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Today Sakura is 3 months old!! She officially graduates from being a newborn into an infant! Woo hoo – we made it!! On latest check she is about 5.8kg and 62(!)cm and is a fairly long and skinny baby! She still has those long legs that Dr. Awful kept telling me about when she was on the inside. Her neck is really stable now – about 90% I think in about 2-3 weeks she’ll have pretty much full control of it.

She still babbles a lot and “complains” and chats its very cute!! She doesn’t really like to be held unless its Mom or Dad and she doesn’t really like us doing it that much. She would rather lie there and stare up at you… so she’s not a super cuddly baby although shes very cute! She also still craves stuff going on around her and loves to go out in the stroller or sling. She actually fell asleep in the stroller today and its to big to get into the genkan of our house so I just let her sleep in it out there next to the back sliding door…it was a nice day and I was less than a meter away from her so I figured it was ok and she had a longer nap than if I had tried to take her inside! Actually she missed her afternoon nap yesterday and it was like WW3 had started so she really needs to get in at least 3 or 4 a day. She sleeps quite a bit… if she goes for about 2 hours without a nap she is so cranky.

I got another plugged duct and experience horrible boobie pain again. I thought that after my milk supply had regulated I wouldn’t have anymore issues but the last 2 days I had a nasty hard breast and pain 😦 Seems to have taken care of itself though as things feel better now.

We had Sakura’s Omiyamaeri last weekend with her grandparents! Heres a sample picture for all those not on facebook!



In other news – its Ryohei and my 3rd Anniversary as a couple! He’s not going to be around tonight because he has a drinking party… great timing, eh? But thats ok since I knew in advance and with the baby and no babysitters near by its not like we can really do anything right now.. maybe next year.


I guess thats it for now!


2 years

Posted on: October 12, 2009

It has been two years since I started blogging!! Wow I can’t believe it.. its been a long time coming and my life is SO different than it was 2 years ago when I had just started my job in Kobe. Ryohei was still in Tokyo working and we were doing long distance – obviously no existance of Sakura… I had NO idea that 2 years from then I would be married (ok sort of thought that), with a baby, and in Niigata! It should be interesting to see what the next two years bring 😀

Just got back from the inlaws which was interesting… I’ll get on writing it tommorrow. Just wanted to celebrate this important day!

Today Ryohei and I went on a date for our 2 year Anniversary to Kobe’s Nunobiki Herb Garden! It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it as a datespot/day trip for anyone in the area!

I actually got to take off a day of work and got free entry/discounts on food since I am worker for the city. It was such a good deal! (And it was nice to take off a Wednesday!)

We slept in and left the house around 11:30pm it only took about 30 minutes by train to get to Shinkobe Station where the cable cars to go the park take off. We rode a 10 minute cable car with an awesome view of Kobe! When we first got there I wanted to go shopping at the gift shop but Ryohei INISTED we had to eat because he was starving. So we went to the special Herb Garden Buffet. It was absolutely delicious. All fresh vegetables and meats flavored with herbs freshly picked from the garden. They even had herb sherbert!! I like the lavender and rose hips one while Ryohei liked the basil and lemongrass ones!! There was also a wonder kabocha with cinnamon and parsley which I will try to create (most likely unsuccessfully) at home later on.

After stuffing ourselves with good for you and yummy food, we went to the gift shop to do a little shopping. I really wanted to buy some potted herbs to take home with me, but we don’t get a lot of light in the apartment and winter is coming up, so we’ve decided to wait until we get settled in Niigata. I am looking forward to having a few pots of basil, rosemary, thyme, fennel, sage etc for cooking in the future!

We end up getting yummy smelling stuff. I got a small pot of jasmine perfume. It smells just like blooming night Jasmine and I love it! Ryohei was obbsessed with everything yuzu and got a citrusy hand lotion.

After that we walked around the herb garden and took our time checking out all the herbs and just enjoying the beautiful day. Since it was a weekday there weren’t many people there which was really nice. Just a few older folks and one or two young couples with kids.

We then went to a spice grinding exhibit – it was really fun! I really want to get a mortar and pestal and ground some of my own spices. It will give me something to do on the cold days of winter in Niigata (lol)

Even though we had only eaten a few hours earlier we stumbled upon a small cafe – with scones!!! And cheap too! We got a plate with two small sized scones with berry jam and cream for only 300 yen. After reading all of Gaijin Wife’s posts about scones I had been craving them and we decided to split it! It was Ryohei’s first time to try them but it seems that he enjoyed them too so hopefully when we get our oven I will make some and we will have a proper tea time!

After our short break we strolled around some more and found a grassy knoll to sit on. And it was the first time in so long… it made me feel really nostalgic for my days as a kid growing up and going to parks back home. It was really beautiful though.

Anyways it was a really nice date! I’d love to go back again some time!
Of course I took pictures!

If you are interested here is my album from facebook – its public access so just click on the link and check it out!!


Relationships interest me. I think that I am insatiably curious about people and how they work – it would explain the degree in psychology which currently has no other use except to buffer my resume.

