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The King Has Returned

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Ryohei came back this morning in good enough spirits. Apparently the fact that I wore one of this shirts to sleep in last night was unpleasing to him tho… oh well. Starting off on the “right” or should I say.. usual foot.

Sakura and I took a LONG walk today down to the river. It was a nice day, not too hot or humid with a good breeze. I had my ipod filled with Lady Gaga (no judgement!) and other such dancy/pop hits. It was a good time – hoping that this year’s rainy season has more days today and less like some of the crap that was last week.

Haven’t heard from the job thing yet… I guess thats to be expected since my interview was only Friday. I am feeling torn… I would really prefer to work full days, 3 days a week instead of shorter hours Monday though Friday. There are a couple kindies near me who take kids for 3-4 days a week only and I’d rather put her in 3 days a week than every day… when I broached the subject with the current job they said that it would have to be every day… so I’m torn.

Thoughts? Should I keep looking for something that better fits what I am looking for (translation and 3 days a week) vs what I (may) have already gotten (checking/proof-reading 5 days a week for shorter hours)

Ryohei is pretty much insisting I go back to work from August or so since are saving absolutely no money.. which is fine.. I just don’t want to be pressure into taking a job I’m not 100% or even 80% on when possibly one that is what I am looking for could come along any time.

So yah… what do you bloggers think… would you hold out or take a job if it came your way just cause it was the first to do it?

I might not even get the other job in the first place… so this could possibly be a moot point πŸ˜›


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He gets made when you wear his clothes? During the summer months I always wear Taka`s boxers to bed, he`s never said anything about it. THey`re comfy and cool. Of course he offered to lend me his clothes during pregnancy when I outgrew mine……

Its a tough choice. I don`t really see anything wrong with putting Sakura into day care every day for less hours (might make it seem more like play time for her then) if you can find a spot. Of course it depends on where the location was in terms to where you would be working and what the commute there could be like. You don`t want to have to try to get a stroller on a rush hour train everyday.

I suppose it could be too late (consider he wants you to start from August) to try to save a bit more money each month. The first thing we do every pay check is stick a certain amount of money in the bank each month the day after payday. If something comes up we can always take money out of savings but if you use it all up first then you can`t really do it.

That`s really the only budgeting we do. Of course we don`t really do too much frm week to week and we haven`t been on a vacation (I don`t count going to the ILs) together since 2008 (in fact we spent one night in Nikko and that was the only time we`ve ever done something overnight alone, that didn`t include other family members). And during the week I try to not spend much money if I can help it so that we can put more money into the bank. Course it means my day to day can be pretty boring.

The savings is just a thought as it might give you a little more time to look for the perfect job.

The shirt was one of his undershirts for his suits.. like a mesh thingy.. which I was wearing because it was fricken hot last night.

He just finds the weirdest things to pick at…

Yah we were planning on budgeting but unfortunately.. we’ve had LOTS and LOTS of expenses lately. Moving costs, 2 week-long hospitalizations, 3-4 weddings (including BIL where we gave them “gift money” about the same as one of Ryohei’s hospitalizations…

If we didn’t have all this crap going on we would have more money.. I want to work too… (although NOT full-time) hmm just lots to think about right?

The good thing is that I have some savings from my time on JET, so we do have a nest egg.. we just aren’t adding to it all.

I’d take it. More experience in something that isn’t straight out translating. It will help you save and you know that if you don’t, murphy’s law says it will take ages to find something else – and that if you do take it the perfect job will turn up in a month.

Of course the traveling and the energy levels left after the work and the traveling to do all the house stuff that still needs doing….

Good luck and I hope they get back to you soon. The waiting is the hardest part.

Oh, an hub is never too excited when I throw on one of his t-shirts. He’s scared I will leave them with boob imprints or something!!

