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Posted on: April 24, 2010

Its been a pretty good week. Got quite a bit done and got out 4 out of the 5 weekdays.

Ryohei will be hospitalized from this coming Monday until at least Friday, longer if there are complications with his recovery.. thankfully I’m going to Niigata from Monday through Tuesday, and staying a night with Khea on Wednesday so hopefully that will break up the loneliness of not having Ryohei around for a week. We still don’t know whats wrong so the biopsy should give us some answers and with luck a solution… and not more hospitalization and tests 😦

I am thinking about taking a once a week translation night class from next month to help gain some skills. Its not super expensive in the fact that one or two translation assignments would pay off the expenses, but I’m feeling a bit hesistant just because it is a decent sum of money and although it is a night class on a weekday.. I’m wondering if I will be able to find a baby sitter for Sakura in the case Ryohei has a business trip or nomikai or something on that day of the week.

I think it would be good though… any thoughts. Having a baby sure can cramp ones style..

I’ve sent out quite a few resumes in the past few days with pretty much no response at all.. its very depressing and it seems without a “speciality” area of translation they won’t let you through the door (the class I want to take is a speciality class btw)

Any thoughts? Should I just go for it? I have until the beginning of May to sign up…

EDIT – Well I turned in my application. Don’t know if I’ll get in or not, but you only live once and it will be exciting to turn in my all day/all night mommy card for at student one for 2 hours a week.


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Definitely go for it. It’s always good to get extra qualifications. It might look like a big lump of money, but I think in the end it will be worth it. Shows that you are committed. Employers like that.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting some new schools, its been nearly 4.5 years since I graduated from uni so it will be fun to mix things up a bit.

Please tell Ryohei that he will be in my thoughts on Monday. I hope the biopsy finds out what is wrong and it is something that can easily be fixed!!

I think the class you have signed up for sounds like a great idea to me. Just think of the money you will be forking out for the course as an initial investment that will end up giving you lots more money back in return once you have those extra skills/qualifications.

Have fun at your sleepover with Khea!! Sleepovers are always lots of fun. I don’t think you ever get too old for one 🙂 I think it would be great one day if we all get together somewhere (like Guam!!) for a weekend away with the kidlets. Imagine how much fun we could all have!

Thanks Nay!!

Guam is my dream… seriously. We should do it before Sakura turns 3 and thus gets more expensive… maybe next year around this time? I’m not joking – we can talk about it more in a couple weeks I suppose!

Sleepovers are great too! Of course Sakura is going through a really rough patch sleepwise so it might not be all the fun and games I was hoping it would be.

That’s a great idea =) It’s always worth the money to upgrade your skills to make more. I’m sure you’ll be glad you applied! Personally, the 2hours at driving school everyday where I can walk around, run up the stairs, use ANY stall in the bathroom are great XD I love Missha but it feels nice to walk around like a normal person sometimes.

Not sure where your class is and if it’d be convenient or not, but you can always drop Sakura off at our place if Ryohei can’t watch her.

(I’m liking this Guam idea too!!! Always wanted to go there…haven’t been anywhere beachy since….. Mexico… in grade 7 lol)

Class is in Azabu-juban area so hmm… its going to be WEIRD not to have my little doppleganger around 😀

Yay Guam 2011… lets make this a reality!

Just wanted to butt in here (unsolicited advice..my speciality) and warn you that kiddies airfare usually goes up from age two, not three. The idea being that until two, your infant doesn’t need their own seat 😉 Am going to Guam this summer too. Will have to give you the low down 😉

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