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As most of us know, there was a huge earthquake followed by tsunami that mauled northern Japan last week. Watching the wreckage and death/missing numbers on tv has been heartbreaking.

There have also been concerns about a nuclear power plant apprx. 150 miles away from where we live in Fukushima.

After a REALLY hard decision process, I’ve decided to take Sakura to stay with my mom and step-dad in California for the next two weeks. Even though the radiation is minimal, she is only 1 and I don’t want her to be in a dangerous (although controlled at the moment) situation. I can only get a week of work, which was pulling teeth as it was, so I will go with her for a week to help her get situated and then will come back on my own 😦

She will stay with my mom until golden week in late April (about a month) until I get another week off work where I am planning to bring her back to Tokyo.

I don’t think its hit me that I won’t be seeing my little girl for about a month, but I think with the situation considered, it probably won’t be a decision I regret. Even if there is nothing to be alarmed about she’ll get to spend some quality time with my family and definitely improve her English before going back into Japanese daycare.

Anyways.. that is what is going on.
Now we just have to survive the flight…. NOT going to be fun I imagine.


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