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Small victories

Posted on: April 7, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned before that up until now Sakura has REFUSED to take a bottle. Well I finally got her to drink some “baby” juice from it today. She downed about 100ml in a couple minutes. I’ve been hoping she would take the bottle because I’ve been wanting to start giving her formula or pumped milk (but probably formula) so that I don’t have to be attached to her at the hip 24/7. I have a wedding party to go to Saturday night and that means I’ll be leaving her with Ryohei… hopefully I can “fool” her into thinking formula is juice and she’ll drink it for me…

That being said.. any forumla recommendations for stuff that isn’t too disgusting. She’s turned her nose up at pretty much everything I’ve given her before, she esp. doesn’t like the hohoemi cubes – which of course are the most convenient…

Anyways moving is about 85% done… the last of which is packing up dishes, silver ware, and the last of the kitchen stuff.

We’ll be out of the house in less than 24 hours and in Tokyo in less than 48!!! Hard to believe this is ACTUALLY happening šŸ˜€


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My mom always reminds me about how i refused to take a bottle as a baby too, until i was almost a year old i think! (Sorry, probably not very comforting for you!) šŸ˜®
Sorry, i have no formula recommendations either, but here’s hoping you find something that works!

That’s a hard one. Breast milk is much sweeter than formula, so babies who have been exclusively breast fed for a long time often don’t like to go to the fake stuff. They’ll take juice more readily because juice is sweeter and not remotely milk-like. Can you try pumping beforehand, a bit each day so you’ll have a supply for the weekend? You know you can freeze milk and it’ll keep for a really long time. If you just can’t pump (and I hate pumping. hate! But I do it anyhow cuz otherwise my supply would be dead) then it might be easier to try and fill her up on solids, like rice cereal (since you’re doing solids now, yeah?) than to get her to take formula.

Good luck! As much as I’m sure you’ll miss her, it’ll be fun to get out without the baby for a bit I bet. šŸ™‚


Hagukumi is the only one Missha would drink. I buy the 100cc divided “odekake you”packets and they are pretty convenient. (Hey, I managed to make her bottle at Hanami!) Hope you can fool her and be at ease and able to enjoy your wedding party!

Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! Soooooo excited for you!!! ā¤

I used Hagukumi and then Chirumiru in the yellow can from 9 months. All kids were on that after booby. You may find she will take it from Ryohei at first and not you. Maybe have a trial run before the weekend. Don’t even be in the same room or she’ll smell your boobs I’m sure of it. And if she doesn’t – well feed her up during the day. Leave instructions for a bottle when you leave and know that 12 hours or so without boob isn’t going to kill her and that a bit of beveraged boob at the other end the next morning after your night out wont kill her either. Enjoy the night out. You deserve it.

About “beveraged boob” (lol, I love that term), did you know that by the time you’re not feeling drunk anymore that the “beverage” has actually left the milk? I always thought that it wouldn’t clear out of breastmilk, that you had to pump and dump, but actually it does! If you google something like “how long after drinking can I breastfeed” or “pump and dump” or something like that there are actually calculators that will tell you how long you have to wait after how many drinks for the drinks to clear out of the milk. I think for most women unless you get totally plastered about 2 hours will do it.

Not sure if that helps you or not Sarah but it is cool info that I learned recently and wanted to share. Maybe someone else reading along will find it useful. šŸ™‚

I used tsukoiyaka and then tsuyoiko after 9 months. Tried a few different ones (but the ones we stuck with were easily digested and seemed thinner in consistency than some of the others).
Agree with GW, she might take it from hubby as no boob smell or boob habit with him.
Hope it works out and you have a fab nite out šŸ™‚

Hmm thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe we will pick up some little packs and try them out over the next couple days.

Sakura is going through a huge daddy phase, she followed him around from they moment he got home so she just might go for it šŸ™‚

12 hours until we are out of the apartment – i better go sleep!

Hey Sara,

sorry to comment on your blog about nay .. but have you heard anything ??? we are starting to get a little worried as we havn’t heard anything ….

hi kylee

i last heard from nay around 12pm japan time yesterday.
she said she was 3cm and was in a lot of pain. i’ve tried to mail her twice since then but haven’t heard anything either…

she’s in labour!?

I tried loads with Hannah, but found the best for us was iCreo. I don’t blame her for turning her nose up after the good stuff though…formula is so gloopy in comparison, isn’t it? On the upside, it is slower to digest, so babies tend to sleep longer on it…I agree with Khea on the travel packs. Simple as šŸ˜‰

Wahoo – Nay’s in labour. Well, not wahoo really for her at this moment but there will be light at the end of the 40 week tunnel.

dont know if anyone will read this… but nay has been in labor for about 2 days now. pllllllease send her slippery slope vibes

oh fuck… =( vibes will be sent ASAP!

Update on Nay: They gave her something overnight to help her sleep but that in turn stopped the dilation and reversed it a little. She was hooked back up to a drip this morning. She went into labour naturally late Tuesday night (It is now Friday morning!!!!) but the contractions were not strong enough or helping her dilate so they induced her yesterday.

She has asked that we stop mailing/messaging/calling and will let everyone know once bub has arrived. Sarah tried to call you but phone was out of range or something. Will try again later.

Poor thing must be exhausted so PLEASE send hurry up baby N vibes!

Poor Nay šŸ˜¦

Slippery slope, saloon door flying vibes from Oita.

Thanks for the updates. I’ve never met Nay in person but blogs are strange things, I feel like I should be pacing the corridors with a smoke in hand or something.

gambatte Nay, hoping baby N has already arrived, sending you lots of good vibes from Shikoku xx
(Same here, have never met Nay nor you Sara but all the same feel for her..thanks for telling us )

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