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News from T-town and a video

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Ryohei is booked somewhere in a semi-decent hotel in Tokyo and I’m here on night watch bringing you yet another post. (Sorry if its boring)

He met with his new colleagues today and learned a bit about the job. From what he said it seems very very easy. In at around 9, out usually by 5:30 with little overtime (unpayed when they have it though), and a lot of overnight business trips. (at least one a month)

So seems pretty nice for Ryohei… glad that he won’t be in zangyo hell like his first time working in Tokyo but he’ll be doing a lot of cold calling companies which can be stressful. Def. happy that he will still continue to be home around 6 at night most nights and we can enjoy our family time… its like the best of both worlds. Inaka schedule while living in Tokyo. Too bad its only for a (relatively) short period.

Anyways here is a video of Sakura crawling.. it was taken last week and she has improved since this was taken but I haven’t gotten a newer one so enjoy this one for now and don’t mind my messy apartment.


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not boring! It certainly brightened up my midnight! Im also alone and waiting for my hubby to return … not yet! but that video is adorable!

Great news about Tokyo though, Its great he will be around so much -it means he can babysit while you go for drinky-pooos with the tokyo girls! 😀

Cute Video!

I was still awake at midnight last night but was in bed -just unfortunately not asleep which is a damn shame because Noah had a horrible night and woke up six times (could of been more…i think I lost count)

Great news that there is little overtime for Ryo when he moves to Tokyo- a once a month overnight business trip is not to bad either- I guess you guys have had that in the last year most times anyway even if it was for drinking parties but just think if he has one he can come home because there are trains. YAY! SHame about it been unpaid. One good thing about Shun`s overtime is that it is paid…..which is a good thing since he had to do so much of it.

oh and drinky pooos with the Tokyo girls? Im in! Fi, will you join us?

Sooooo cute!

And life as you know it is about to change forever! Mobile babies are so much fun but so much work as well.

Great news on Ryohei’s job- sounds perfect!

Wow, I am loving the sound of Ryohei’s job. It sounds perfect for you all. As you said, the work conditions of country life but in the big smoke!! It’s a shame that he doesn’t get paid for any overtime he does do – hopefully it won’t be very much though.

The video of Sakura crawling is soooooooooo cute!! I can’t wait to see her moving around and causing havoc next time we catch up – she will be a pro by then!

Yea, Ryohei’s new job sounds like it’ll be pretty family friendly =) That’s great! He must be geting excited eh?

I can’t wait to see Sakura crawl in person! Looks so cute, and like she’s really getting the hang of it. I’m hoping she’ll teach Missha? lol At this rate Missha will be like her mommy… I never crawled..just starting pulling myself up and walking around the furniture at 8m..hmm…

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