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Back in the game

Posted on: September 15, 2010

I had my first day at work today. I’m REALLY tired (and it’s only 8pm!) but I thought that some of you guys would be interested in how things went.

Sakura gave us a wake up call at 6:45 (yay…) but that was for the best because I ended up taking a shower and doing my hair and make up which took longer than I thought. We were out the door before 8 and I ended up at my office about 10 minutes early. Looks like early mornings are here to stay…

As I said before, I work in a Japanese University as one of their English language program assistants. There is one other lady who is my “supervisor”/partner. She joined about a year ago – she’s nice and listened to all my questions. Actually everyone in my office seems pretty relaxed/nice. A few of them speak a bit of English (more so than the people in my last workplace) so occasionally they will speak with me that way – which can be a nice break from a workday entirely in Japanese.

I already had a couple of assignments to complete… simple translation and some native checking. Tomorrow we will start working with the students. To be honest I’m not sure really want to expect, but so far it seems like a pretty good work environment. I think I’ll probably gain a lot of good experience as well.

The only thing that was hard was remembering and missing Sakura throughout the day. I still miss her a lot, but apparently she had a better day at kindy today. However, I picked her up at 6 and she was in bed by 8… so my time with my little girl is much much less than before. I’m trying to make every minute of it count but its hard since theres dinner to made and baths to be taken etc etc.

Besides Sakura though, it was nice to be back at work. To feel like I was being productive again… it was probably a good move for me to get back into the workforce AND apparently I may even have international business trips (mainly to Asia) for 3-4 days next year. They have “seminars” on the program in countries like Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, and China… so its possible they will have me go along instead of hiring a translator… crazy huh?

Anyways… I am waiting to hear back if I’ve been accepted into my Masters Program. Hoping sometime before the end of the month I will find out… its only been a day but I definitely think that working at a University is a career I’m well suited towards. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed and the people are friendly. (at least at this position)

I’m sure that I’ll have more to say as I continue working, but for now I’m 75% happy with my choice.. the other 25% being guilt and sadness about Sakura being in kindy… maybe that will slowly go away tho… we will see.



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Congrats on the first, wonderful sounding, day at work!

3/4 happy with your decision is great for your first day! 🙂 The new job sounds great and hey, possible business trips to … China! Yay!

I am interested in hearing how things went for sure.

Sounds as if the atmosphere is really good which I think is a great thing- I have worked in places in Japan where the atmosphere was a bit too stuffy or a bit too much but sounds as if your new work place has a nice balance.

Hope things go well today when you start working with the students. I am sure this job will suit you Sarah, best of luck with it all!

Business trips would also be very cool- I am happy to come in your luggage. If I am still breastfeeding #2 you might need a BIG suitcase to fit us both!

Glad it went well!

Congratulations – sounds like a fantastic first day 😀

Yay, sounds like a perfect day for the start of the new chapter you are starting in your life!! I hope today and every day from now on is happy, satisfying and challenging 🙂

I remember quitting a job that i had only just got once because i wouldn’t have been able to attend Lachlan’s sports day 😦 such a silly silly reason, but I am one of those “type” parents. The guilt of not being with your kids didn’t go away for me, hence why i don’t seem to be able to hold onto a job to long. The hours just never seem to suit me. Good luck with it all

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