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Bloody Monday

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Just 1.5 hours into Monday and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.

I got up early this morning (usually Sakura and I sleep in until around 8:30) as Sakura had a bad night (think she is starting to teeth the top ones) and was up a few times and wouldn’t sleep again after waking up at 7am. Yes I know a lot of children wake up earlier… thats not a compliant.. just that Ryohei was annoyed with me for not “watching” her while he was getting ready for work. Not like she was doing anything particularly bad… I just don’t watch her like a hawk… I guess being around her everyday, pretty much 24 hours a day will do that… I’ve always been on the laidback side to begin with.

But yah.. he was pretty much “why did you even wake up [if you aren’t going to watch her]” sighhhh I was supposed to get a break from watching her this weekend actually BUT Ryohei went out drinking until 9pm or so (after she slept) Friday was out with a friend ALL DAY Saturday and the friend spent the night that night so Sunday the day he was supposed to watch her.. he went to the horse racing place and we all went out to get her a high chair… so once again no break.

The only time I get off is my onceΒ  a week class…. and since we are going to Niigata next weekend and then he’ll be in the hospital all week the day after we get home once again I will get NO break from watching her until the end of the month……

And sometimes I just need/want a break…. ;_;

I think the last weekend of the month the one AFTER Father’s Day weekend (when Ryohei will either still be in the hospital or just gotten out) and the first weekend of July (when my dad comes to visit) I NEED my one weekend of freedom.

I really think Ryohei and Sakura need to spend some alone time.. because I really need to just have one or two days without baby or household crap to worry about.. and Ryohei really needs to take care of Sakura without me around as a buffer.

Anyways Ryohei left for work in a crap mood (at me) and now I feel bad as well… not a great way to start a long week culminating in BIL and SIL wedding in Niigata…. uggggg I was totally supposed to have lost a few more kg by then but my Osaka trip gave me back 3 of the 5 I lost in the last month.

Ok sorry for all the complaining.. heres a picture of Sakura to make up for it.


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poor sarah, don’t feel guilty about needing a break – we ALL get like that from time to time.

The top teeth are not nice ones… gambare! πŸ˜€ Lucky you for the 8ish wakeups. We are a 6 am family now… 😦 Have you decided where you want to go on your weekend off? Do you think ryohei will go back to niigata that weekend? From what you have said (and correct me if I’m wrong about this) it sounds like it might be very hard for him to have her a full weekend…. but it might give him some perspective as to how hard it is for you. Hopefully he will cut you some slack πŸ˜€

Hope the rest of your monday improves ❀

No I don’t think he would go back with her. Since it would only be one day and one night hopefully he could gaman in out. He already get practice putting her to bed one night a week when I have my class.

I really REALLY need a break. I haven’t been away from Sakura for more than 3-4 hours since she was born… thankfully my Mom and step-dad will be coming for 3 weeks in end of July/August so hopefully I will get more free time then as well.

Of course you want time off! What mother doesn’t? I mean really, if we’re all being honest, who doesn’t enjoy a few hours away from their children? No matter how much you love them, or how well-behaved and angelic they are (which mine is not, so the feeling is multiplied by 37 or so), you need some time to yourself, to save your sanity. I hope you’re not beating yourself up about feeling like you need time to yourself. I hope you have a great time at the wedding and the picture of Sakura is absolutely adorable! I’m sure the flight attendants were all over her! What a cutie!

Thanks Brenda! Actually the flight attendants did love her, and she loved them.. well she loves ANYONE who will pay attention to her.

I am having a bit of Mommy guilt and needing some time off, but especially as Sakura becomes more independent and mobile I just get so exhausted and tired of “no no no no” (from me to her – I will rue the day when that conversation gets turned back on me)

That being said.. when she is asleep or somewhere else I miss her… but just one day… hell one night of UNITERRUPTED sleep would be awesome.

Good morning, one mummy guilter to another. At least Sakura didn’t fall down some stairs and land on her head! I think, as SAHM, it is our prerogative (sp??) to feel like this. After this mornings blow out with Granny K I felt like packing Ryu up and the two of us going to stay in the city for the night. But it is his birthday and that would be selfish. Still not inviting the old bitch in here for cake though!

Hope the wedding goes well – are you taking Sakura?

