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Posted on: July 2, 2010

I hate “waiting” for something.

Something like hearing back from the job I sent my application to. The deadline is next Tuesday so maybe they won’t be notifying people if they’ve been selected for an interview until the deadlines passes.

But I’ve been checking my phone and mail religiously…

I’ve also sort of put all “other” job checking on the back burner until I hear back… although I guess if it gets to about this time next week with nothing it probably means “sayonara” which will make me very very sad since I wrote a great cover letter and have all the qualifications they were looking for…

But who knows.. I’m not the only fish in the applicant sea, and no doubt the place I am applying for has lots and lots and lots of people who’d like to get an “in” there.

So you guys get me obbsessing and not telling you about anything else… but actually nothing INCREDIBLY exciting except that we went to DisneySea today, which was fun but maybe Sakura is still a BIT young for it… I think waiting until she is 3 or 4 would probably be more fun for her…

Still it was nice to finally go on rides again – I enjoyed not being pregnant there. hahah.

We have a busy weekend planned and then my Dad will go back to America Monday afternoon… and then have a quiet week before Brenda and Sara-chan come to stay Saturday 😀 Yay!


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What happened to the other job you had the interview for?

Sounds like the one you are waiting on now is more what you want anyway. Don’t give up if you don’t hear straight away. Definitely stop stressing until the deadline. The company would be stupid to start giving out invites to interviews before the deadline had even closed. If they haven’t contacted you within a week AFTER the deadline perhaps ring them to enquire?? – sorry, I shouldn’t be giving advice but worked in careers office university for three years and have seen students getting stressed for no apparent reason.


thanks GW

i know… i am really freaking out for no reason.
as for the other job… well its been over 2 weeks since the interview and i got a random email a few days ago saying we are in the middle of moving our building but we haven’t forgotten you, we’ll make a decision at some point (gist of the msg) so i’m feeling a bit put off by that..

and yes the one i applied for is one that i think would (in the long run) be much more beneficial as in open doors down the line + mostly an english speaking environment as opposed to japanese company

anyways yah you are right… and ryohei has told me too wait until the deadline passes.. i guess i’m just feeling really flustered and nervous!!

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