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This Week~

Posted on: October 23, 2010

Had a fairly fast week. Was nicely broken up because of the holiday we had on Thursday. I had a GREAT day visiting with Lulu and Nay and another friend of ours who doesn’t blog. Its been such a long time since I just “hung out” with a few friends at once. I love getting together with Lulu and Nay since they are my oldest blogging friends – we have the most random conversations. Definitely funny that when we first met we were all still unmarried and no kids, and now Lulu’s #2 is on the way. Time goes by so fast….

I had my first advising session with my graduate school councilor on Friday late at night. (Time difference = very sleep Sarah) She went over the classes and schedule with me and I’ve registered for my first two classes which will start in early January. I’ll also be taking 2 classes over the summer as well. I can’t wait to get started with the classes, its going to be a challenge (and fun) to be studying again. The last time I studied formally was 5 years ago in uni, and the least time I cracked a book was when I was studying for JLPT 1-kyuu 3 years ago.. ha ha ha.

Tomorrow we are going to the base to visit Bryn and fam!!! We are going to have the “famous brunch” so it should be exciting!! I think Sakura will really enjoy seeing Bryn’s kids too πŸ™‚

The weekends go by so fast, but next week will hopefully be quick too. We are going back to Niigata to see Ryohei’s family and also check out the famous fall leaves by his grandma’s house. We went last year with Sakura when she was only 3 months so should be interesting to go this year while she’s 15. Maybe we’ll try and make it a yearly tradition πŸ™‚ Although the way things are playing out we probably won’t be here by Fall 2012… Thats for another post tho – I’ve def. had some frustration with Japan lately, but again I’ll save it for another day.

mata ne~


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Sounds like a great week and you will have a BALL tomorrow! The trip to Niigata sounds great too. Which route do you take? The one that goes through Nagano by any chance? I’m all excited from afar over your course. You sound so up about it all- go you! Here’s to good times to come!

i wish we took the one through nagano 😦 we go up that way through the takasaki area but then split off to niigata~~~

don’t worry itsuka mata aeru yo~~~

It was so great seeing you on Thursday!! I have missed you and Sakura so much!! Leilah is always in bed by 8pm so if you are free at night maybe we can skype occasionally?

Hope you had a wonderful time with Bryn and Co πŸ™‚

thanks we had a great time!
i would love to skype after 8 sometime. too bad i didn’t know you were on your own this evening until now. that would have been a good time to talk πŸ™‚

Wnen you start working full-time,the weekends fly past so quickly.It’s like being back at school when Friday afternoon is time for celebrating and Sunday night,full of gloom.National holidays are your new best friends as well;)

Oh well,we are already nearly halfway through this week and a nice day off next Wednesday to look forward to:)

Marianne is so right about the weekends. I spend Sundays filled with a sense of impending doom, lol.

Hope you’re having a good week Sarah!

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