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Lots and lots and lots

Posted on: September 1, 2010

I’ll be starting my first day of work in two weeks. (thats been what the past string of passworded posts have been about) Now that things have been decided, I feel a bit better about coming back out into the ‘open’ although I’ll be keeping specifics under wraps!

We have a daycare interview for Sakura this evening, hopefully things will go well. I am still a bit sad about having to say “sayonara” to our all-day together relationship, but I am starting to get excited for work. Seems like it was meant to be! I had applied to 3 positions and the first 1 rejected me, the 2nd one I got an interview and passed, and the 3rd just rejected me (after the fact) today. So umm yah… I guess I got lucky 🙂

The clothes are office casual.. unfortunately most of my office casual stuff is still in Niigata (not to mention it probably won’t fit until I lose at least 10kg) so I may need to order some stuff off Nissen. I’ve lost 5kg since mid-August and I’m still going strong with my workout and eating healthy(er) so I don’t want to get too much stuff at my current size as I am hoping it won’t fit for very long. I would love to be back into my old clothes by the end of the year.. at this rate, its possible. Shoes however… I think my feet got even bigger during my pregnancy so that only 1 pair of shoes I have (work type) are comfortable. I’m not sure what I am going to do… I bought a pair at the base with Bryn, but they gave me horrible blisters around my toes and heels… any suggestions how to break them in??

As if getting a job wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I will be sending in my application for graduate school hopefully by the end of the month. If things work out, I will have my degree by the end of 2012/start of 2013. I’m planning to get a masters in higher education administration with the goal of working at a university as a study abroad and/or international student coordinator/councilor.

I’m not sure if it is losing weight, or getting a job, or FINALLY deciding on a career path I want to puruse, but I am finally feeling “back in the game.” Since I became pregnant with Sakura and learned we were moving to niigata (roughly around the same time) I’ve really felt sort of lost and not at peace with myself… I lose a lot of confidence and allowed myself to maintain my highest weight ever and a gloomy attitude. I suppose.. that a lot of this had to do as well, with depending completely on Ryohei and his job.

Not saying that me working will make us rich by any means as Sakura’s daycare fees and money towards my classes will probably limit my savings to very very little of my actual salary. But this is all for a good cause…

The tone of my blog will probably be changing quite a bit as I change from sahm to full-time wohm/part-time grad student but I hope that you guys will stick with me (even if its boring)

Thanks to everyone who has given me support over the past couple months of my job search, I really appreciate it ❤


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lots of positives – and lots to keep you busy and occupied for the foreseeable future. Your weight loss is going great. Don’t buy many new clothes at all – you’ll be off loading them in no time 😀

Hey Sarah, while you’re applying to grad school you might check out SIT, the School for International Training, they offer a Master’s in International Education which is specifically designed for people who want to get into the field of study abroad programs.

It is great that you’re feeling back on track, I hope things continue looking up for you!

Yay! It’s so nice to hear you sounding so positive and full of life again!! It sounds like this new direction your life has taken is exactly what you needed 🙂

Congrats on the weight loss!! You are inspiring me to get off my butt and start exercising again. I already plan on buying the shred once I get back to Japan.

Congrats on the job! That’s wonderful news! Also glad you’re back in the ‘open’. I was missing your posts.

Totally get where you coming from on relying on another person. I’m going back to grad school next months and quit my job last months. Basically now I’m living off my bf and dad again (ok, for now of my own savings, but they won’t last long). It was all planned some time ago and everyone is fine with the arrangement. But I still feel like a bloodsucker. Not the best feeling in the world. Hopefully it’s only for a year. Now just trying to stay in the house in order not to spend any money.

Great that you are feeling back in control and have a path to go down. Good luck with the daycare and the new job!

Hi.. I’m finally delurking because I wanted to say congrats!!! 🙂

I’m finishing my masters next March and also work at a university in Tokyo doing something similar to what you want to do!!! If you have any questions/wanna talk about it, just let me know!

Congrats on getting the job Sarah! It is great that you will be working in the field you want to continue in and also great that it will help you put money towards the further study you wish to do!

Lots of the American sites ship overseas now for clothes too- Let the shopping begin! If you buy stretchy stuff then it will still fit when you lose more weight too. I really have to go through my wardrobe and sort stuff out- usually things I am getting rid of though are too small for me or i am chucking or just over them- Cat usually goes through my wardrobe and drawers when she is hear and asks me if I want certain stuff anymore. LOL! If I find anything when I do the clean out that might fit you that is “workish” I will let you know.

Also what size shoe are you in Japan? (or Aust! haha) I might have a couple of pairs that are too big for me now that might be okay for work! I also have a fantastic pair of work style crocs (DON`T LAUGH!) that are super comfty even if I wear them all day!!! Not sure if you can get them in bigger sizes in Japan but I have definitely seen Japanese women with similar ones!

Gotta go, baby is trying to escape onto the veranda though the glass doors and therefore banging his head against it (yeah, he gets his brains from Shun, obviously!)

You sound so upbeat which makes me very happy. After loafing around for the Summer I’m back in the work-saddle and it feels like a good fit 🙂 Not sure that I had enough to keep myself busy (or just lazy unless being pushed i guess) to warrant my unemployment. BUT that being said the holiday was well needed and I’m looking forward to some beautiful Autumn days filled with huge coffees and good conversations 🙂

Hang tight on buying the clothes and buy accessories! 🙂

Glad you’ve got your groove back and looking forward to hearing more Xx

Very exciting news about the job. It will be like a breath of fresh air and while it is hard being a full-time working mother I think you are like me in that the plusses will outweigh the minuses as I felt like my brain was dying when I was at home with Joey full-time. I did love the time we had together but we are both much happier now I work full-time! Some people are lucky enough to be relish the SAHM life and I am kind of jealous of them but the best thing about being a woman these days is that you do have the choices! 🙂

Anyway, I digress. Getting everything ready for work (clothes etc.) must be a nightmare without access to shops that fit properly but I just wanted to say that GW is right, don’t buy too many things as you will probably find yourself losing even more weight when you are running around alot.

All very exciting though, can’t wait to hear how things go with the new job!

Hi, I’m also a bit of a lurker. I started following your blog after gaijin wife’s posts about “Nigata Ninpu”!!

For your shoes, if you stuff them with wet newspaper and leave them overnight they should stretch out. The paper should expand as it dries and stretch the shoes. Alternatively have you thought of taking them to a shoe repair place? If they’re leather I think they should be able to stretch them for you.

The best of luck with the new job. It’s always so exciting to be starting something new but so nerve-racking at the same time. I’m sure it will go great for you! Ganbatte!

Ruth (aka European Stylist from Gaijin Wife’s Blog!)

Just wanted to stop in and say congratulations for settling in happily and not giving up. It gives me motivation to keep on going myself. Much luck to you!

Yay! It’s great to feel back in the groove, isn’t it? I really think you’ll be hitting your stride over the next few months, starting with this new job opportunity. As Sakura gets older, more independent, more capable, and especially starts sleeping more, you’ll find yourself being like, “Ahhh, life can be normal!” 😀

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