Ahh yes Murphy’s Law… you make a good point. I found a 3x a week job today and wrote into the agency and they said that it was already taken (and it had been posted Thursday) so I imagine theres quite a few people looking for part-time work…

LOL Boob imprints.. yah I’m sure Ryohei didn’t want me stretching out his shirts with my fat gaijin body. He’s lost 8 kilo in the past 2 months… me… umm.. 3ish..

Hummm … I don’t know …

It really depends on how you feel about leaving Sakura in kindy for that length of time. If it was a job you loved and were crazy about I think it wouldn’t be so bad, but if its something you feel a bit half hearted and/or pressured into doing just “because,” its going to get pretty old pretty fast to leave her. Plus the novelty of having alone time will fade too if you dislike your job, and you might even start to resent ryohei a little for making you go back.

I have promised myself that If an amazing job comes I will take it, but I set a target for myself that I wanted to start work when she was after 2, because I just know her English is going to disappear into dust when she starts kindy (she will almost definitely be going to a Japanese one.) Plus mummy-shufu boredom aside, I like spending time with her and I really will (even at age 2) feel guilty about going to work.

When they do get back to you, could you not ask for some time to think about it if you get it? In that time you could continue to job hunt and see what comes up, and maybe find something you love? As you said you have until August, which is a good 2 months away, so why not keep looking around and see?

But good luck and I hope you get it, so at least you have more options.

I’m not sure when they will get back… sometime this week.. next week? They didn’t really discuss start date or anything XD

It really was sort of out of left field. Yah, I worry about Sakura’s English going down the crapper as well.. but then again we are “planning” to move back to America at some point so I shouldn’t worry too much BUT part of me wonders if that will really happen or not…

I think I just need to get priorities straight.. I like being with Sakura but I do like having a break.. which is why 3x a week is perfect… I feel like her being in kindy every day would just be super lonely for me.

Its tough.. I guess we will see though. I just wish I could feel confident about my decision.. I don’t want to do something that will bite me in the arse in the end, ya know?

Ryohei γŠγ‹γˆγ‚ŠοΌ πŸ™‚

I guess you got Sarah-wifey cooties all over his shirt. Lol. I don’t think he should get all sour because of that, either. I’m sure you didn’t wear anything like a dress-shirt or anything.

I agree with Melanie as well that you can take this immediate job opening to be able to bring in at least some kind of money, and then in the meantime look for that other better job.

I’m in the same boat with this right now as well. We’re moving again in a couple of days, and I haven’t been able to find a (real) job with my college major, so I’m looking for a part-time job immediately so we’re able to bring in more money at least. I’ll keeping searching in the meantime on my days off.

Huh, I thought guys LIKED their partner wearing their clothing, especially to bed?! I’ve only ever had good reactions… πŸ˜‰

As for the job… If it were me I’d hold out for the right job (or at least I’d want to… but that isn’t always what I’ve done in the past, much to my regret…), as I know myself enough that if I were working – even part-time hours – every day, that between everything else I’d be unlikely to make the time to go out and look for a better job, no matter how I ended up feeling about the job once I started. I also know if I was told to get a job and then ended up hating it I’d really resent having felt pushed into it by somebody else.

As for the actual content of the job (which I think is just as important as the hours) – I do some of both translation and editing at work (although more straight translation). I don’t know about you, but I find editing English can be even more draining than translating from Japanese. Sure the translating is likely to take longer, but I find editing bad English can be harder sometimes and almost always more stressful.

Either way, good luck!

I’d hold out for the right job. The logistics, the getting there, dealing with kindy crap, second shift etc, is going to stress you a whole lot more if your heart isn’t in it.

I know it seems so insistent at the time, but I have a bit of perspective now that my kids are older, and really – don’t rush into anything! Things have a way of working out. Something will come up. Don’t compromise unless it’s your dream job.

My hub doesn’t mind me wearing his clothes, in fact he even sometimes buys stuff for ‘us’. And yes, I do leave boob bumps in them!

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