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Posted on: May 16, 2010

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post.

A week after has of course given me new perspective. I spent most of this week in Shizuoka visiting Nay and lovely Leilah. Gosh… can’t believe Sakura was ever as small as she is… it felt like I was holding nothing in my arms.

I spend 3 nights and 4 days with Nay where we caught up on months worth of chatting. We also met up with A-chan who served us a delicious carrot cake and tea. Other adventures included a long walk by the river, Lalaport and finding the “Zara” shop where I was too fat for the largest size (sigh), and various other craziness that you get when you mix a dog, a 1 month old and a 9 month old. Anyways it was a great time, and hoping I will get to return the favor by hosting Nay and co sometime this summer when they come to Tokyo to get Leilah’s passport.

So what else is going on with us?

Not much… fell off the diet horse and gained back 2 kg. Am VERY determined to get back on again starting tomorrow. Zara was too depressing.. I also tried on make up for the first time in forever and realized how nice it was to be “pretty” again. So once I get down to XX kg I’m treating myself to new make up since my old stuff has been around for 3+ years and really needs to be thrown out.

I am tentatively planning to spend a “free” weekend sometime soon… maybe next month. I will leave Saturday morning and return Sunday night without baby, and without husband. We will see how things are when I get back… now I just need to think of something to do all on my own.

I am currently working on two translation trials for prospective companies. Doing some contracts and like them a lot. Nice to have cut and dry material for once. Speaking of translation, my first class is Thursday evening. Hoping Ryohei will get home early enough for me to make the 35ish minute train to my campus. Should be fun to take a class… it will have been over 4 and a half years since my last uni class. I’ll update on how it is after Thursday.

Bought tickets to see a baseball game when my Dad comes in late June. Got tickets for all of us to a day game… hopefully Sakura will be ok for it. Sort of wondering if she will be scared by the big crowds. She’s super duper social but lots of loud people tend to throw her off.

Speaking of the little devil.. she’s started saying “mama” and “dada” but not with purpose. She has also started standing on her own for just 2-3 seconds at a time. I predict she will take her first step around this time next month. She was having a great sleep spell, pretty much lasting from 7pm – 4am and then after a feed until 7-8am but going on vacation threw that off and we are back to multiple night wake ups (cry) She is currently on 60% forumla, 40% breast milk.. she really only takes the boobies before naps and during the night. I’m finding doing both fairly easy and we will probably cut back on the nap boobies sometime before she turns one. At night the only thing that will get her back to sleep is boobies.. so… sort of in a predicament there.

Have a busy week coming this week. Playgroups on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Friday.. and then have to get down to Tokyo Immigration sometime in the next week to pick up my spouse visa (after 2+ years of marriage.)Next week is less busy but then I’ll be leaving Friday morning for a few days in Osaka/Kobe. Keeping very busy so my blog has been a bit neglected… no huge plans for June/July/August though… just lots of visitors. Really hope that our stint in Tokyo is not just 1 year… time is flying… we’ve already been here a month and a half!!


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A bit of time to reflect always helps. Sounds like you had a lovely time at Nay’s with Leilah and Milo. No way is Sakura saying mama and dada?? Even if it is when she is flinging food around or playing with toys still! Ryu has JUST started clapping and waving goodbye. Me thinks he is very ‘my pace’. He has also started getting pissed off when Shou or Marina do something he doesn’t like. A big squarking noise. Quite funny but I’m sure the novelty will wear off!!

Good luck with the course, getting back on the diet wagon and most importantly – finding something nice for you to do on your own for the night. Onsen? Check the BS satelite schedule and make it for a Saturday night when a good movie is on and sit in your yukata after a lovely onsen and dinner and drink wine! I’m quite happy to watch a movie and drink byself – and then starfish the futon and sleep till morning. You’ll love it.

onsen for one. sounds like a great idea.

will have to reserve my weekend away soon though as our weekends are quickly filling up!! its going to be july before I know it.

good on Ryu for letting himself be heard, as the youngest of the bunch hes going to be used to being beat on a bit i’d imagine. sakura says mama and dada but really i don’t think they have any meaning yet.

she says mama mostly when shes angry… hmm….

