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Posted on: July 7, 2010

Japanese title for this one… “Keep watching(following?) your dreams..” or something like that.

I turned down the job that I was offered from the company I interviewed a while back a few minutes ago. The job which I have been going on and on about closed its deadline Tuesday… its with the XXX which I have been hoping to join forever and ever and ever. I’ve been checking their job listings constantly and finally something came up that I was qualified for… so I sent in my application and now its just waiting… but its one of those “we won’t contact you if you aren’t selected” jobs so I never know how long to “keep hoping.” I would HOPE that I will get an interview since I had all the qualifications they were looking for and spend a long time writing my coverletter to address all that I wanted too.. but who knows if its enough.

Very very very busy this month… lots of people coming to stay and lots of visiting to do. Not that I mind, I like staying busy, just sort of overwhelming to see so many days with plans on my calender.. my Dad left Monday and my Mom and step-dad will be coming at the end of the month for 3 weeks… just lots and lots of people around. Not sure how it will be with 4 adults and a baby in the house for that long.

Anyways I haven’t posted pictures for a while so here are some from the last month!

Iroha and Sakura at BIL and SIL’s wedding

On the boat cruise at Tokyo Disney Sea while my Dad visited

Opening an early birthday present from her Grandad



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that exact train is packing a spaz in our tatami room at the moment. It has done the hard yards man. Sakura will love it. For some reason thought it is choo choo-ing even though it isn’t switched on – a bit scary. The lift up seat is good for putting things. Look there first when you lose your keys, keitai or remote control.

Good luck with embassy job 🙂

haha good to know its durable… if something has survived your three its probably safe to assume it will be around for a long time!

Great pictures. Looks like you’ve really been having some fun. Fingers crossed for you on the embassy job. I can’t imagine what it would be like to work there. It’s such an imposing building and then the armed guards as well- wow!

And the ride on toys? Beware they will turn your sweet girly girl into a kamikaze pilot (oops. un-pc?) My two destroyed their ride on bulldozer hurtling down the hallway and flying off the step into the genkan or making big block structures and then riding into them full tilt. And that’s just when they were playing nicely! Watch out walls and doors when they were mad!

That said they really had a great time playing on them and still occasionally get them out now- to use as skateboards….

I would LOVE to work at the embassy… I like translation but I think my first love is IR work… so it would be perfect and great to have on the resume for future endeavors… just hoping I hear back!

So far Sakura can’t ride on it yet.. but I am planning on having it be an “outdoor” toy once she can walk and I can get her in shoes to play outside 😉

OMG, Sakura is sooooo cute! I mean, we knew that already, but it bears repeating. Are you still planning on a visit in December? I can’t wait to see how much she’ll have grown by then! 😀

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Embassy job… that sounds amazing. You’d be perfect for it!

We WANT to go back in Dec!! I think she and Simon would be able to play together now 🙂 And this time new baby toooooo~~~~ so excited!!

Keep your eye on the prize?? 🙂

I’m sure it wa sa good choice to turn them down, and hoping for a good result with the embassy job, I remmeber you saying before you’d love to work for the embassy! Sure you’ll hear good news soon!

Looooove the photos!!

haha yah thats a good translation!
did i meantion working at the embassy before.. i guess i must have at some point when we were talking about “futures”

remember when we first met and thought we’d be moving back to our respective countries within the next 2-3 years… ha ha ha XD

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