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Do I blog anymore?

Posted on: November 5, 2010

No not really… its not that I don’t have the desire too.. I just have nothing to really write about besides working. That and most of my “free” time now is spent either with Sakura before she goes to bed and doing chores/spending time with Ryohei afterwards.

We are all still alive and well though! I took the morning off today because Sakura had diarrea 3 times this morning and I decided to take her to the doctors. However Ryohei will be on Mr. Mom duty tonight since I have a nomikai with some of my coworkers tonight – yay! Finally some nomikai action for me after years of none πŸ˜›

Also just about over a month and a half until we go back to the states for Christmas – yay!!

Anyways just wanted to say we are all alive and well – things are good πŸ™‚


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Hi Sara – I do follow your blog and I think I’ve left comments before, but not sure!

I’m really interested in your school process! I’m not in the cool club so I don’t have password access, so I’m not sure if you’ve written about it in detail before. But I also want to go back to school and am thinking of ideas of what to do without wholesale just moving to California. So, if you don’t mind…

What school are you going to? The name isn’t necessary, but is it a J-uni or an American one? Where is it? Are you doing stuff online? How was the application process if you’re doing distance classes?

I’m taking a few classes right now in Tokyo but would like to start working on an MA. Just interested in hearing your experiences. Thank you and good luck with juggling school, work, and mama stuff!

Hey I haven’t gone into too much detail on my schooling yet =)
I’ll be starting classes through a public university in America that just happens to have a fully online version of their on-campus program.

I won’t be starting classes until January so I’m afraid I’m not 100% clear of what the formats will be like.. I’ve been told it differs be teacher but can include narrated powerpoint presentations, videos of lectures, independing reading, and more πŸ™‚

I just applied normally through the website and checked that I wanted the distance option. I had my undergrad school sent them a transcript and emailed them my recommendation letters and “essay/reasons interested in the program.”

awwwwwwww, I MISS YOU!!! We need to skype one of these days – maybe next week sometime before I go back to Australia?!

sounds good!
i’ll email your phone with the days im free and hopefully we can make something work πŸ™‚

Good to hear an update from u and glad everything is going well. I have been wondering how you are doing and missed reading/hearing your news! If you are ever free for a coffee catch on weekends, let me know! Would love to catch up!!!

i would love too! esp. since i need to give your suit back to you too haha.

a weekend day would be good! maybe the last weekend of the month one day?

I’m getting the same way with my blog too. I can’t remember the last time I posted on it. Must be another motivation-drop! Lol.

Or there just hasn’t been anything interesting going on with me lately. T__T;;

Good to know you’re still alive and well. πŸ™‚ Yay U.S. trip for Christmas! It’s pretty much the most Christmas-y place to be during the holidays. Lol. And that’s awesome about gettin’ some nomikai-action! I’m kind of jealous.

Aww yah when we move back to the states i will miss nomikais with (fun) co-workers.
At my last job everyone was a lot older so it wasn’t as fun but theres a lot of people at my new job who are mid 20s -mid 30s so they are really cool to hang out with πŸ™‚

I haven’t blogged since September, so …. !

Glad things are going well, I understand totally being busy and blogging taking a back burner. And yay for a Nomikai for mama too!

you should blog more!!! but yah i know you are busy πŸ™‚

hope things are going well for you too

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