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The Final Countdown

Posted on: April 2, 2010

Duh na na nuh da na nuh nuh nuh….

Ok… all done with that. If you know the crazy eurobeat dance song this post is named after you’ve probably already clicked away 😛

So t-minus one week until the Tokyo move. Its going to be a crazy one!

This is pretty much my schedule for the week.

Today – leaving for Ryohei’s parents soon, will meet up with SIL for our last “playdate”

Saturday – off to Tokyo and back for hanami party with lovely blog ladies

Sunday – packkkkkkking this will probably be the only day I have Ryohei to help me pack

Monday – more packing

Tuesday – Ryohei’s follow up appointment which means we have to leave with him for work and won’t be back until the evening (sigh)

Wednesday – movers are coming to remove our A/C unit in the morning, have Sakura’s polio vaccine in the afternoon, and final packing

Thursday – movers come in the morning, will have to clean some afterwards then heading to Ryohei’s parents for our last evening with them

Friday – off to Tokyo!!

Wish I could say that I won’t be heading back to Niigata anytime soon – but I’ll be back just about 2 weeks after we leave to pick up my last Hello Work check. (They can’t/won’t move it to another location) But after that no inaka until we go to SIL and BIL’s wedding ceremony in mid-June!


2 Responses to "The Final Countdown"

Pack pack pack!!!! Stop procrastinating!!! (Joking of course!!!)

How great, just one more week!!! Im sure it will fly by and before you know it you will have truly escaped the inaka!!! Yippeee!!!

Yay – sounds like a busy week, but you’ll be in Tokes soon so all good.
Hope you enjoy Hanami tomorrow!

and by the way, I know the original “The Final Countdown” circa 1986, by “Europe” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Final_Countdown_(song)

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