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Posted on: June 25, 2010

Wow… Friday already? That went week fast.. probably due to the fact that I tried to get us out of the house as much as possible! It was only really rainy Weds. which was the most boring day of the week.

I’m not sure if its an exercise kick.. or jealously since Ryohei’s lost 8kg in the last 2 months but I’ve def. been watching what I eat and just trying to be active. Taking a long walk and trying to hula hoop continuously for 20-30 mins a day. Seems to be paying off… just a couple more kg until I am FINALLY back to pre-preg weight… I don’t exactly know what that weight was but I’m 1kg away from the first weight recorded in my boshitecho and that was at 12 weeks so I imagine my actual pre-preg weight was 1-2kg lighter.

But thats just the beginning.. my goal is to reach my first came to Japan weight which is 10kg away from now.. and THEN my lowest weight after that… which was another 10kg. So yah.. the road is long.. but summer is always a good time to start losing weight since the appetite is less voracious as usual.

I said at New Years I wanted to lost 15kg by June… but sadly… that did not happen.. so I WILL be at least 15kg lighter by Christmas if not reaching my goal. I think weaning Sakura really has helped a lot… she has maybe one less than 5 minute boobies a day right before bed and occasionally in the middle of the night – but now she’s started (usually) sleeping from about 8:30-5:30… yes its taken a LONG LONG time to get to this point.

Still no word on the job front… *twiddling thumbs* BUT I am finally getting the point where I know what I want to do. I’ve decided.. (stubbornly) that I do want to end up getting my Masters in Translation and/or Interpretation and so for the next 2 years or so I am going to try and save up so I can go back to school and achieve that goal. Not sure exactly where I will do it at, but possibly looking at schools in the UK since they are far cheaper than America and I won’t need a visa to go there if I can get my UK passport sometime in the next 2 years.

So… that is my goal.

I’ve already talked it over with Ryohei and he is ok with it… he even said he would consider coming to and going to English school for a year… we’d both like Sakura to be able to get UK citizenship along with her US and Japanese citizenships so who knows.. its nice to dream about right?

I’ve gotten so caught up in living in Japan, and the inaka, and learning how to be a Mom that I really have sort of lost sight of personal goals and having decided that I can save up and go back to school and get a high degree in something I really love has given me motivation again.

I feel like I’ve changed my mind up and down so many times, but I think that concentrating on translation and utilizing my Japanese skills would be best for a future career no matter where we end up.

So.. now I just have to get a job to save up.

And.. yay world cup!! Like I said my Dad is coming next Tuesday and we are hoping he will watch Sakura one night so Ryohei and I can go watch a game at “the Hub.” Its not a super romantic date, but we both like the sports bar environment and I want one of their yummy cocktails 😉


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I agree! This week did go fast, but for me it always seems like spring (which we didn’t really have this year) and summer fly by even though the days are longer, and then we’re back to the longest months with the shortest days. Interesting how that works.

Yeah for losing some weight and being motivated to lose weight! Motivation is more than half the battle! Sometimes it takes a loooong time for the weight loss to actually kick start, which is why you have to stick to whatever exercise routine you’re doing even if you don’t see results right away, and that’s what makes it so hard to stay motivated. But you sound like you’re definitely on the right track. Best of luck!

It sounds like you’ve made some sound choices for the future, and I’m sure working towards those goals is going to make you a lot happier in general. I know how you like to have a long-term plan in place, and it sounds like maybe you do, or are starting to make more concrete plans towards that, and I’m sure that alone has made a huge difference in how you’re feeling. Good on you!

Enjoy your date with Ryohei!

Great news – that you have re-found your goal and and feeling more motivated. The weight thing is a big pain in the ass but I am finding that small steps are better than no steps. It took me four years to get where I am now so no wonder I can’t get it off in four months 🙂

Sounds like you have a path set out in front of you and a destination in mind- go you!

Summer is a great time to lose weight easily I think- all that appetite sucking humidity!

That’s great on both counts, both the weightloss as well as the grad school goals. I think a Master’s is a great idea and I’m sure it would open up your work options a whole lot.

Agree with the others that summer is a good time to lose weight. I don’t eat nearly as much in the summer and I’m outside a lot more walking around and sweating more too, which I’m sure makes a difference. Here’s hoping all of us looking to lose baby weight can reach our goals sooner rather than later!

Doing a Master’s is a great idea! I am going back to school this September to do a Master in publishing. So excited about that! I worked the last two years in order to afford it. During that time I did hate my job for long stretches, but it helped to work towards a goal and now I am glad that I lasted that long and am able to go back to school to pursue my dream.
I don’t know how expensive schools in America are but here in the UK they are reasonable. Even in London. Hope you can find a school you really like.

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