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Posted on: September 26, 2010

Just got back from 4 days, 3 nights with Gaijin Wife and co in Kyushu!!!

Wow that trip went by super super fast….

Here are some pictures from the trip!!

Using the awesome double buggy as a “wagon of love” for Sakura and R-kun!

Enjoying the famous “sand bath” in Beppu!!! It was nice for the first 15mins but the last 5 were HELL.. I was dying to get out….

Book club with M-chan and R-kun!

Showing Gigi the cat a rare moment of affection……

Sakura happily allowing herself to be fed by Illahee’s S-chan and T-kun when they came all the way out 3 hours to visit for the afternoon!

Milk date!

Sakura walking around like some sort of 1 year old yankee child at the airport before we left!

We had a great time filled with LOTS and LOTS of action. Let me say that if you read GW’s blog it is ALL TRUE! hahah… And GW is awesome and full of genki despite running a very very busy household. The “Dads” agreed to watch the 4 kids for us last night so went to a ghetto inaka karaoke box and had beer/chu-his and even got buzzed enough to pull out a random selection of j-pop to classic 80s to britney spears music… thank god no videos from that.

Also wanted to thank Illahee for making it all the way out with her three kids – it was great to meet her!!

I really really enjoyed my first trip to kyushu… I hope one day I will be able to make it back again.

PS I’m leaving out a lot of details as I’m sure GW will be able to tell the stories of our trip in a much more interesting way… oh and yes there was a spider (500 yen sized) incident last night however I am absolutely sure it will not result in another baby… hahahaha I may have been put off giving Sakura a little brother or sister forever 😉

hehe… thanks again GW I hope that you enjoyed the time as much as we did!!!!! ganbare!~~~~


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Great photos!

Seems as if everyone had a great time- I would love to visit Kyuushu sometime. I have only ever been to Okinawa but not the mainland in Kyuushu.

The photos of Ryu and Sakura are so cute!

it was lovely meeting you all, too!

We had a great time! I imagine the time here would have been good enough birth control for the next while. I tried to convince the ‘ninja’ and then the ‘fireman’ that 5am wasn’t a good start to my day this morning. He called me a baka about ten times, got his mouth rinsed, nutted out and then demanded ‘Sakura’s papa’. i had to bribe him with a Tokyo banana to get anything done 😀

How fun! Isn’t Beppu a cool city? It reminded me of San Diego somehow, with the palm trees and being right on the coast. Or maybe it’s just because I visited there in the coldest part of winter and it was actually semi-WARM, so I was like, “Ahhh! Feels like home!”

Looks like Sakura had a blast!

It sounds like you guys had a blast and looks like Sakura really enjoyed hanging out with all the kids. Great pictures!

Sympathies about the spider incident though, ick!

So jealous – by the sounds of it you all had a wonderful time!! The sand bath sounds interesting, not sure if I would want to try it though. I don’t cope very well with hot places that I can’t escape from 😛

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