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Only lonely girl

Posted on: August 24, 2010

Tonight reminds me of 4 years ago…

Sprawled out on the tatami with my computer, Utada Hikaru as background music, no husband, no baby.. just me and the internet.

Makes you realize that alone time is important, but I don’t think I’d trade to go back to be unattached and no kids… too lonely. I can’t imagine spending every night like this anymore. So funny because even yesterday I was dying for a break, another night to be single with no responsibilities besides getting to work on time in the morning.

I’m not a “great” mom or wife… just a flawed person who tries her best but fails as much or more as she succeeds. Both Ryohei and Sakura try my patience at least a few times a week…  but now that he’s away on business and she’s asleep I realize that I miss the noise and chaos that is my little family.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll think differently, but at least tonight I’m happy with the choices I’ve made.

I’m in a good place to start the healthy eating/exercise plan and also to start looking for work… no visitors for the near future, no more excuses.

Wonder where we’ll be 4 years from now?


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Had to chuckle.. it is amazing how a sleeping baby and a quiet house can put a different perspective on things!! 🙂 I always joke that I love Joey most when he is asleep but then I realise it isn’t 100% a joke. 😉

i totally understand… for the first half of sakuras naps i am and by the last 30 mins or so…

Oh that is me every business trip! I love the peace for all of half a night then I find myself considering sneaking into the kids room in the middle of the night!

Still shredding? I’m sooooorrrrrre!

still keeping up with it, i took a break on sunday though!
i think i’m going to do 12 days on level 1 tho (2x 6 days a week)

your latest blog about meg is so CUTE… i can’t wait to have conversations with sakura someday…

Quiet? Sleeping baby? what the heck are you talking about? SUch a life exists?
Good to here you are doing well.

Yah, I have to admit I do get SOME quiet time nowadays, we are well!! I’ve heard Sora is quite spirited, I don’t know how you do it Lily, you are superwoman!

If you ever have a second kid, there will be no more quiet time. 😛 I practically beg DH to take Dylan out to play when it is Annika’s naptime, lol, otherwise it is just nonstop here all the time. I can’t imagine having 3 or 4, it would be a total flippin zoo!

I know what you mean though, quiet seems unnatural somehow now. I love my quiet times, but I wouldn’t like for all the time to be quiet time. 🙂

Yah I don’t forsee a baby #2 for at least a few more years since I’m just starting to work again and we are planning to move back to America in less than 2 years… (although I’d still love at least one more someday!)

Quiet is nice certain times, I’m enjoying my post workout in peace right now… I def. couldn’t work out if Sakura was awake… so my body thanks her for giving me 90 minutes of p&q in the afternooon

I had to laugh at this post as well. I get so frustrated with Leilah when she refuses to nap for me but then when she naps for longer than an hour I start missing her and willing her to wake up, lol!!

Peace and quiet is nice but I definitely love my life more now as a family of 3 (plus a crazily cute soppy dog!)

Yah its sappy but I can’t imagine my old life anymore (long term at least) A night out on the town every couple months would sure be nice tho 😉

Awww. I know, it’s funny how we miss these little ones when they’re sleeping. Sometimes I just sit around looking at pictures of S while he naps.

haha I do that too!!!
soon you are going to have two little ones though, i bet you can’t wait for your little girl to be here 🙂

peace and quiet is achievable with three children and a mother in law even. Send two off to daycare and program your baby to sleep three hours in the morning and two in the afternoon AND all night and you get some me time 🙂 Touch wood. I love that Ryu sleeps so much during the day. He is such a happy baby for it – and mummy is such a happy mummy.

The only other way this is achievable is with horse tranquilizers.

Happy healthy eating and shred regime.

WOW how did you get him to sleep so much in the day and still sleep all night?!!?

I suppose horse tranquilizers would be hard to get a hold of so…

Ooh I hope when you come back to the US we can meet up at some point! I also am going to wait at least a year until we start trying for baby number two.. mainly because i gained so much damn weight with my pregnancy it’ll take me that long to lose it!

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