up to Nagaoka to watch Sakura so it was nice to have someone watch her since I really have felt like I needed a break lately. Of course running around packing stuff wasn’t exactly relaxing but still a nice change from always having to watch her and worrying if I’ve just turned my back on her for a second.

So we only have about a week and a half left in Niigata and its fairly busy especially the last week or so. We are going to Tokyo for the hanami party Saturday morning and will try to be back Sunday afternoon to start major packing and then Ryohei has to take a half day of work on the 6th for medical reasons so depending on how that goes we will do more packing. We actually move on the 8th and we will be staying the night at Ryohei’s parents and heading off on the shinkansen the next morning at 8:30am! The we have until mid-afternoon to do all our boring “registration” activities (yawn) but the movers will bring the stuff around 3pm Friday afternoon which will give us all of Saturday and Sunday to unpack… and then… well… we are in Tokyo!

Sakura turned 8(!!) months yesterday. Time is going by so quickly… she clapped today for the first time. I clapped at her and she repeated it back to me… either that or she was signing “more” since the way she does it they both look similar. She’s pretty damn smart and is already a huge handful as anything dangerous cords, computers, trash, books/magazines are the first thing she goes for. We def. need to have a baby proofed room in the next apartment.

So yah! Lots of stuff to do but I have a feeling most of it won’t get done until next week. All things considered we don’t have a lot of stuff and most of the stuff we have is used every day… so I think that packing shouldn’t take too long once we bear down and do it.


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It must be a fantastic feeling now to have a specific moving date. Now you can start counting down – only so many days till I leave Niigata, so many days till my new life in Tokyo starts, so many days till blah blah blah. You get my drift ๐Ÿ™‚

Have fun over the next week and a half getting everything organised. Hopefully the packing won’t be too stressful for you and Sakura will be a good girl and let you get most of it done in peace.

Having a date really helps! I like being able to count down and knowing only XX amount of days until we are out of here, woo hoo!!

Sakura is officially crawling now so seems like I’m going to need Ryohei to help me a lot of the stuff it seems. But hopefully next weekend and the following week we will be able to get stuff done.

Great that things seem to be moving well. Packing is a bit of a mare, but best not to do it too early. Place gets crowded with boxes and I always end up unpacking to find things that I need. Great for de-cluttering though. You kind of find that you don’t need as much as you have :). I am getting to that stage here again..with the childrens’ stuff at least, getting it all boxed up and giving it away/selling it. Ooh, and are you having a 2 bedroomed place? Sorry, you probably said it already, but I missed it. I find having the playroom great, but I don’t think babyproofing is all that difficult. I think it’s just a case of organising and finding out of reach storage places for stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ When you said about books and magazines, I realised that I haven’t had that stuff “out” for years. I think you kind of change your mindset. Otherwise you are running after the baby all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the health appointment goes well and you enjoy your last while where you are.

I agree Laura… I tend to put most packing off until the last minute just because we use so much of the things we use. However if I have one or two days just get it done before we move I should be find.

We will only have 1 bedroom, there is another room but it is right off the kitchen and thats tiny… so we are making it the living room. I think up we haven’t baby proofed so much since we knew we were moving every since started getting mobile but we are planning to baby gate the living room off and just make sure everything dangerous is out of her reach. Should be interesting! We are making sure to get a TV stand with cabinets since most of the stuff she gets at now is on our low open tv stand.

8 months! WOW! Time really has flown by! Nay had JUST found out she was pregnant when Sakura was born and that seems like just yesterday!

Glad the move date etc is all sorted and that the packing is underway- packing is ALWAYS a pain in the bum but I am a big geek and love to UNPACK! Plus I find packing is therapuetic in being able ot get rid of stuff you no longer want/need!

Hope Ryohei`s health appt all goes well next week.

Everytime that number goes up its hard to believe. She started really crawling today, she can go 4 or 5 paces now. You will be so surprised next time we get together!!

Gah…. packing/unpacking… I hate them both. Send me some of your unpacking geekness to get me inspired!! I must say I can NOT wait to be able to hang out now when we both have free time!! I know I want to give that adorable little boy of yours many many cuddles before he can run away like mine can now ;_;

I’m a unpacking geek too – I LOVE it! But I hate packing – the first bit goes fine, but after a while I end up just throwing random things in boxes and getting stressed as more and more stuff needs to be packed! Ugh. Good luck!

(although Tokyo’s been very cold the past week, so I’m not sure the weather here is something to look forward to!)

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