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Posted on: April 17, 2010

Just when I thought I had left the cold and snow behind forever it followed me to Tokyo. What the heck snow in mid-April……?! It’s supposed to be warm and sunny by tomorrow, but wow how crazy have the last couple days been. So hot I was in a t-shirt and sandals and then back to being bundled up in a parka and fuzzy boots.

My translation didn’t end up coming through so I was bummed about that… my “handler” said maybe next week they will have something for me. I’ve been spending quite a bit since getting here so I was looking forward to making up some of the deficit. I spend the good part of the evening researching a couple of places (translation related) to send my resume to. I don’t want to get super busy but if I had maybe one assignment a week I would be very happy. I was really busy with my one agency a month or two ago but the ebb and flow of work has been a lot more ebb and a lot less flow. I think maybe if I could get one or two other places to give me work that would be great.

I just have to sit down and get my japanese resume written out which is mendokusai~~~~~ anyways thats my homework for the weekend.

Ryohei will be taking Sakura out this afternoon – I have the choice of going or not. I am not sure, on one hand it would be nice to have some alone time but I don’t have anything to do so I’d just be sitting around the house and its not really a great day for a walk. But then again Ryohei and Sakura have NEVER gone on an outing together so maybe it will be good for them. Sakura will take formula in a bottle now without complaint – woopie! So that certainly makes having other people watch her for longer periods of time a possibility. She’s been having craptastic sleep again lately. If we get her to bed around 8  or so she still wakes up around 10:30/11, and then maybe 12:30/1, and then once again at around 3/4.

I feel like this kid will never ever consistantly sleep through the night. She’s done it maybe a handful of times since birth… can anyone else tell me their 9 month old was still a poor sleeper and when it got better because it sure seems like all the other babies I know are much better sleepers than her and it is (sing-song voice) deeee prrrreeeeessss innnnngg. (and yes i know don’t compare… but i need a little bit of reassurance I’m not going to be waking up to breastfeed sakura at age 5 or so..)

So thats it really… if tomorrow is nice and sunny as “promised” maybe we will go to the park for a family picnic. Ryohei has his surgery scheduling appointment on Tuesday as well as applying for my spouse visa… (after… 2+ years of marriage! yikes) so that should be busy.

Alright well thats all for now I guess. Happy weekend all. OHHHHH

and I will be attempting to make ricotta cheese for lasagna using this recipe from a new food blog I found!!! Its so expensive to buy it here but this recipe makes it seem so easy and cheap!



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Trust me you`re not the only one around here going “eh?!”

Too bad about not getting the translation money. One day maybe my Japanese will be good enough to do something like that. But probably not, I no longer have the desire to study (due to MIL I think I would prefer it to go down the crapper just to spite her)

hiro didn’t sleep through the night until ten months old, IIRC. then he went through a period of not going to sleep unless he was *on my arm* (i think he was a year old), which was sorta ok because i could slip off once he fell asleep but after a while he would wake up if he wasn’t on my arm!! i have to admit, that was the worst sleeping experience i’ve had (knock on wood, don’t jinx myself!) i can’t remember how long that lasted but eventually he didn’t need me as a pillow….

I was wondering the same thing myself about the weather. When is spring going to get here and stay here? And all the rain looks like it is going to continue into next week too. The ricotta cheese recipe looks fairly easy. Let us know how it turns out.

my kiddo was an absolutely horrendous sleeper at 9 months, and all the way up until like 13 months when I completely quit breast-feeding. The few nights before I decided to wean she was up like 8 times.. it was insane. And before that she had NEVER (without exaggerating) slept through the night.

I don’t know if it was related or not, but I guess after boobs (day AND night) had gone, there was just no reason to wake up.

However, sleep deprivation alone is not a reason to quit breast-feeding. Remember kids wake up for a variety of reasons in the night – teething, growth spurts (if I recall a big one happens at 9 months) hunger, nightmares, lonliness etc. So if you decide to wean for the wrong reasons you might feel a bit hard done by if she still doesnt sleep all night.

Also dont worry about the translation gig – Im sure you will get some more stuff soon 😀

Oooh, hand up, lady with baby that doesn’t sleep down here. On a whole I think we are getting better though. Bed at about half seven to wake up once before midnight for a bottle and then on a good day again at about 4 but on a bad day at oh, 1, 2, 3,4 and 5. Awesome.

