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Not again….

Posted on: April 20, 2010

hello 9 months sleep regression/growth spurt.

back to every 1-2 hour wake ups we go. i’m feeling soooo tired.

trying to keep busy because if sakura and i are in the house with nothing to do she goes bananas. the girl can NOT stand to be just with me. whenever we are out she always goes to the other moms (at playgroup etc) or plays with the other kids… sometimes i think shes just bored of me. of course i’m happy to have a super social baby but on days like today when we dont have any plans it is pure torture to get through the day.

plus the whole pulling up/crawling/teething.. (maybe teething? shes had 2 front bottom teeth that are only about halfway in but maybe the top 2 are coming down?)

its just a phase – we’ve gotten through much worse but still exhaustion city.

on the other hand, have been super social recently… just what the doctor ordered. part of my niigata depression was lack def. lack of socialization. maybe like mom like daughter.

anyways non-coherent post here… going to have some sort of coffee drink and hope for the best when we go to immigration later today to try and get my first spouse visa.



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It must be hard going back to get little sleep after Sakura sleeping pretty well recently. I hear you on the exhaustion front. Leilah good sleeping routine only lasted a couple of days, lol!! But I am taking advantage of her day time naps to get some sleep in. Maybe you could have a nanna nap through the day as well?

I bet Sakura is loving the playgroups you guys are going to. She is one social little girl!! I can just see her when she is older – she is going to be one party animal!!

Dylan was the same way, and still is to some degree. He’s much happier when he can get out of the house and socialize a bit and is not so happy when he has to be cooped up indoors for days on end. He was always very social too, smiling at strangers and stuff from the time he was just a few months old. Annika seems a bit more reserved so far, although of course she’s still young!

I’m sure the sleep thing won’t last long. If she’s getting those two top teeth in then that might be it, those are really painful for them to cut. Hang in there, at least you’re in Tokyo hey!

Ohhh yes the sleep rollercoaster. Here’s to Sakura wearing herself out a bit and getting back into the sleep thing. In the meantime be good to yourself, hey? And fingers crossed for you at immigration- babies help the visa process big time I think!

That sucks.

I have some night were Noah sleeps through til maybe 6:30am (after going down by 8) other times he will wake up between 3-4am and go back down til 7:30 or 8am. And then we have nights like last night where he went down at 7:30am and woke up at 11:30, 2:30, 3:30, 5:30 and then up forthe day at 6:30….

It is still so hit and miss!

Hope Sakura progresses towards better sleeping habits soon!

okay an eight equals a smily face it seems

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