Go ahead and book that weekend away πŸ™‚

Yes we are taking Sakura! Shes already got a pretty dress all picked out for her! I’m not so excited about shoving all my very very wobbly bits into a dress for the ceremony though.

Sorry to hear about little Ryu’s bumpity bump. Hope hes feeling better by now.

I don’t know how you deal with the Granny K factor on top of anything. That would have me running for the hills I think πŸ™‚

Oh I didn`t realize you flew to Kansai- cute photo of Sakura.

Mummy guilt for wanting time off is normal. But time off is needed to be a good mummy I think. There are probably some women out there that are super women that don`t need time out from their kids (or don`t enjoy their alone time?!) but I am certainly not one of them.

Sorry to hear Sakura was up early today- Noah was too (6:30am but he came into bed with me til about 7am but then I got sick of him clawing at my face with his little moster hands) – it just makes the days seem so much longer sometime. That said he went down for a nap early (9:30am) and is still sleeping so I am enjoying my “free” time.

Hopefully you will be able to sneak in some free time some time soon.

Maybe your in-laws can watch her for a couple of hours? I meant to ask- when you go to your class on Thursday`s does Ryohei do the bath and bedtime routine alone? If so, good on him (and good on you for making him do it) – there is no way Shun could do it alone.

Yah we flew to Kansai. If you book far enough in advance a flight from Tokyo to Kobe is only about 7500 yen one way (as opposed to a 13000 yen shinkansen for the same!)

I’d like my inlaws to watch her but that would involve taking her to Niigata.. (obviously this weekend is the wedding so everyone is going to be super busy) I’ve been playing with the idea of just having Ryohei take her for the weekend sometime while I stay here in the city by myself.

Hope you had a better night with Noah, I guess I can ask you about it when I see you in another hour. haha.

Wow. I am a super bad mummy- I need time off and don’t even feel guilty about it! πŸ™‚

Do you have a jidokan near you? I used to go right on opening time. There’d be noone else there, my kids can play with toys we don’t have at home (attention grabbers) and I would just sit in the sun with a book or magazine and ignore them. Terrible, huh? Much harder to do later in the day when the other mums all want to pepper you with questions and talking and stuff….

I think (maybe?) as kids get older the guilt lessens… or at least I hope it does. hmm…

There is a jidokan a couple stations away which we go to occasionally… which is nice. I do that is good for tiring something out but theres always a lot of people there. Which is nice for Sakura to play with other kids, but on the other hand I must be on attention as she tends to “love on” aka scratch and hit the other babaes

Oh the top teeth are definitely difficult. They’re the only teeth which DS cut where I could notice a difference in his attitude, the rest didn’t seem to bother him.

I hear you on needing a break. I work outside the house so I’m not with the kids 24/7, but getting away completely for a weekend would be great. Completely normal to want some adult time, me time, break from it all time or whatever you want to call it — try not to get too mommy-guilty! The cruel too irony of being a mom is that once you do finally get time away from her you’ll actually miss her and probably spend a lot of your “me” time wondering if she’s getting on ok. πŸ˜›

Ditto. I think we should drop the kids with Daddy for a full day and night and have a girls day and night out on the town. Tetsu gave me an empty offer the other day though I know it won’t ever happen…. lol 6hours is the best I’ve got, but it was for a test so not all that glamorous… *hugs* Maybe oneday? lol

Missha has the other 2 top teeth breaking through now too… that’ll be 6 teeth! Yikes! She likes to bite any piece of me she can.. most recently… my eye!!!!! o____O

If you want to drop Sakura off uber early on the 17th… like afternoon so you can just chill before your class, feel free. Seriously. =)

Awww, love the photo, what a cutie! Wow, of course you need time to yourself. I went for a year with Hannah before I realised that. Then I went to Tokyo once a week for my driving lessons and was a much happier bunny. To be honest, that’s a big reason why I’ve stuck at the gym for so long. After a long day, even though the children might be asleep, I want to get out, drive fast, listen to loud music and then do some exercise! Perfect! Even the 20 minute drive there works wonders. Is there any way you could join some kind of club? Plus if you are depressed about your weight, a dance class/aerobics class, something like that for after Ryohei gets home from work or at the weekend? Lots and lots of luck for the interview!

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