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Well this is unexpected…

Posted on: June 9, 2010

I met up with Lulu and Nooh for a coffee date which also turned in baby shopping, yay!

And after talking with Nooh who works as a professional translator I felt a re-newed desire to start my job search. Although I can’t say that I’m 100% ready to go back to work, one thing led to another and I’ve been in touch with a friend of Lulu’s about a translation job starting sometime in August.

So I should be sending out my resume by the end of the week, and if things go well maybe I will be going to my first interview in FOREVER by this time next month. Thankfully an August start means I can hopefully find some place for Sakura.. which is my main priority obviously. I found a bilingual English/Japanese kindy about a 10 minute walk from where the job will be so considering checking that place out as it is only a little more expensive than the Japanese only kindy near my house. (Plus with the times my job starts and ends it would be easier to have Sakura nearby to pick up and if she gets sick or something and I have to take her home I could get there sooner as well)

But yah… wow.. I’ve always said that I’d like to back to work after Sakura turned 1.. but its hard to believe it may be happening so soon. However the pay for the job is very decent and seems to be very little overtime plus its a translation job so it would be very good experience…

However.. I really really.. need interviewing clothes. I do NOT fit in my old suit and I know buying one here would set me back a lot… I got a jacket from Brenda but unfortunately there was a stain on it I couldn’t get out… so… any um.. curvier… ladies or lost weight ladies in Japan that have a used suit/dress suit they could part with or let me borrow…? If I get the job obviously I will have to go and invest in some work clothes, but since I don’t know what will happen and I’m still slowly but surely losing weight… (more slowly than surely at this point tho) I don’t want to spend hundred on a suit I may only use once or twice :/

In other news… wedding in Niigata is coming up this weekend. After that Ryohei is going into the hospital for a week. Sadly he will be spending Fathers Day there and he will miss the picnic friends are planning that weekend. (bummer) But hopefully this treatment will do its job.. I’m still not clear on what its supposed to do.. but that is a story for another day.


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It is so cool that things are falling into place for you and right around the same time frame that you had in mind too.

It’s too bad, though, that Ryohei will be in the hospital for Father’s Day. Is there anyway that you could bring Sakura by the hospital for a little while to be with him? When all else fails around here, we re-arrange things a bit. There’s no crime in celebrating early or a little later.

yes it was a bit out of the blue, i guess we shall see what the future holds! we will def. go and see Ryohei at the hospital (if they allow us) apparently his treatment will make his immune system lowered so i’m not sure if they will allow a baby in.. but if we do we will certainly go and visit him! if not we will have to celebrate one day the next weekend 🙂

Isn’t it funny how things just fall into place? I spoke to you today about the new job and I seriously think it sounds great for you. If I was you I would take it and see how it goes. You can easily quit if it doesn’t work out. And the bilingual kindy is the cherry on top of the cake! With Sakura going there you will have confidence knowing that she will still be getting enough English exposure. I say go for it girl!!

Thanks Nay! Well I don’t know if I’ll actually get the job.. not sure what experience they are looking for 🙂 But yah it would be nice if it worked out and I’d have 2 months or so to get used to “going back to work”

Hopefully things with the kindy would work out as well.. I’d obviously have to get ALL the fees and see if it would work into our budget, but I imagine as my only major expense it would probably be ok.

Wow it must be something in the air eh… jobs are popping up for everyone everywhere unexpectedly! (And all good ones by the sounds of it) Hope things work out the way you want to!

I wouldn’t worry too much about English as long as YOU speak it to her..like Laura A. and Lulu mentioned on your FB. But if you can spare the extra yen for the English place, why not eh?

Hope Ryohei’s treatment goes well!

Yah… seems like a lot of people are getting jobs and offers now.. exciting huh!

I’m trying not to worry about the English.. I guess I just get paranoid cause thats the language Ryohei and I together so I feel like she’d be getting way less exposure.. but yah I’m sure it will work out… and with all of us getting yenz we’ll be able to meet up on the weekend sometimes without worrying about money (as much)

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