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Long time no see.

Happy New Year all!
Its been… oh… a long time since I last wrote. I really need to start updating again, although this is going to be a very busy year for me.

We went back to America for Christmas and came back on New Years Day which was quite an experience in itself. The flight over was “ok” since it was a night flight at Sakura slept in 2 hour or so spurts for most of the flight. The way BACK to Japan was another story. She was awake for 9 of the 10.5 hours (she FINALLY exhausted herself the last hour or so) so I felt like a zombie for the first couple days back. PLUS the day after we got back I got food poisoning from our lunch and spend the whole evening in the bathroom in misery.

Not the best start to 2011, but that’s ok. I am finally back at work today where things are pretty slow, but they will start to get busy as the admission period commences starting towards the middle of February. I am also starting the first classes towards my masters next week. I’m a bit worried how online/independent studying is going to go – but I am going to give it my best. I think between doing assignments and the busy period at work (Feb – April) I am going to be somewhat overwhelmed, but once summer rolls around I should be less busy again and at least the classes I am taking now are introductory ones and therefore (hopefully) not too hard.

America was nice. I missed it, a lot. It always takes me 2-3 days to adjust back but by the end of our about 2 weeks there my Japanese had already become crap! I couldn’t believe how quickly it goes away if you don’t use it. But it was nice to be back home. 2012 will definitely be the year I (and Sakura) return to the states for good? Hopefully I will be able to find a job in the San Diego/Orange Country area so that I am close enough to family to get some help while I am on my own. (gulp)

Sakura is so big now! And speaking so much… being in the all English environment only for 10 days improved her speaking so much. She can now sing songs and she must have learned at least 15-20 new words while we were there. I’d say her vocabulary of combined English and Japanese words must be over 50 by this point. She’s definitely very vocal and able to communicate basic needs. She’s also starting to get into the tantrum stage… VERY stubborn and VERY “my way or the highway.” She is more than happy to prostrate herself on the ground to throw a fit. (sigh) We are trying to ignore her when she does this but its hard with all the evil eyes and “kawaisou” comments that get thrown at us.

Anyways I guess that’s most of my update! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season!!