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Happy Birthday Sakura!!!

Hard to believe that this was you a year ago!

And this is you now!

I love you so much little girl!! Thank you so much for coming into our lives.


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Posted on: July 23, 2010

For a while this blog will just be protected posts.

Theres a lot going on that I want to write about but would rather not do it publically.

Unfortunately I’m not going to give out the password UNLESS you are someone I have met in person (although I’m pretty sure that all of you have it by now)

Thanks for understanding – I will probably make a random public post now and then, but this summer is kicking my butt emotionally and I just need a safe place to spill my thoughts.

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No news does not equal good news on the job front.. and now a whole 3 day weekend is in between me and knowing. I have a feeling that the “dream” job is probably out by now.. it’s been over a week and a half since the deadline closed so I’ll be fairly surprised if I hear anything.

The other University job hasn’t gotten back to me either and the start date is 8/1 so if I don’t hear anything by this time next week it probably means that I’m out of the running for that too…

Maybe I should just wait until the temp agency I signed up with starts looking for me next month although it probably won’t be a position in what I want to do. I’ve been putting out enough feelers to strip a colony of bugs and this is pretty much what it breaks down as:

Working Full-time in something I’d really like to do


Working Part-time (3 days a week) for something that I’m not as interested in

for the same amount of money (pretty much)

I guess that if I already turned down the one job that offered me “Japanese” wages its probably not a step in the right direction to go after a job that I know will have similar pay and similar hours.

At least working part-time for a higher salary we will save money on kindy and of course I will have free time to spend with Sakura.

I’m feeling pretty gloomy because I thought I would at least get an interview from the other positions with my previous experience, Japanese skills, and interesting cover letters… but I guess not 😦

Anyways Ryohei is off in Niigata for the next two days so I guess its just a girls weekend for Sakura and I unless anyone suddenly wants to do something tomorrow…?

Sorry for all the boring work posts lately, I really thought it would be easier than this but I guess not. Its not like I’ve applied to every possible job or anything but certainly feeling a bit sad that no one wants me in the fields I want to be hired in.

Busy beeee

Posted on: July 14, 2010

Shout outs to both Brenda and Nay for coming to visit! It was great to have both of them and their respective daughters with us!

I am looking forward to a bit of down time though, I love having guests but its also nice to kind of sit back and take a long exhale afterwards as well!

Sakura seems to have succumbed to some nasty heat rash 😦 It started on her back yesterday and then this morning her face was all red in splochy, I had gone to the doctors and got some cream for her back and that seemed to have gotten better. I put a tiny tiny bit on her face before she went to bed tonight so crossing my fingers that will get better too… my baby is usually so cute but she looked like a cross between a leper and a dalmation today 😦

Job(hunting) stress continues… no word from the 1st job still – I also submitted my resume to a University administration position that is full time. It has AWESOME benefits but still a bit hesitant on jumping in full-time but I guess I will see if I get contact or not.

I suppose I thought too highly of myself… that I’d be getting lots of feedback on my experience and skills but I guess there are a lot of well qualified job seekers out there right now… I suppose if worse comes to worse the haken company I signed up with will be working to find me a part time gig from September.

We are trying to pound out a clear plan for the next few years. And we have a “deadline” set for our move.. hopefully around April 2014 at the latest. That seems the earliest Ryohei is willing to quit his job and move to America. We will both be 30 at the time and Sakura will start elementary school in America from that September so that will give us the spring and summer to get settled and hopefully have a place to live and a house.

So.. T-minus 3 years and 8 months… haha.

The whole waiting to hear back from jobs is KILLING me though…

I guess there could be worse things tho – no real fighting or anything between Ryohei and I lately and besides Sakura’s recent rash and subsequent CRANKINESS things are good with her as well. Ryohei will be going back to Niigata from Friday through Sunday so it will just be us girls for the weekend. I’m so used to taking care of Sakura on my own though that its no issue anymore… infact sometimes I enjoy having the house to myself after shes gone to bed way more than I should 😉