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Out of the loop

Posted on: May 22, 2010

I feel so behind on blogging and commenting and keeping up with facebook and everything. Sakuras taken to smashing my computer keyboard whenever she sees it which means a lot more “put away time.” Shes right at the “cruising” stage and is getting into everything and trying to pull up on anything she can which is dangerous. I’ve been busy with various playgroups and such but feel like I haven’t really seen any nearby friends (with the exception of Lulu) for a while. This time next week I’ll be in Osaka with staying Sassymoo and seeing good friends like Corinne and Fi which will be great. The only thing I’m concerned about is a really stubborn plugged milk duct… noooo…..:( I haven’t had one for months and now I have a nasty one that just won’t seem to unclog no matter what I do. Really hoping it will in the next day or two so that I don’t develop something like mastitis which would probably mean cancelling my trip.

Ryohei’s job is going well… his boss in Niigata came to visit the other day and said he hopes Ryohei will be here for “two years at the least” which sounds great. I am loving Tokyo and all the things to do and freedom of movement.

I had my first translation class on Thursday which was fun. It was mostly Japanese speakers and I was one of 3 non-Japanese. It was interesting though, I def. feel it will be a good experience for me and I think after the 8 week course is up I will try my luck at going for a few new translation clients. Work has been slow lately (after my Golden Week project) and we are not saving any money with Ryoheis job because of stuff like hospital visits and damn weddings. Bye bye 300 dollars today while he goes to a friends one…

Speaking of weddings… I THINK we will finally start planning ours (small, not extravagant) for maybe sometime next spring… thinking about it at least….


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never realized you guys never had a wedding.

Yeah Misora is getting a lot mot active, with the last two days when she sees something she wants she starts doing her best to get it (most of the time she ends up on her tummy) but I know this means it wont be long before she starts crawling.

Oh, sounds like I`m going to have to do some baby proofing before you guys get here…..

Have fun in Osaka! Very envious! Maybe you could look up a local maternity hospital, or call La Leche League or something and find somewhere to give you an oppai massage to unplug your duct to ensure that it doesn’t get any worse. Mastitis is NOT fun!

Oooooo ash went through a computer destroying stage, he almost swallowed the enter key once!! He seems to have gotten over it a bit now though so there is hope!
Good luck with the booby unplugging!!

Hehehe- I am trying to claw my way back into the loop tonight after what feels like about a month without reading anything… 😦

Glad to hear you’re loving Tokyo and that you get 2 years there- no fun moving twice in two years!

I’ve done two translation courses- one with all foreigners and one with Japanese in the class as well, I have to say the mixed one was really great as we were coming at it from opposite sides.

Ryohei was off dropping 3 man at a wedding while you stay home with bub? I hope you get to choose the gift from the gift catalogue then!

No fun on the boob front. Hope that sorts itself out. Ryu getting closer to joining Sakura in the ‘cruising’ ranks 🙂
Good to hear the translation course is going well. That will so help with future work prospects. I would like to keep my hand in the study pool as well.

Hope you can get to Osaka.

My goodness that’s a lot to spend on a wedding! Luckily (?) we don’t know any couples here in Beijing that are getting married any time soon, everyone we know is either already married or not even in a relationship. You give cash gifts here but usually 100-200RMB is enough, so like 15-20 dollars or so. We made about $1000 on our wedding from gifts though, so that was cool. Are you guys going to do a wedding in Japan or in the States do you think?

Translation class sounds like fun, and cruising babies, while a bit troublesome, are also pretty fun. She’ll be walking before you know it — then you really gotta be on your toes!

I can totally relate to being out of the loop with blogging, commenting and facebook!! It seems that everytime I turn on my computer I have a million and one things I need to read… it gets overwhelming at times, lol!

Your boobies troubles don’t sound like fun at all. I hope that it has gotten better since you posted this blog entry!! I have my fingers, toes, EVERYTHING crossed that I don’t ever get blocked ducts or mastitis…

Glad you are enjoying your translation class!!

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