The translation stuff will come. I reckon my big spurt was end of financial year stuff. Have also taken self off books for a while until back from NZ at least.

Hope you let Ryohei and Sakura out alone – need to encourage daddy, daughter outings 🙂

I have a friend whose kid didn’t sleep through the night till she was 3!

I think I mentioned before that Dylan’s sleep patterns would change a lot during his first year, and even afterwards. I think he only settled into a very solid pattern at around 18 months. That might not be very reassuring, but you’re definitely not the only mom out there with a kid who isn’t sleeping through the night. I think boobs or no boobs (Dylan stopped breastfeeding when I started working like 50 hours a week, I guess it was around 4 months) it is pretty normal for a less than 1 year old to wake up in the night for various reasons. Teething was always a big one for D. He wouldn’t really show any other outward signs of teething except that it would mess with his sleep patterns.

So hang in there, it’ll happen eventually with the sleep.

The daddy/daughter outing sounds like a great idea. I think it is important for each parent to get some one on one bonding time with their kids, so if Ryohei is willing do take him up on it!

Ohhh, if you’re feeling terrible about your non-sleeping child, reading my entire blog from July 2007 to November 2009 should make you feel better. 🙂 The Pinglet just started sleeping through the night at around 2 1/2 years. Horrible, horrible months and months of sleep deprivation. Am hoping this next one will be better.

That’s too bad about the translation job, however, the really busy season for end-of-year translations is just ending so you might hit a dry patch for a bit. I hope that it picks up soon!

crazy weather, right, but at least it is looking to warm up and sun-up (is that a word) a bit tomorrow, finally……

K didn’t sleep for anything longer than a 2 hour stretch at night until around 13months old, so been there, done that, you are not alone! I remember 9months being a hard time too, come to think about it. It can be so hard at the time, when you are sleep deprived yourself, but you will get through it, ganbare sara.

Sarah – Luka sleeps from 8p.m. until 7a.m. most nights 😉 And he was awake for feeding every three hours until about 13 months. When I decreased his milk and increased the solids, it seemed to really help. Hang in there! It will soon come. Hope you enjoy your day out, or day in 😉

ahh thank you sempai-mamas

sounds like the end will not be in sight for a bit. we had a bit of a hellish night here complete with screaming and nipple biting… it was NOT fun.

and Ryohei was out at nomikai so it was just me taking care of the munchkin and really wishing i was the one out drinking and galavanting with buddies.

but i digress…
thanks all and nighty night

I’m sorry about the crummy sleep, and I really do empathize- S was up about 3 times per night every night around that age, too. The latter half of the first year is really hard with sleep, because they’ve got so much going on developmentally, and teething and whatnot… they just wake up all the time! But it does settle down. A friend of mine has a child who just started magically sleeping through the night around 12 months. It didn’t quite happen that way for us, but it did get better. We were recently down to 2 awakenings per night, and what with being pregnant and all, decided- okay, the kid is 15 months, we’re going to try to wean him down to just 1 nursing per night. And it worked! And sometimes (very occasionally) he actually does sleep entirely through the night! It’s a miracle! Eventually, eventually, we will all get good sleep. Hang in there!

I’ve heard a good rule of thumb is, like: if they’re ready to eliminate a feeding at night, it won’t be too hard to break them of the habit- like it’ll take only a few days. If it seems harder than that, it means they’re not ready. So, you’ll know when the time is right.

Hm…interesting advice. *takes notes as well*
Don’t think Missha’s ready either. I’d really like to try night weaning but for some reason I’m never fully awake when I wake up with her and can never follow my plan ><;Like a robot zombie… She ends up in our bed next to the boob whenever she makes a peep.

I think this weeks weather was odd. It was SO cold yesterday morning, bit of snow on the ground, so I wear gloves and my fur lined hoodie (pa-ka-? what do American's call these!?) put Missha in 3 layers, and had an umbrella on my way to school…. on the way home I was in a tank top looking up at blue skies….. Today is also blue skies. Seriously, wtf?

Sorry about the translation, but I'm sure you'll get more. Seems like they like you for some reason 😉

Whoa, thanks for the ricotta link! I came across it JUST as I was trying to make stuffed manicotti with two tiny expensive tubs of *cottage* cheese (can’t even find ricotta, even at my import market), and I immediately made it! Very easy, fast, delicious, the manicotti was fabulous! Thank youuuuuu.

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