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Had a bit of a whirlwind trip to Niigata and back Monday and yesterday to get the last of my hello work paydays. Now no having to go back until BIL and SIL’s wedding in mid-June.

Today is a ghastly rainy day. I have plans to meet up with Khea and Missha but wondering if we will make it unscathed with the crappy weather. Thankfully I bought a stroller raincover the other day which has proved indispensible in the recent weather.

Have signed up for my translation class and just need to get the hard part (aka parting with my hard earned cash) over and done with. I am starting to try and get serious about translation and fired out 15 or so resumes in the past week. Thankfully I have some bites, some translation “trial” tests (about 3 or 4) that I will work on over Golden Week and hopefully something will come from that.

I’m also getting a “new”(used) windows computer since a lot of the “serious translator” software programs are windows only. Boooo. Oh well.. it might be nice to have separate work and play computers, plus Ryohei’s computer just kicked the bucket so he can use the new one when I’m not working on it.

I’m feeling… optomistic… about working. I have a whole list of places I still can apply for and am considering 1 in 5 or so will probably give me a chance to prove myself. Anyways I’m not looking to get super busy right now anyways, just want to make a couple man a month to use for some play money and also add a bit to my savings I suppose.

Sakura’s bad sleep continues. I really really need some advice.. it has gotten SO bad. I will write a separate post later… oh speaking of the akuma she just woke up.



Well looks like my application was accepted. All I have to do is pay… and I start classes the 3rd week of May! It’ll be fun to be a student again 😀

On the other hand Sakura was a holy terror tonight. We had another hour long crying/screaming/fighting sleep battle. NOT fun.

She only will sleep if I am holding her… something she hasn’t needed since she was 3 months old or so… guess thats why its called a REGRESSION. Thankfully we’ve gone through a couple so I know eventually it will pass… but this is the worst one yet and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Its been a pretty good week. Got quite a bit done and got out 4 out of the 5 weekdays.

Ryohei will be hospitalized from this coming Monday until at least Friday, longer if there are complications with his recovery.. thankfully I’m going to Niigata from Monday through Tuesday, and staying a night with Khea on Wednesday so hopefully that will break up the loneliness of not having Ryohei around for a week. We still don’t know whats wrong so the biopsy should give us some answers and with luck a solution… and not more hospitalization and tests 😦

I am thinking about taking a once a week translation night class from next month to help gain some skills. Its not super expensive in the fact that one or two translation assignments would pay off the expenses, but I’m feeling a bit hesistant just because it is a decent sum of money and although it is a night class on a weekday.. I’m wondering if I will be able to find a baby sitter for Sakura in the case Ryohei has a business trip or nomikai or something on that day of the week.

I think it would be good though… any thoughts. Having a baby sure can cramp ones style..

I’ve sent out quite a few resumes in the past few days with pretty much no response at all.. its very depressing and it seems without a “speciality” area of translation they won’t let you through the door (the class I want to take is a speciality class btw)

Any thoughts? Should I just go for it? I have until the beginning of May to sign up…

EDIT – Well I turned in my application. Don’t know if I’ll get in or not, but you only live once and it will be exciting to turn in my all day/all night mommy card for at student one for 2 hours a week.

hello 9 months sleep regression/growth spurt.

back to every 1-2 hour wake ups we go. i’m feeling soooo tired.

trying to keep busy because if sakura and i are in the house with nothing to do she goes bananas. the girl can NOT stand to be just with me. whenever we are out she always goes to the other moms (at playgroup etc) or plays with the other kids… sometimes i think shes just bored of me. of course i’m happy to have a super social baby but on days like today when we dont have any plans it is pure torture to get through the day.

plus the whole pulling up/crawling/teething.. (maybe teething? shes had 2 front bottom teeth that are only about halfway in but maybe the top 2 are coming down?)

its just a phase – we’ve gotten through much worse but still exhaustion city.

on the other hand, have been super social recently… just what the doctor ordered. part of my niigata depression was lack def. lack of socialization. maybe like mom like daughter.

anyways non-coherent post here… going to have some sort of coffee drink and hope for the best when we go to immigration later today to try and get my first spouse visa.



Posted on: April 17, 2010

Just when I thought I had left the cold and snow behind forever it followed me to Tokyo. What the heck snow in mid-April……?! It’s supposed to be warm and sunny by tomorrow, but wow how crazy have the last couple days been. So hot I was in a t-shirt and sandals and then back to being bundled up in a parka and fuzzy boots.

