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Had a fairly fast week. Was nicely broken up because of the holiday we had on Thursday. I had a GREAT day visiting with Lulu and Nay and another friend of ours who doesn’t blog. Its been such a long time since I just “hung out” with a few friends at once. I love getting together with Lulu and Nay since they are my oldest blogging friends – we have the most random conversations. Definitely funny that when we first met we were all still unmarried and no kids, and now Lulu’s #2 is on the way. Time goes by so fast….

I had my first advising session with my graduate school councilor on Friday late at night. (Time difference = very sleep Sarah) She went over the classes and schedule with me and I’ve registered for my first two classes which will start in early January. I’ll also be taking 2 classes over the summer as well. I can’t wait to get started with the classes, its going to be a challenge (and fun) to be studying again. The last time I studied formally was 5 years ago in uni, and the least time I cracked a book was when I was studying for JLPT 1-kyuu 3 years ago.. ha ha ha.

Tomorrow we are going to the base to visit Bryn and fam!!! We are going to have the “famous brunch” so it should be exciting!! I think Sakura will really enjoy seeing Bryn’s kids too 🙂

The weekends go by so fast, but next week will hopefully be quick too. We are going back to Niigata to see Ryohei’s family and also check out the famous fall leaves by his grandma’s house. We went last year with Sakura when she was only 3 months so should be interesting to go this year while she’s 15. Maybe we’ll try and make it a yearly tradition 🙂 Although the way things are playing out we probably won’t be here by Fall 2012… Thats for another post tho – I’ve def. had some frustration with Japan lately, but again I’ll save it for another day.

mata ne~


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Because its 2:30am and this will probably be the only time I get this weekend to write.


– Graduate school application is complete and on its way to review. I think I’ve met and in most cases exceeded the requirements so fingers crossed things will go without a hitch and I’ll be signing entrance papers by the end of the month.

– Had my first “Drinking Party” in ages with coworkers. VERY fun. Tried to get through all 12 varieties of umeshu… managed through 6… no hangover. Good enough.

– Getting to see Lulu and Nay next week!

– Getting to see Khea and get false eyelash tips Sunday!

– Invitation to “amazing” brunch on the Air Force Base by Bryn!

– Doing make-up and wearing at least one accesory to work this week.

– In general, enjoying work.



– Crap morning and evening Tokyo commute. No Salaryman I don’t want to smell all beer and shochu you drank last night.

– Have to work on Monday (national holiday, but not at work ;_;)

– Time with Sakura is pretty much.. 3 hours a day 😦

– Sakura is replacing a lot of her English words with Japanese (not really BAD per say, but frustrating for me)

– Sakura is going through a major Daddy phase, so I’m feeling left out.

– Diet is not going anywhere… sigh


Thats it!

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