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I feel so behind on blogging and commenting and keeping up with facebook and everything. Sakuras taken to smashing my computer keyboard whenever she sees it which means a lot more “put away time.” Shes right at the “cruising” stage and is getting into everything and trying to pull up on anything she can which is dangerous. I’ve been busy with various playgroups and such but feel like I haven’t really seen any nearby friends (with the exception of Lulu) for a while. This time next week I’ll be in Osaka with staying Sassymoo and seeing good friends like Corinne and Fi which will be great. The only thing I’m concerned about is a really stubborn plugged milk duct… noooo…..:( I haven’t had one for months and now I have a nasty one that just won’t seem to unclog no matter what I do. Really hoping it will in the next day or two so that I don’t develop something like mastitis which would probably mean cancelling my trip.

Ryohei’s job is going well… his boss in Niigata came to visit the other day and said he hopes Ryohei will be here for “two years at the least” which sounds great. I am loving Tokyo and all the things to do and freedom of movement.

I had my first translation class on Thursday which was fun. It was mostly Japanese speakers and I was one of 3 non-Japanese. It was interesting though, I def. feel it will be a good experience for me and I think after the 8 week course is up I will try my luck at going for a few new translation clients. Work has been slow lately (after my Golden Week project) and we are not saving any money with Ryoheis job because of stuff like hospital visits and damn weddings. Bye bye 300 dollars today while he goes to a friends one…

Speaking of weddings… I THINK we will finally start planning ours (small, not extravagant) for maybe sometime next spring… thinking about it at least….

Catch up

Posted on: May 16, 2010

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.

A week after has of course given me new perspective. I spent most of this week in Shizuoka visiting Nay and lovely Leilah. Gosh… can’t believe Sakura was ever as small as she is… it felt like I was holding nothing in my arms.

I spend 3 nights and 4 days with Nay where we caught up on months worth of chatting. We also met up with A-chan who served us a delicious carrot cake and tea. Other adventures included a long walk by the river, Lalaport and finding the “Zara” shop where I was too fat for the largest size (sigh), and various other craziness that you get when you mix a dog, a 1 month old and a 9 month old. Anyways it was a great time, and hoping I will get to return the favor by hosting Nay and co sometime this summer when they come to Tokyo to get Leilah’s passport.

So what else is going on with us?

Not much… fell off the diet horse and gained back 2 kg. Am VERY determined to get back on again starting tomorrow. Zara was too depressing.. I also tried on make up for the first time in forever and realized how nice it was to be “pretty” again. So once I get down to XX kg I’m treating myself to new make up since my old stuff has been around for 3+ years and really needs to be thrown out.

I am tentatively planning to spend a “free” weekend sometime soon… maybe next month. I will leave Saturday morning and return Sunday night without baby, and without husband. We will see how things are when I get back… now I just need to think of something to do all on my own.

I am currently working on two translation trials for prospective companies. Doing some contracts and like them a lot. Nice to have cut and dry material for once. Speaking of translation, my first class is Thursday evening. Hoping Ryohei will get home early enough for me to make the 35ish minute train to my campus. Should be fun to take a class… it will have been over 4 and a half years since my last uni class. I’ll update on how it is after Thursday.

Bought tickets to see a baseball game when my Dad comes in late June. Got tickets for all of us to a day game… hopefully Sakura will be ok for it. Sort of wondering if she will be scared by the big crowds. She’s super duper social but lots of loud people tend to throw her off.

Speaking of the little devil.. she’s started saying “mama” and “dada” but not with purpose. She has also started standing on her own for just 2-3 seconds at a time. I predict she will take her first step around this time next month. She was having a great sleep spell, pretty much lasting from 7pm – 4am and then after a feed until 7-8am but going on vacation threw that off and we are back to multiple night wake ups (cry) She is currently on 60% forumla, 40% breast milk.. she really only takes the boobies before naps and during the night. I’m finding doing both fairly easy and we will probably cut back on the nap boobies sometime before she turns one. At night the only thing that will get her back to sleep is boobies.. so… sort of in a predicament there.

Have a busy week coming this week. Playgroups on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Friday.. and then have to get down to Tokyo Immigration sometime in the next week to pick up my spouse visa (after 2+ years of marriage.)Next week is less busy but then I’ll be leaving Friday morning for a few days in Osaka/Kobe. Keeping very busy so my blog has been a bit neglected… no huge plans for June/July/August though… just lots of visitors. Really hope that our stint in Tokyo is not just 1 year… time is flying… we’ve already been here a month and a half!!

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Even though we didn’t leave town, we had a surprisingly busy Golden Week.

I think the most “traveling” we did was visiting Ryohei’s Aunt at their ramen shop (for lots of free yummy chinese-japanese cooking!) in Machida/Yokohama. It was good and it was nice for Ryohei’s cousins (three girls in their early to late 20s) to play with Sakura as well.

On Tuesday Ryohei took Sakura to Shibuya to meet up with some of his friends giving me some time to finish my translation. Which was turned in at around 12am this morning, 9 hours before deadline – woo hoo!

Yesterday we went to the Lalaport in Funabashi and set Sakura free in the baby area where she had a GREAT time. She gets really tired of being in the stroller all the time and was more than happy to crawl and stand and play. She has NO stranger anxiety what so ever which is nice (and gets us a lot of compliments! nothing to do with us, just her good personality lol)

We also met up with my best Japanese friend Ikuko who is back in Japan temporarily after living in Germany and Hawaii! It was great to see her again, the last time was 2 years ago. I hope we’ll be able to meet up again before she goes back to Hawaii at the end of the month.

Anyways glad the translation is over as well. Hopefully I’ll get another in another couple weeks. I’m visiting Nay from Tuesday to Friday next week so no working then 🙂 I’ve also got a trip to Osaka planned for the end of the month but no other travels on the books until much later in the year.

Oh I’m down 4kg now! Woo hoooooo. Another 2-3 kg and I’ll be at pre-preg weight although I don’t look anything like I did before then. Oh well. 25kg to go… bring on the skinny lattes and veggie plates.

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Golden, baby

Posted on: May 2, 2010

In the middle(?) of Golden Week. Somewhat busy with local plans… but mostly tackling a rather large project that got send to me literally 5 minutes before the company I work with closed on Friday. Its the biggest one they’ve sent me yet (although nothing like some of the 40/50 page monsters some of the other people get) but still its quite a bit considering the deadline is Thursday morning.

So mostly I have been doing that…

Tomorrow we will go to the Machida area to visit Ryohei’s Aunt who lives there who is the only member of his family who HASNT met Sakura yet. They own a ramen shop so we should probably be stuffed with ramen by the time we get back.

Speaking off.. I haven’t really gotten to talk about Ryohei’s time in the hospital or after affects… I guess I will get to that later. Regardless he’s been put on a fairly strict diet and not eating very much.. apparently if left how it is he will require dialysis 3 times a week in the future but at this point he can still stop whatever it is from progressing…? I’m not really sure he has chronic nephritis apparently.

Anyways will write more later… have been busy with sick-ish baby, dieting/grumpy husband, and my translation. Help! Send re-enforcements.