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Wedding in Niigata

Posted on: June 13, 2010

Back from a whirlwind weekend in Niigata for BIL and SIL’s wedding. Actually my first ever wedding in Japan. We headed out Friday late afternoon and Sakura and I just go back this afternoon. Ryohei decided to drive back to Tokyo from Niigata with a friend and they got stuck in traffic and aren’t back yet.

Sakura was a gorgeous wedding baby in a white gown preowned by SassyMoo’s PrincessP and I looked nice(?) in SassyMoo’s purplish gown she lent me. I’ll get picture up at some point when I’m not so tired.

Sakura had a blast playing with Iroha who has seemed to come out of her shell a bit and the two of them crawled around together. Anyways I was glad to be back to the city as Niigata was REALLY REALLY hot and of course the summer frog song and bug fest was in full swing. (BLECH!)

Allow me now to go on and on about my smart smart child. Sakura started saying the “baa” part of inai inai baa. It is SO SO SO SO cute. She will do it about 90% of the time so friends who will be seeing me in the next few days expect a demonstration 😛 She’s always giving lots of kisses and likes patting(hitting) me in the face. She shakes her head “no” a lot too… but pretty sure she hasn’t connected the meaning to the action – I think it just gives her a rush.

I have a busy week coming up culminating in my interview Friday. I found out that there is more overtime than I thought so depending on how much it may not be possible for me to take this particular position. I will ask at my interview just how much… but we will see. I’ve been doing some more “research” and it seems there is a bit out there.. so if this doesn’t work out I will hold off my job search until early/mid-August so that my parents can watch Sakura if I have any more interviews.

So yup.. Ryohei is in the hospital from tomorrow and not sure when we will get to visit him. His treatment is until Weds. so maybe it won’t be until Friday when we can go 😦 We will def. spend Father’s Day with him on Sunday though – so everyone keep him in your thoughts this week. I know he is bummed about having to go back in.

Anyways guess I will enjoy a bit of World Cup before Ryohei gets back, signing off!

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