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Things I Love Thursday and moving update

Posted on: April 1, 2010

Oh boy… down to the last week in Niigata. This time next week out entire apartment will be empty and (hopefully) clean. I’ve started packing when I get the chance but every time I get into it Sakura wakes up from her nap and it just irritates me because I’m back to Mommy and not “efficient mover.” We sold our sofa today for a whooping 800 yen. I bet they are going to try and see it for at least 10,000 yen. Good for the recycle shop I guess – it would have cost us money to dispose of it so in the end alls well that ends well.

So… besides the intial boxes of Sakura’s 1 year + baby clothes and a few other things all packing will be held off until we get back from Tokyo on Sunday. And then it is super duper crunch time Monday and Wednesday… maybe have to put Sakura in kindy Weds. afternoon just so I can get the packing of dangerous things (electronics and cooking supplies) and cleaning without her trying to get into everything. GAH… just a little stressed. Anyways time for a TIFT

– Blue skies and long walks! Had a couple nice days with decent weather and (semi)warm temps. It makes a huge difference in a day when its broken up with a trip out.

– Honey Banana Bread! My recipe turned out great and provided a yummy couple days of breakfast for Ryohei and me, even Sakura had a few crumbs and seemed to enjoy.

– Sakura crawling and waving bye-bye. Its like the last week Sakura has made a ton of leaps in her motor activity. As a bonus her sleeping has gotten a lot better. Two out of the last three nights she’s been sleeping for 7-8 hours at a time. Wooooo hoo šŸ™‚

– Catching up with friends on skype! Have had a few nice talks with people on skype lately which is another way of getting through lonely grey sky days. Nice to know that soon skype can be replaced by actually meeting up in person. So exciting~~ english conversation!

Alrighty – happy thursday

ALSO – I have a bunch of English chick lit type novels that have been passed on to me and will not be taking them to Tokyo does anyone want me to send them some books? I’ve got about 12 novels that are both US and Aussie and need a new home. If no one comments that they want them by the end of the weekend I’ll try and advertise them on a mailing group a belong to but giving blog readers first dibs. I’d really prefer just to send them all out in one go! Please take them – they are good books and I don’t want to have to sell them to book off or gasp throw them away šŸ˜¦ Thanks Heather!!!


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ohh ohh ohh books? Yes please! I’m rereading at the moment as I7m out of new stuff… sob

And moving with a baby huh? @_@ When we moved Meg was 11 months old and there were so many random things in boxes as she thought it was a new game- grab anything you find and drop it in a box. She packed the cordless phone which was a fun frantic search….

Good luck, don’t let the stress get to you and remember it will all be so worth it when you get there!

yay!! glad to find them a new home šŸ™‚ and i still have your address as well (i think – i will double check)

hahaha YES you know how it feels then. thank god sakura isn’t 11 months i think that would be like 3x worse than now.. at least she can’t stand and walk yet…

Only one more week… one more week (my mantra)

Ahhhh, pipped at the post for the books ;P Never mind, we have a little library at the city hall here that is overflowing. You reminded me of that, so thanks! Wow, I know what you mean about moving…we moved when Hannah was just 2 and Luka was 5 months. Hannah took it really hard and kept asking when we could “go home”, and surprisingly, it took Luka a good while to get settled too. Just a heads up in case Sakura is a bit out of sorts at first.

I know the whole preparation for moving is a nightmare. Just keep thinking of where you will be in just a little while šŸ™‚

I’ve been a bit worried about how she will react to the new place. On the other hand she’s been fairly good about travel so far, so I’m hoping she will just take it in stride like she did when we returned to America for 3 weeks.

Ohh the library sounds nice!! Theres one near our new apartment which I will have to check out for English books!

Not too much longer to go!! Hopefully the packing/moving/unpacking isn’t too stressful and Miss Sakura behaves herself and lets you get it done as quickly/efficiently as possible šŸ™‚

Thanks Nay!!!!
What will come first my move or your baby~~~ dun dun dun!

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