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In Tokyo

Posted on: April 10, 2010

So I am typing from our new kitchen in Tokyo.

Sakura is napping (but should be waking up soon) and Ryohei is in the “living room” setting up our TV rack which should take – according to the box – three hours to put together but will probably be more like five.

Our new place is a bit… ok quite a bit.. smaller than our place in Niigata but thats to be expected and for what its worth its nice and all our stuff fits! Considering that we will only be here about 2 years and we aren’t planning to have another baby in that time (although I’ve been clucky and esp. so after seeing pictures of Nay’s beautiful new baby Leilah-chan) it should be a good fit – although there is one issue but I’ll touch on that later.

We are in a nice place! Lots of shops, drug stores, conbinis, all the comforts of modern life. Do I miss Niigata, sorry not at this point although I almost had something akin to culture shock coming here yesterday. So many people, so many cars, so much stuff… wow it took me time to adjust. I know that I’ve been to Tokyo to visit but there is something about “visiting” and actually LIVING in a certain area to call your own.

Unpacking has gone really well. We only have 2 or 3 more boxes out of about 20+ to unpack. The last of our unpacking can get done when Ryohei makes the TV rack since it will have shelves to put our dvds, picture frames, etc.

Sakura has been a bit out of sorts. I think she got really exhausted yesterday since between the shinkansen to Tokyo, buying last minute stuff, and the movers she didn’t get more than a 30 minute nap or so. She sort of went ballistic at one point… oh and she also “christianed” the house by having the most gigantic poop she has ever done right in the tatami room. Thankfully I had a spreadable diaper changing sheet but the sheet, her clothes, and my clothes were all covered in yellow, stinky, poop. This was before the movers had arrived and the gas had been turned on so we pretty much had nothing we could do instead try and wash everything out in the bathroom. Thankfully I had prepared extra clothes for both of us so we didn’t have to walk around naked.

Anyways like I said Sakura has been a bit out of sorts, clingy, crying a lot… I think she sort of gets this time is different from “visiting” people since all our stuff is here. She seems to like the tatami room though and has been crawling and pulling up (mostly on Ryohei and me) ALL the time.

Anyways I will get some picture taken but right now the house is full of empty boxes. As soon as we can get rid of them I will make sure and upload some pics. Despite my complaints the place is nice and there is a surprising amount of storage. I think we will have a good run here! It was nice and warm and sunny today – such a change from the last 3 months in Niigata.

Also Sakura took a bottle of formula today – YAY!!! I think I’m slowly going to start replacing her feeds maybe 2 weeks at a time… I was planning to wait a year to fully wean but I want my body back and really want to start losing weight so if I can have Sakura weaned onto a bottle at around 10-11 months I’ll be happy.

So thats all for me really!!! One more day with Ryohei here on the weekend and then he’ll start his job and I’ll see what its like being a SAHM here in Tokyo.

Yikes – better start making some plans!


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Welcome, welcome! And what perfect weather for a first day in your new home eh? So glad everything is going well, can’t wait to see the place and what you do with it!

Glad Sakura is taking the bottle! We give Missha one for no reason sometimes, just so she doesn’t stop taking it. Tetsu likes to feed her it, and it feels damn good to hand the crying baby off to him and have him “deal with her” for a change πŸ˜‰

Hope all is well and yay for stolen internet? lol

Cool, sounds so exciting moving into Tokyo @ last! I hope you’re happy there and look forward to the piccies ::)


i got the feeling you are on the east side of tokyo (or was that just my imagination?) so maybe we should meet up for coffee or something, OR you can hand sakura off to me and get coffee by yourself. (imagine!) you can get some “me” time and i can get my baby fix. haha!

good luck moving in and exploring your neighborhood. and finally the weather has gotten nice, too, since it’s been freezing for the last 3 weeks. just in time, right?? πŸ™‚

Very happy for you. Sounds like you finally arrived where you want to be.

Congrats on getting into your new place! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about your new “cosmopolitan” life!

Welcome to Tokyo! The weather is warming up for you – its been way too cold recently!

Yay for arriving and getting some unpacking done!

Double yay for getting Sakura to take a bottle! Noah now refuses despite the fact I gave him one or two a week of breast milk for the first six weeks of his life. Then he promtply refused.

Tried formula once too, no luck. In laws got him to take one about 4 weeks ago though…I guess I just can`t be around. What brand did you end up using?

See you Wednesday!

The new place sounds cool, especially the area with so much stuff going on!

I think having Sakura weaned by 10-11 months sounds pretty do-able. By the time Dylan was getting close to a year he was eating mostly regular people food. I think he was having maybe 3 bottles a day at that point? I can’t remember when we cut it down to 2, but now he takes one before going down for his nap and one at bedtime but it is MUCH more for comfort than nutrition. I am pretty sure he was getting most of his nutrients from food by about a year.

Glad that you made it safely and are enjoying your new place.

yea!!! Im so pleased you finally got there!!! You must be delighted!!! πŸ˜€

And dont worry too much about the small apartment thing – you get used to it really quickly.

And also congrats on the formula. I was going to suggest (but forgot) it might be worth trying a sippy cup as opposed to a bottle. Its something new and exciting and If I recall my little one was able to use one by about 5 months or so. Might be an easier transition…

Anyways pleased you are there πŸ˜€

welcome to tokyo πŸ˜‰

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