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Things I Love Thursday

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Hold on for your hats I’ve got a bunch of happy stuff today

– Being in Tokyo… where things are actually conveniently located!

– Meeting up with good friends (like Lulu yesterday) that I never ever thought I would be able to meet up with on a frequent basis!

– Sakura and my first English playgroup tomorrow!!

– Trying out ANOTHER playgroup on next week as well 🙂

– Got the translation!!! (or half of it but still will fund my “play” money + more for this month)

– Plans to see Nay and beautiful baby Leilah sometime in the next couple weeks! ❤

– Being 95% moved in to the new apartment and actually really liking how things have turned out

– Living near a supermarket that has both TimTams and Pepperage Farm Cookies for under 300 yen a package (this is good as well as super dangerous)

– My new down comforter and towel material sheets!!

– New episodes of glee, was waiting for 4(!!!!!) months.

Yay for thrusdays, we’ll have been in Tokyo a week from tomorrow!


3 Responses to "Things I Love Thursday"

A tokyo TILT! Love it!

Great list- I always enjoy writing mine. Nice to look back on as well when you are feeling down because you can always find something you have loved that week.

Wow. The happiness just shines off this post. I’m so glad for you all. And playgroups? In the plural? Toto we’re not in Niigata anymore!

Heather is right – your happiness is just jumping off the page!! I am so happy to see you this happy again 🙂

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