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Crash Bang Boom

Posted on: September 7, 2010

Tomorrow starts a brand new chapter in our life.

I will be taking Sakura to kindy to start half-days for the rest of the week and next Monday, and from next Tuesday she will be going full-time. Tomorrow she’ll only be there for 2 hours so I’m planing to just drop her off and hit Starbucks with a book until the time is up – but from Thurs she’ll be in for 4 hours, then 6 hours… Its good I guess because I have to get a medical check-up for work one of those days – but I’m a bit sad we can’t spend my last non-working week together, but the head teacher said since she’s never been in kindy before its best to work up to fulldays.

I doubt tomorrow will be too bad for her, or even the four hours.. but I think Friday when shes had both lunch and nap at kindy, she might be a bit out of sorts 😦

Oh – in other news. Our stroller completely kicked the bucket (the one I got from Sassymoo which I loved!) Went to see some lovely ladies in Shibuya and carrying Sakura in the stroller down to the Shibuya Hachiko exit, there was a loud crack and pretty much one of the support bars snapped in half…

Thankfully I was able to find a place that sold similar strollers rush delivery, and we should be getting a new one tmw afternoon in the post. I can take Sakura to kindy tomorrow in the Ergo, but the back carry is such a pain to do on your own and the temps of 36 C plus don’t make for fun having a 10kg heater strapped to your back.

I have been keeping up with the Shred but just barely.. I’m starting to get to the “lazy” stage and trying to find reasons to put it off… but I still managed to do it today. I need to makes sure and keep it up for the next week… once I start working I’m not sure if/when/how often I will manage it as my options are either very early in the morning or before bed. We will see… I’m about halfway though now so I really want to try and at least finish the challenge and then maybe try to do it 3-4 days a week depending on the energy level I have after work.

I REALLY want to buy new smaller size clothes in America for Christmas so I just have to keep up the “healthy” eating and working out. Ryohei and I also have been walking for 30+ minutes at night so I hope that counts for something.

Anyways tomorrow is going to be an early morning… best get some sleep while I can!


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Hope it all goes OK. I’m sure it will. After it’s over there’ll never be that ‘first day’ again – and the bad mummy feeling gets less and less until you are waking up earlier and earlier wondering just how early you can get away with dropping them off πŸ˜€ shit, that’s probably just me.

The most important thing is to enjoy the free not working yet, not looking after Sakura few hours that you have until you start on the 15th. precious precious time.


I hope Sakura settles into kindy quickly and easily for you. I am sure she will have no problems though – the little socialite that she is πŸ˜›

As GW said, enjoy the last few non working days you have by relaxing as much as possible.

Yep, try and look on the bright side — you finally get a bit of “me” time, even if it is only for a week or so. It sounds like transitioning into full days at the kindy will be easier on her so that at least she’s familiar with the place and the people before all of a sudden she has to spend the whole day there.

Our umbrella stroller died while were away on our trip and I feel you about the ergo. I actually can’t do the back carry by myself, maybe I’m just a dolt, haha. I can manage the front carry but it is soooo hot, like you said. I really want a double stroller but wondering if I can justify the expense when DS will probably only really be able to use a stroller for another year or so.

Good luck tomorrow, I hope Sakura has a great day (and you too, of course!).

Having worked at daycares before I can tell you that 99 times out of a hundred it is MUCH harder on the parent than it is on the kid! Even if the kids cry when the parent leaves, or seem upset at the end of the day, they invariably spend their day playing happily!

Here’s to hoping you both do well with the new job!!

how did it go?? Hope it went swimmingly and it’s a smooth transition for you both. Oh and it’s probably horribly calorific but try the creme brulee cappucino. Yummmmmm

I agree with Sarah, in that it’s much harder for Mum. It’s also good to be prepared for regression. Just when you think she’s settled, she’ll realise it’s a permanent change and possibly cry again when you leave her. Luka hated it, but he’s loving the temporary Hoikuen where he goes with Hannah once a week. I hear you on the exercise too. So much harder when you are working full time, but stick with it! Working will burn more calories too unless you snack at your desk XD

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