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Tired and Torrid

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Ok.. not so sure about the last part. 😛

The last.. 3 days or so.. have been a big blur… holy cow. Wednesday was out bright and early for the Chiba Playgroup Lulu runs. Good times were had by all! Thanks for planning Lulu, see you again next month (fingers crossed!)

Thursday was another early start as Sakura and I trekked across Tokyo (literally from one side to the other) to hang out with Khea and Missha. Well.. the hanging out was really only for a couple hours Thurs. afternoon as after that it was more of Sakura being babysat and me heading in and out and in and out in to Tokyo. I had my class Thurs. night and then my job interview (which is probably why you’ve all showed up to read this right!?) this morning.

The interview… ahh the interview.

Thankfully I left 90 minutes early, the stupid Chuo-line was so SLOW it took me 3x longer to get to the station I need to go to than it should have. But being super early I was still in the door at 10 minutes until interview time. Two men from the company interviewed me.. one was obviously more “boss-y” than the other and he was “quite” concerned about how Sakura and her care would fit into me taking the job. So much so that pretty much they told me I wouldn’t be considered for it on the spot.


But they still said take out translation test (which I did) and after that the not as “boss-y” guy came back and said that there might be another position at the “honsha” as opposed to the client office where the job I intially applied it was. The honsha is only about 20 minutes from us and the other place was nearly double that.. so they said maybe half-days 5x a week. At least thats what I’ll be “considered” for… however they said they already have 2 in-house translators SO my job would be mostly native check/proofreading… which (to be honest) is not exactly what I want to be doing. The whole purpose of me getting is a job is to work on my translation skills so that when we leave Tokyo I have a better chance of getting work whether it be more freelance or in another company. So I’m sort of conflicted…

They haven’t told me what the pay or hours will be either so I guess I’ll make my final decision after that. I did decide that whether I take this job or not… I def. think part time work would be a better fit right now (either half-days or 3 days a week full days) I also found another kindy I like that is on our line which will probably be the one I end up using if they have space (which after the weekend I guess I will need to look into) So I guess thats how things went… not at all what I was expecting.

The company seemed nice, I just sort of have a few reservations about the contents of the “other” job they offered me.. it will probably depend on the pay. I have a scale where under XX is a definite no where over XX is a definite yes… but theres a gray area as well.

Oh btw… my translation test included an “into Japanese” translation which I boooooombed. I knew how laughable it was as I was doing it…

Alright… and now my translation filled day needs to continue as I still have half of a project to finish before Sunday night.

(so tired tho… but I can get my best work done when Sakura is a sleep so I don’t really have a choice)


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Is the Honsha in Ochanomizu? Where J is?

Sounds as if they were not really into hiring a “mother” as bad as that is. Quite typical in Japan though I think (I know even my mummy friends that were on maternity leave, Japanese ones I mean, said their companies have basically tried to force them out since the returned to work and not making any allowances and cutting pay if they do etc)

Oh god, translation INTO Japanese? I can`t even comprehend that!!!

Glad you had fun at peanuts! We did too!

Yah… its where J works, thats where I would be working also if I decide to take the part time position. (Ochanomizu is where Ryohei works too actually!)

I think a lot of full time positions will probably be the same as soon as they find out I have a kid.. 😦 Oh well…

Yah Peanuts was awesome… and S-san found a great group of ladies (and kids)

That’s wonderful that they offered you a position closer to home, even though it’s not what you were originally looking for. The hours might be better though, especially thinking about the commute time. I hope that the pay and other benefits are what you’re looking for!

Well I haven’t been officially “offered” anything yet! Just “in consideration” for the other position 😉

Depending on the hours and salary… I might go for it.. but I LOVE translation and HATE native check/proofreading… so… if thats all that its going to be… (if it was translation I would be REALLY REALLY excited… )

Is it maybe the kind of thing where if you get your foot in the door you could expand from native checking to translation at some other time?

It does sound great so far though (from a working mummy point of view) half days gives you time to do all those little luxuries like buying groceries and paying bills!

Yah I may shop around a bit, but if its half of what the fulltime position paid (or a little more) then it would probably be a good deal…

I guess we will see when they get back to me sometime in the next couple weeks!

The other job might start out as proofing, editing, etc., but if you do a good job it might morph into something else. I’m sure you’d get a chance to prove your Japanese skills on the job, and showing that you can hold down a part time job (cuz omg moms can work too, imagine!) might make them more comfortable considering you for something full time in the future.

Good luck, I hope it works out the way you want it to, and that if this job isn’t what you’re looking for then something else pops up soon!

Yah thats true, they also have a (very small) branch in LA SO… who knows maybe I could hold out and see if anything ever opens up in the US as well.

In anycase, very strange that soon I may be working again! Hard to believe its been almost a year since my last job was up.

Haaaaah, omg Japan. I can’t believe they straight-up put you out of the running because you’re a mom. In the US, can we say “lawsuit?” You’re not even allowed to ask about that stuff here! But I suppose Japan has no such laws.

Still, hey, the closer part-time position you’re being considered for sounds encouraging… even if it turns out to be not quite what you were looking for, you never know… like the comment above says, it could turn out to be a stepping stone for a promotion. Anyway, it’s nice- you have the luxury of saying yes or no, really. It’s not like you’re desperate for a job, you’re just looking to see if you can find something that fits. That’s a good position to be in. 🙂

Hope Ryohei is doing okay in the hospital, btw!

Haha I know right…. oh Japan…
Oh well its nice to know I have an option, I know you are enjoying your part-time position right?

Ryohei is doing well, he’ll be out Monday morning Japan time, yay!

I would say it’s a good foot in the door! I started off doing that and it eventually evolved into a totally different position I love.

Lately all I’ve been getting in the way of translations are wayakus. Hard as heck but definitely a challenge to not end every sentence with a “desu”. 😉 I am appreciating native checkers more and more every time I have one of these. Actually, I feel that I sometimes do a more accurate job into Japanese because I have to check references and read read read about the subject to get an idea for phrases instead of just winging it. definitely a challenge anyway!

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