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End of June

Posted on: June 29, 2010

What a fast month this one was… hard to believe that as of tomorrow June will have come and gone. I am thinking that the rest of summer may follow suit as we have lots of plans for visitors within the next month and a half which always makes things go by faster than just being on  your own.

I am sending in an application for a GREAT job. I will post more details once the deadline has closed as I don’t want to jinx myself but raving about it on here and having some random googler find it and get it 😉 Needless to say, if I get this one I am def. sitting pretty in terms of career satisfaction and future possibility. Its also part-time which is important to me but there is probably a possibility of going full-time in a different position in a year to 1 1/2 years from now which would work well. If you have any good job vibes please send them my way – heres hoping I will be called in for an interview. It isn’t a translation related job, but I can still “market” the experience from my CIR job for it. *thumbs up*

Anyways I probably won’t be posting much the next week as my Dad will be here which means that we will be going out quite a bit as 3 adults and a baby in our small apartment is not conductive to a lot of privacy. Sakura turned 11 months yesterday actually… not so much a tiny little baby anymore. She still isn’t anywhere near walking though – good thing or bad thing, you be the judge. She IS an escape artist though.

Yesterday I met up with Khea and Missha in Yurakucho for lunch and girl talk and we took the kids to the “play space” in the MUJI and I spent pretty much 75% chasing Sakura as she crawled out of the play space towards disaster (aka throwing the items for sale off of the racks) Not sure if I mentioned it, but I signed her up with a modeling agency last week.

I sent in pictures via their website and got an email a couple weeks later asking to bring her in for professional pics – so last week headed on off to the Shibuya area and Sakura took some very cute pictures. Not sure what will come of it, and not really sure if we will even go to some if any auditions, but figured if I’m working part-time maybe.. Sakura is such a ham and LOVES the camera/people that I figured she’d enjoy it as opposed to if she was super  clingy and shy (then I wouldn’t even have considered it)

So.. what else… not much really.

Oh, the weightloss continues! I’m down about 6kg from beginning of May. I can’t see a huge difference yet as I still have about 20kg left to go, but I did notice some of my clothes fitting slightly better and also got two new tops which don’t have tummy bulge nearly as bad as I thought – yay! Need to try and continue hooping and eating well while Dad is here but that will probably be hard.

Anyways def. hoping I will be at least another 5kg down by the end of summer.. but may be difficult with guests and such. Harusame noodle cups have been a life saver for me as they provide a yummy and filling lunch that I can pair with a salad or something else. Also long walks.. and of course 20-30 mins of hooping a day (occasionally twice a day)

I finally feel like I will be able to lose the weight… before this no matter trying I don’t think I had significant motivation, but esp. with wanting to get a job I know I should probably try and slim down esp. if I don’t get the “dream job” and have to look for Japanese companies who will think my “large” figure is a result bad “jiko kanri” (self-management)


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Fingers crossed for the job, it sounds very promising for you ::)

Sending job vibes your way!

Have fun with your dad while he is here.

Great job with the weightloss too- glad you are getting use out of the hoop. I told Shun about your efforts and he said “Laura mo mata sureba” as in, he wants me to start hooping more often again I guess. HAHA!

Wow, so much good news! But as I am a fitness freak these days, I will comment only on the weightloss 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Six kilos is HUGE!! I know at the beginning when you feel you have so much left to lose that it seems like a piss in the ocean, excuse my French..but everything has to start somewhere, and now that you are getting used to your exercise routine/eating habits, it will just keep getting better! Keep it up Sarah! Next time I see you, it will be like meeting a new Sarah 😉

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