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Posted on: April 24, 2010

Well looks like my application was accepted. All I have to do is pay… and I start classes the 3rd week of May! It’ll be fun to be a student again 😀

On the other hand Sakura was a holy terror tonight. We had another hour long crying/screaming/fighting sleep battle. NOT fun.

She only will sleep if I am holding her… something she hasn’t needed since she was 3 months old or so… guess thats why its called a REGRESSION. Thankfully we’ve gone through a couple so I know eventually it will pass… but this is the worst one yet and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.


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I loved studying as a break from SAHMing it. And I only studied for my driving license!

Regression really sucks.

Fingers crossed she magically gets better during your week solo parenting it!

If you can’t think of someone to babysit try city hall- even here in the sticks we have two 24hr takujisho and a NPO babysitting group so I’m sure you have waaaay more on offer!

Yay on going back to study. Hope you will love it.

That’s too bad with Sakura going through a bad patch while you’re alone. Let’s hope it will blow over soon.

Nice job! I definitely think you should do it! Do you mind if I ask where? I did an interpreting course in Osaka, and it kicked my butt, but was TOTALLY worth all the effort, stress and money I paid for it. And it looks great on a resume. Plus translation/interpreting schools usually have services where they hire out jobs for translation, etc. That’s where I get 90% of my translation work even now.

BTW, really happy that things are going so well for you in Tokyo. We’ll definitely have to come for a visit, though I can’t tell you when exactly that might be. And best wishes for Ryohei and his biopsy! I really hope that there is nothing seriously wrong with him, and whatever it is, is easily fixed.

I;m actually doing it through Temple University. If it goes well I might try an advanced class through a Japanese company but this one is a bit easier on the budget and only 8 weeks. I won’t get any trans work from the University obviously.. do you have any recommendations of Japanese schools with good trans/interpretation courses?

Cool! A translating course sounds awesome, I’d love to do something like that. I think it is really important to keep the mind active and keep on building on old skills and learning new ones and I bet it’ll be an enjoyable challenge for you.

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