I gained 1kg too in the last couple of weeks 😦

Definitely time for me to start doing some fast walking with Noah when we have free time or some hooping. I am not really interested in dieting while I breastfeed but exercise would be good I think.

I already made my bento for playgroup tomorrow as well- so excited about the Chiba Peanuts first meet up and so is Steph! I am sure you will love her and her little boy Taihei is so cute!

The start of your class is coming up fast! I might need to look into some kind of class for the future. Would have to ask my in-laws to watch Noah though (and he would have to be able to take a bottle by then or be weaned) since Shun would never be home in time.

yah, i wouldn’t diet while exclusively breastfeeding either, and now that the weather is so nice its the perfect time to get out and walk around! we took a long walk today too, it was very nice. going to be a pain in a couple months when going outside feels like going into an inferno…

may have to have walking dates around the airconditioned goodness of lalaport (and you are welcome to join!)

looking forward to tomorrow! i’m not making a bento but i’ve got a salad and sweet potato infused rye bread! see you at 11 😀

Hi, just wanted to butt in and give you unsolicited advice about the night weaning. You say that Sakura doesn’t settle with anything but boobies at night time? I would say, as long as she knows she can get it, she will fuss until she does. I know it’s hard (I am guilty of the same thing) when you wake up in the night, but when H used to do it, I would just give her some cooled boiled water. She fussed for milk, but I just kept with it. After only a few nights, she stopped waking. Guess the water wasn’t really what she wanted, but she obviously didn’t need the milk 😉 Good to hear you are busy and sounding as if you are enjoying it. Gambatte with the diet! Two kilos is easy to lose too 😉

Actually any advice on weaning/nightweaning is great. I may have to try the water thing if I can actually bare a few nights of Sakura screaming. She has slept the whole night a few times now so I KNOW she can do it… just will she/won’t she…

AF probably didn’t help my weight much since I tend to gain/stall when she is here… we shall see once she is gone ;D

Haha, my mum SWEARS by the water at night thing too like Japanmama says. She constantly tells me I should give Noah water the one time that he wakes up at night but at this stage I am fine with giving him boobies (and hey, he sometimes sleeps 9 hours in a row without anything anyway)……I think when I start to wean him at about a year then I might do that.

Just if you plan to do it make sure you go to bed early- so that you are not too tired the next couple of days from spending time getting her resettled WITHOUT feeding her.

Oh and airconditioned walks sound like a good plan!

hahaha i need to learn to go to bed early for sure XD
yay for a/c walks

You are always welcome to come here for a mini-vacation! There are tons of onsens around, and they’re cheap to just visit, if you’re not staying the night. I’m sure we could even get to 3 or 4 different ones over a two day period, no problem! I wouldn’t be able to offer you kaiseki ryori or anything, but we certainly have plenty of wine and beer available. And it turns out I won’t be going up to Tokyo this Sunday, unfortunately so I won’t be able to see you this weekend. So sorry if I have now screwed up any plans you might have made instead. I didn’t make the final decision until just the other day. Anyway, you are more than welcome, but I totally understand if you would rather go somewhere there are no little kiddies running around so that you can really feel like you’re getting away from it all.

Yah I was actually thinking Nagano maybe… it would be great to see you (and maybe Heather again)

I’m fine as long as I don’t have my own kid to chase around hahahahahahahhaha. (j/k – shes not that bad)

Don’t worry about the weekend! I’m sure there will be another chance 😉

Sounds like you’ve been a busy little bee! Glad you’ve got lots going on and are feeling better after your last post.
Ash was waking me up up to 10 times a night before I started to put my foot down, I offered him water but he flat out refused, for us it was just a few nights of pure screaming hell but he sleeps pretty well now. Good luck with it, can’t wait to see you guys at the end of the month!

I can’t wait either!!!! Its going to be sooooo great to see you again. Last time I saw you Ash was the age Sakura is now… crazy how fast they grow!

We are still getting up a couple times a night.. not 10… thank god.. I think I would die. I will have to pick your brain on night weaning techniques next week.

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