My translation didn’t end up coming through so I was bummed about that… my “handler” said maybe next week they will have something for me. I’ve been spending quite a bit since getting here so I was looking forward to making up some of the deficit. I spend the good part of the evening researching a couple of places (translation related) to send my resume to. I don’t want to get super busy but if I had maybe one assignment a week I would be very happy. I was really busy with my one agency a month or two ago but the ebb and flow of work has been a lot more ebb and a lot less flow. I think maybe if I could get one or two other places to give me work that would be great.

I just have to sit down and get my japanese resume written out which is mendokusai~~~~~ anyways thats my homework for the weekend.

Ryohei will be taking Sakura out this afternoon – I have the choice of going or not. I am not sure, on one hand it would be nice to have some alone time but I don’t have anything to do so I’d just be sitting around the house and its not really a great day for a walk. But then again Ryohei and Sakura have NEVER gone on an outing together so maybe it will be good for them. Sakura will take formula in a bottle now without complaint – woopie! So that certainly makes having other people watch her for longer periods of time a possibility. She’s been having craptastic sleep again lately. If we get her to bed around 8  or so she still wakes up around 10:30/11, and then maybe 12:30/1, and then once again at around 3/4.

I feel like this kid will never ever consistantly sleep through the night. She’s done it maybe a handful of times since birth… can anyone else tell me their 9 month old was still a poor sleeper and when it got better because it sure seems like all the other babies I know are much better sleepers than her and it is (sing-song voice) deeee prrrreeeeessss innnnngg. (and yes i know don’t compare… but i need a little bit of reassurance I’m not going to be waking up to breastfeed sakura at age 5 or so..)

So thats it really… if tomorrow is nice and sunny as “promised” maybe we will go to the park for a family picnic. Ryohei has his surgery scheduling appointment on Tuesday as well as applying for my spouse visa… (after… 2+ years of marriage! yikes) so that should be busy.

Alright well thats all for now I guess. Happy weekend all. OHHHHH

and I will be attempting to make ricotta cheese for lasagna using this recipe from a new food blog I found!!! Its so expensive to buy it here but this recipe makes it seem so easy and cheap!


Hold on for your hats I’ve got a bunch of happy stuff today

– Being in Tokyo… where things are actually conveniently located!

– Meeting up with good friends (like Lulu yesterday) that I never ever thought I would be able to meet up with on a frequent basis!

– Sakura and my first English playgroup tomorrow!!

– Trying out ANOTHER playgroup on next week as well 🙂

– Got the translation!!! (or half of it but still will fund my “play” money + more for this month)

– Plans to see Nay and beautiful baby Leilah sometime in the next couple weeks! ❤

– Being 95% moved in to the new apartment and actually really liking how things have turned out

– Living near a supermarket that has both TimTams and Pepperage Farm Cookies for under 300 yen a package (this is good as well as super dangerous)

– My new down comforter and towel material sheets!!

– New episodes of glee, was waiting for 4(!!!!!) months.

Yay for thrusdays, we’ll have been in Tokyo a week from tomorrow!


Posted on: April 14, 2010

Too bad that went out of style at least 5 or 6 years before I was born… anyways.

Not even one week into Tokyo life but things are BLISSFUL. I haven’t been this happy in oh… a long long time.

Here are some pictures from the new apartment.

The “living” room

The kitchen/”dining room”

The bedroom

Its a 2DK but fairly spacious, we’ve managed to find room for all our stuff. Not bad! We are also located really near the station, it took my about 7 minutes going with the baby car so its a pretty decent walk. Not too far but not so close that the sound of trains is constantly in our ears. Theres also a very spacious veranda/patio and a bathroom which I didn’t photograph, because really… no one wants to see that.

I had my first “girls day out” with Lulu and cutie pie Noah today. We went to the Lalaport and had a yummy burger lunch and did some shopping. There was also a nifty play place for the little ones and Sakura crawled around like a madwoman and “played” with some other kids – well if you could trying to pull their hair and take their pacifiers. Noah was a chilled out little dude who stayed put but I could see the “I am going to be doing this real soon” glimmer in his eyes. haha.

Anyways pumped on some yummy starbucks and the happiness that come from having a satisfying gab session with a girl friend I came home to find an offer for a translation project in my mailbox. A fairly “big” project that will have me tied to my computer all weekend but the proceeds will give me “play funds” for at least 2-3 months. Not 100% certain I will get it – I will find out tomorrow so cross your fingers.

We NEED a baby gate though since the munchkin is incredibly mobile now and will come into the kitchen to try and crawl up my legs whenever I try to get anything done so that is what we really need to get.

Speaking of Miss S – heres a recent pic! She’ll be 9 months in about two weeks. Time is flying… I am guessing she will be walking sometime in June, she’s crawling like a mad woman and pulling up on EVERYTHING she can get her paws on.