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Just got back from 4 days, 3 nights with Gaijin Wife and co in Kyushu!!!

Wow that trip went by super super fast….

Here are some pictures from the trip!!

Using the awesome double buggy as a “wagon of love” for Sakura and R-kun!

Enjoying the famous “sand bath” in Beppu!!! It was nice for the first 15mins but the last 5 were HELL.. I was dying to get out….

Book club with M-chan and R-kun!

Showing Gigi the cat a rare moment of affection……

Sakura happily allowing herself to be fed by Illahee’s S-chan and T-kun when they came all the way out 3 hours to visit for the afternoon!

Milk date!

Sakura walking around like some sort of 1 year old yankee child at the airport before we left!

We had a great time filled with LOTS and LOTS of action. Let me say that if you read GW’s blog it is ALL TRUE! hahah… And GW is awesome and full of genki despite running a very very busy household. The “Dads” agreed to watch the 4 kids for us last night so went to a ghetto inaka karaoke box and had beer/chu-his and even got buzzed enough to pull out a random selection of j-pop to classic 80s to britney spears music… thank god no videos from that.

Also wanted to thank Illahee for making it all the way out with her three kids – it was great to meet her!!

I really really enjoyed my first trip to kyushu… I hope one day I will be able to make it back again.

PS I’m leaving out a lot of details as I’m sure GW will be able to tell the stories of our trip in a much more interesting way… oh and yes there was a spider (500 yen sized) incident last night however I am absolutely sure it will not result in another baby… hahahaha I may have been put off giving Sakura a little brother or sister forever 😉

hehe… thanks again GW I hope that you enjoyed the time as much as we did!!!!! ganbare!~~~~


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I had my first day at work today. I’m REALLY tired (and it’s only 8pm!) but I thought that some of you guys would be interested in how things went.

Sakura gave us a wake up call at 6:45 (yay…) but that was for the best because I ended up taking a shower and doing my hair and make up which took longer than I thought. We were out the door before 8 and I ended up at my office about 10 minutes early. Looks like early mornings are here to stay…

As I said before, I work in a Japanese University as one of their English language program assistants. There is one other lady who is my “supervisor”/partner. She joined about a year ago – she’s nice and listened to all my questions. Actually everyone in my office seems pretty relaxed/nice. A few of them speak a bit of English (more so than the people in my last workplace) so occasionally they will speak with me that way – which can be a nice break from a workday entirely in Japanese.

I already had a couple of assignments to complete… simple translation and some native checking. Tomorrow we will start working with the students. To be honest I’m not sure really want to expect, but so far it seems like a pretty good work environment. I think I’ll probably gain a lot of good experience as well.

The only thing that was hard was remembering and missing Sakura throughout the day. I still miss her a lot, but apparently she had a better day at kindy today. However, I picked her up at 6 and she was in bed by 8… so my time with my little girl is much much less than before. I’m trying to make every minute of it count but its hard since theres dinner to made and baths to be taken etc etc.

Besides Sakura though, it was nice to be back at work. To feel like I was being productive again… it was probably a good move for me to get back into the workforce AND apparently I may even have international business trips (mainly to Asia) for 3-4 days next year. They have “seminars” on the program in countries like Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, and China… so its possible they will have me go along instead of hiring a translator… crazy huh?

Anyways… I am waiting to hear back if I’ve been accepted into my Masters Program. Hoping sometime before the end of the month I will find out… its only been a day but I definitely think that working at a University is a career I’m well suited towards. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and the people are friendly. (at least at this position)

I’m sure that I’ll have more to say as I continue working, but for now I’m 75% happy with my choice.. the other 25% being guilt and sadness about Sakura being in kindy… maybe that will slowly go away tho… we will see.


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Tomorrow starts a brand new chapter in our life.

I will be taking Sakura to kindy to start half-days for the rest of the week and next Monday, and from next Tuesday she will be going full-time. Tomorrow she’ll only be there for 2 hours so I’m planing to just drop her off and hit Starbucks with a book until the time is up – but from Thurs she’ll be in for 4 hours, then 6 hours… Its good I guess because I have to get a medical check-up for work one of those days – but I’m a bit sad we can’t spend my last non-working week together, but the head teacher said since she’s never been in kindy before its best to work up to fulldays.

I doubt tomorrow will be too bad for her, or even the four hours.. but I think Friday when shes had both lunch and nap at kindy, she might be a bit out of sorts 😦

Oh – in other news. Our stroller completely kicked the bucket (the one I got from Sassymoo which I loved!) Went to see some lovely ladies in Shibuya and carrying Sakura in the stroller down to the Shibuya Hachiko exit, there was a loud crack and pretty much one of the support bars snapped in half…

Thankfully I was able to find a place that sold similar strollers rush delivery, and we should be getting a new one tmw afternoon in the post. I can take Sakura to kindy tomorrow in the Ergo, but the back carry is such a pain to do on your own and the temps of 36 C plus don’t make for fun having a 10kg heater strapped to your back.

I have been keeping up with the Shred but just barely.. I’m starting to get to the “lazy” stage and trying to find reasons to put it off… but I still managed to do it today. I need to makes sure and keep it up for the next week… once I start working I’m not sure if/when/how often I will manage it as my options are either very early in the morning or before bed. We will see… I’m about halfway though now so I really want to try and at least finish the challenge and then maybe try to do it 3-4 days a week depending on the energy level I have after work.

I REALLY want to buy new smaller size clothes in America for Christmas so I just have to keep up the “healthy” eating and working out. Ryohei and I also have been walking for 30+ minutes at night so I hope that counts for something.

Anyways tomorrow is going to be an early morning… best get some sleep while I can!