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Golden, baby

Posted on: May 2, 2010

In the middle(?) of Golden Week. Somewhat busy with local plans… but mostly tackling a rather large project that got send to me literally 5 minutes before the company I work with closed on Friday. Its the biggest one they’ve sent me yet (although nothing like some of the 40/50 page monsters some of the other people get) but still its quite a bit considering the deadline is Thursday morning.

So mostly I have been doing that…

Tomorrow we will go to the Machida area to visit Ryohei’s Aunt who lives there who is the only member of his family who HASNT met Sakura yet. They own a ramen shop so we should probably be stuffed with ramen by the time we get back.

Speaking off.. I haven’t really gotten to talk about Ryohei’s time in the hospital or after affects… I guess I will get to that later. Regardless he’s been put on a fairly strict diet and not eating very much.. apparently if left how it is he will require dialysis 3 times a week in the future but at this point he can still stop whatever it is from progressing…? I’m not really sure he has chronic nephritis apparently.

Anyways will write more later… have been busy with sick-ish baby, dieting/grumpy husband, and my translation. Help! Send re-enforcements.


2 Responses to "Golden, baby"

Hey! Happy GW to you. I’m working through mine, too. Although for me that means more hoeing and less translating.

So glad to hear Ryohei got the all clear. Been thinking about him but not wanting to ask as I figured if you wanted to share you would.

I really hope this doesn’t mean you have the stress of cooking three different meals for three people though!

Good luck with the translation. You’ll be glad once it’s finished eventhough it means Golden Week is fun filled family holiday – although trip for free ramen always nice.

Hope Ryohei is all good and not toooooooooo grumpy with the diet.

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