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Focus focus…

Posted on: July 16, 2010

No news does not equal good news on the job front.. and now a whole 3 day weekend is in between me and knowing. I have a feeling that the “dream” job is probably out by now.. it’s been over a week and a half since the deadline closed so I’ll be fairly surprised if I hear anything.

The other University job hasn’t gotten back to me either and the start date is 8/1 so if I don’t hear anything by this time next week it probably means that I’m out of the running for that too…

Maybe I should just wait until the temp agency I signed up with starts looking for me next month although it probably won’t be a position in what I want to do. I’ve been putting out enough feelers to strip a colony of bugs and this is pretty much what it breaks down as:

Working Full-time in something I’d really like to do


Working Part-time (3 days a week) for something that I’m not as interested in

for the same amount of money (pretty much)

I guess that if I already turned down the one job that offered me “Japanese” wages its probably not a step in the right direction to go after a job that I know will have similar pay and similar hours.

At least working part-time for a higher salary we will save money on kindy and of course I will have free time to spend with Sakura.

I’m feeling pretty gloomy because I thought I would at least get an interview from the other positions with my previous experience, Japanese skills, and interesting cover letters… but I guess not 😦

Anyways Ryohei is off in Niigata for the next two days so I guess its just a girls weekend for Sakura and I unless anyone suddenly wants to do something tomorrow…?

Sorry for all the boring work posts lately, I really thought it would be easier than this but I guess not. Its not like I’ve applied to every possible job or anything but certainly feeling a bit sad that no one wants me in the fields I want to be hired in.


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I think it’s a blessing you have a long weekend – three whole days were there is no point in worrying cause the embassy and the uni won’t be doing anything. A week and a half for the embassy doesn’t sound too long. I would ring them on Wednesday or so if you haven’t heard. Ringing and asking would put you at ease – and I once heard of a recruiting guy who only gave interviews to people who rang as they obviously wanted the job more πŸ™‚ I shouldn’t say stuff like that though. Sorry.

Early days though. Don’t get down about it yet. Have a nice girls weekend.

thanks GW.
I sound like paranoia queen.. i suppose its because i talked to another lady day who has applied there 3!! times and never heard a peep~~~


thanks for the encouragement tho xx

Dont feel too bad about it Sarah…

I mean … you have to remember as well that embassy jobs are not just within Japan. You have worldwide competition for them. And Tokyo is a big place.

Personally, I suspect that its the mummy thing which is the biggest problem for prospective employers, rather than your lack of skills etc. I mean … all the “equal opportunity” claptrap just does not apply in Japan.

You have to remember your not just fighting to get back into the workplace, your possibly fighting with the boss/ interviewer directly who personally thinks that women should be staying home with kids etc, or that men are better workers blah blah blah. An awful lot of sexism in this country.

Plus there is the problem that you only have the kindy to look after her when you are at work – Like … if she gets sick you will have to go home from work etc. There is not a granny around to go and pick her up for you or that. I don’t want to sound negative at ALL, but I just think it might be worth countering some of these things in advance to get the best chance for you.

So I would not take it too personally really, I am expecting similar difficulties when/if I return to the workplace. Just keep looking, Im sure something will come along eventually! πŸ˜€

Yah.. well the thing is no one knows I have a kid.. cause its not like something I advertise on my resume.

I’m getting shut down without that even being a factor. I got some good advice on facebook about not mentioning and saying the year i took off was for traveling to hell i could even say i was stuk in bumbleF### inaka with no jobs for a year.

Yah I’m not sure what to do about the whole “kindy” thing but oh well the reason I am doing this is so that I have a better chance of getting a job in America so I’m not forced to live in the damn inaka for the rest of my life.. so yah :/

lol … poor you… again don’t take it personally. More jobs will come around in Septemberish time… I hope πŸ˜€ Plus its a really tough market out there at the moment.

It is interesting that you say that, I personally DO put it on my resume, because it is seen as like the ONLY good reason to not be working ( I have heard) … I figure, If I was an employer, and I DID invite me to an interview and I sprang that on them that I had a kid, I would probably freak them out a bit.

Plus … maybe bigger companies have certain quotas they have to fill? You know … if they have X amount of mothers working for them it makes them a “good” company etc?

Saying that though, I have only sent out 1 resume since I went back to work (at a kindy, for 4 hours a week!!!) So please share with me the good advice about not telling them about your kids! Im interested to hear it for when I go back…

From the advice I was given, it seems not to tell them you have a kid at all – not at the interview, not on your resume…

I guess you would get the job and then be like “surprise – my kids sick today!” but if they are going to be biased to you because you are a parent then maybe thats the only choice.

If I don’t get either of the two jobs I applied for I’m going to see if I can get a part time (3 days a week) temp job… I really wish we were happy with just the one baby but wanting a second one really throws a lot of wrenches into the picture… its all a delicate balance…

You and me both. :/ I definitely feel your pain.

Thanks, sorry to hear you are having trouble too 😦

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