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Posted on: July 23, 2010

For a while this blog will just be protected posts.

Theres a lot going on that I want to write about but would rather not do it publically.

Unfortunately I’m not going to give out the password UNLESS you are someone I have met in person (although I’m pretty sure that all of you have it by now)

Thanks for understanding – I will probably make a random public post now and then, but this summer is kicking my butt emotionally and I just need a safe place to spill my thoughts.


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Sorry to hear that this summer is kicking your butt emotionally. 😦 I tend to find blogging in protected posts very therapeutic and it also means that people leave honest comments because they know they aren’t visible to the whole of the internet.
(((HUGS))) from London for whatever is going on. xxx

thanks M.
Probably nothing that bad – I’m just going through job searching and have some stuff going on that is not just related to me so best to keep it out the public eye 🙂

thanks for the hugs tho, always appreciate them

Poor Sarah! I hope things will get better for you soon. I don’t know if meeting you at random that one time counts, but I know we haven’t gotten a chance really to hang out for real yet, so you don’t have to give me your password if you don’t feel comfortable. either way, I’ll be sending positive vibes your way! take care ♥

i appreciate the vibes!!!
haha i know we haven’t met since our random asakusa running into eachother, maybe after the weather cools down?

yes, that’s a good idea! although i’ll be out of town for a couple weeks in august, so i guess if not sooner, we’ll probably see each other at missha’s BD party. you’re going to that, right?

by the way, happy almost birthday to sakura-chan! ;D

Completely understand. Some things should just remain private, or at least contained to a small amount of people.

Hope you get through the summer ok and get the job at the embassy!

Good luck with everything, I’m feeling similarly on the job front, so I totally understand how you feel. Hoping it will all work out, and otherwise, have a good summer!

i will miss reading your posts, but i understand the need to have a private place to rant. i hope everything gets better for you soon! 🙂

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