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When it rains, it pours

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Not just a clever reference to the beginning of tsuyu (rainy season) which has left me all sweaty and gross. Not looking forward to the beginning of Japanese summer.

This week has turned out to be a crazy one and its only Tuesday. I have plans everyday until next Wednesday AND I got a translation project this morning… (haven’t had one since Golden Week and had been wondering if/when I would hear from them and boom right in my busy busy week) But oh well…

We went to visit Ryohei in the hospital today, he’ll be hooked up to an IV getting a steroid drip for three days and then in the hospital for observation until Monday afternoon. Lets just say bring Sakura to the hospital was not a great idea… she wanted to get at everything including Ryohei’s IV.. so I think we probably won’t be able to see him until Father’s Day on Sunday. We were going to go Friday but I think with my job interview and running back in forth to pick up Sakura it will just be too exhausting to try and keep her from getting into everything at the hospital like it did this morning on a full nights sleep.

Anyways gotta start working on my translation.. it was supposed to be done Friday morning, but I got the deadline extended until over the weekend… either way.. work work.


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great news about the translation job – hopefully with everything else going on you will be able to get it done without any issues!!

Ryohei is in my thoughts xoxo

PS – I’m hot and sweaty here too 😦 Just a couple of days into the rain season is enough to remind me how much I like winter compared to the hot & humid summers days we get here in Japan.

thanks Nay! looks like i should be able to get it done on time! haha i feel bad for your family coming during tsuyu.. lol not the best first impression of japan 😉

Ugh so not enjoying this mugginess. It’s only going to get worse too eh…. lot’s of A/Ced shopping and coffee in our futures I hope.

Hope the translation goes well, and feel free to hide in our room and work on it when your over? I dunno… hope I can give you a bit of a break somehow =)


A/C is my best (non-human) friend… too bad its so expensive and not so great for the environment either…

I’ve got about 30% done as of this morning so hopefully I can get over 50% done tonight and worry about the rest AFTER the sleepover! I don’t want to go all the way over there to just work :PPPP I wanna play!

if you want, i’ll look after sakura on friday (i have the day off and no plans until 6pm) so you can go and spend some time with ryohei…?? or work on your translation uninterupted, or just have a couple hours to yourself. i still have the same cell mail/number so just let me know if i can help out 🙂

p.s. i HATE tsuyu with a passion.

That is so nice of you to offer… hmm I am really really really tempted to take you up on that. I might shoot you an email something this afternoon/evening… so keep your eyes peeled for it.

ahhh you guys all need to take up gardening! Tsuyu is fabulous- so hot and no need to water anything and things literally grow overnight. I now loooove rainy season.

Great news on the translation and best wishes to Ryohei- enjoy your very un-Niigata week! ;P

I’m glad SOMEONE likes it!! And I’m sure your garden does too… Yes, a very un-Niigata like week, and you know despite my feeling a bit overwhelmed I am loving having so much to do

Nice that a translation came through. Just a shame about the timing- isn`t it always the way though?!

Thinking of Ryohei- hope things are going well with him.

See you and Sakura TOMORROW!

Looks like things are under control, especially since I got the extension on it! And yes.. its 10am now so I need to be getting ready – not blogging! See you soon.

Hey hang in there! I’m glad for you, that you have translation work again. Even though it may be added stress to your schedule, you can’t argue with payment. 😉

God how I despised the summers in Mie-ken! After a shower, you could never really dry yourself off! And our apartment was in an area with about 4-5 different rice paddies so there were mosquitos abound. 😦 Yuck.

I will keep Ryohei in my thoughts! It must be miserable spending so much time in a hospital, hooked up to an IV and nowhere to go. Ganbatte!

Yah summer here feels like just 2-3 straight months of damp.. I really hate it!

Thanks for thinking of Ryohei… hopefully this will be the last hospital stay for a long long time for him.

I am not a big fan of rainy season either, but just because it’s so humid and I know it means that summer’s on it’s way. But Heather is right! It’s GREAT not to have to water the garden and still to see everything growing so well!

I hope Ryohei is not too fed up. I know hospital stays are pretty dull. I bet he misses his girls too.

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