Anyways, I’m veering off… usually when I feel comfortable enough with a friend to ask a semi-personal question I will ask how they met their partner. I think I’ve written in this blog about how I met Ryohei, but I’m not sure if I talked about the connection that we had right off the bat, if that makes any sense. I’m glad that we did though, because maybe the day after I met him, I recognized he was going to be an important person in my life (although just HOW important I may not have realized at the time) and I replayed that meeting him with him over enough times that despite the passing time I have some pretty clear memories of it.

I met him at a time in a life when I was quite… free… I suppose you could say. Before coming to Japan I had just gotten out of a long and complicated on and off relationship, and let me say that releasing me in that state on the unsuspecting young men of Japan may have not been such a great idea. (lol) I think at one point before I met Ryohei I had lined up dates with 5 or 6 guys in as many days. Not that they were “dates” just going out with various guys I had met at clubs or sitting next to my table at a café, or on the street… (ahem) Anyways, all of these guys were disappointing in one way or another. Although most were cute and some were fun to talk to, none of them really left me with much of an impression and I don’t think I saw most of them more than once. But to be honest, I don’t think I was particularly looking for a serious relationship (and none of them got past 1st base btw) so when I met Ryohei (friend of a friend) I wasn’t really expecting anything to be different.

But of course, it was. It wasn’t that it was instant fireworks the moment that we saw each other. I was in my suit since it had been culture festival day at my school (I was working as a teacher then) and not presentable and he was hung over from a night out of drinking before. We had emailed before we met, but there was no flirting or anything, pretty much just I’m meeting up with some friends want to come?

So we ended up going to the little okonomiyaki restaurant near my house. (I had been the one who invited him when a guy I seriously had been lusting after cancelled on me last minute) It was four of us, my other American friend and a mutual Japanese friend of ours. He vaguely knew OF me from our mutual friend, but we hadn’t met before and he hadn’t met the two other girls. BUT in true Ryohei form he was friendly, polite (he offered my friend his jacket when she was cold) and he made me laugh. He lived over an hour from me and I remember trying to think of ways to make him miss the last try home so that he wouldn’t have to leave so soon. And we ended up going to karaoke with… this random (loud) guy.. and then somewhere it came down to the three of us (me, random man, and Ryohei) all spending the night at my friends house – she lived about 2 mins from me but my place was an absolute mess and there was no way I would have boys come over. (one of the reasons some of the previous guys were stalled at first – lol)

But I was still in my damned suit, so I ran home for a quick shower first and when I had changed into my pajamas and brought a blanket with me to her house she was siddled up next to Ryohei on the couch and I felt jealousy twinges. I was absolutely not interested in the other guy, and neither was she so he ended up realizing there wasn’t any play going for him and fell asleep on the floor while Ryohei sat sandwiched between my friend and I on the couch while we put on some movie… I think he was totally freaked out because he had his hands in lap and was barely moving lol. I guess I can’t blame him – we were speaking all English and she obviously was slightly interested in him and… I, well I just fought the urge to put my head on the shoulder of a guy I just barely met (I’m not very touchy with people I don’t know (when sober) so this should have been my first sign, d’oh!).

Finally – the movie ended and she went to bed in her room, leaving Ryohei and I alone in the living room (with sleeping random guy). Obviously, nothing happened. We went to the separate couches and said good night. Poor Ryohei had some commitment the next morning so he had to leave super early and I of course would sleep through everything. He also tells me now that when he said good night to me he really wanted to give me a kiss on the forehead. (aww) I had wanted to kiss him too… but it just seemed too sudden and too soon.

The next day, I went back to my usual business… I had a “double date” that night with the friend from the night before and we ended up in a private karaoke box liquored up and playing the “Ousama (King) Game” – where you pretty much can make anyone do anything with the other players, with two very tall, attractive men. So there was a lot of… “action” going on, but the whole time I was thinking that I had been happier last night with average looking, average sized nice guy Ryohei. So after taking the last train home, I drunk mailed him with “I’m drunk” (sigh- not one of my prouder moments) Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve drunk mailed guys before, but usually it just ended with a mail back usually with the kind of context that I would not write on here and that usually got a big ignore from me. I am/was not an (ahem) seeking physical gratification girl as much as a seeking emotional gratification one.

Anyways I figured that Ryohei would send the same type of mail and I’d see him for his “true colors” and wash my hands of it. I was incredibly surprised to hear my phone ring instead. He actually called me because he was so concerned. And we talked for at least 2 hours that night… and the next and the next and so on. We had agreed to meet up the next Saturday in Osaka to eat dinner but then slowly with each phone call it grew into an all day date at the Osaka Aquarium which then led to an all night of dancing/ him worrying about me and renting an all night karaoke booth just so that I could sleep off my alcoholic haze to a morning of him taking me (very hungover) the 2 hours back from Southern Osaka to my apartment on the first train of the day.

Through the hazy memories of that morning, I realized how happy and lucky I was to have him there with me. From that day forward, I don’t think there has been a day that has passed when we haven’t had some sort communication with each other. Even when we found out less than 6 weeks after we started dating that he would go to Tokyo, we still kept up our relationship. After me swearing up and down before I would never ever do LD again. And then when his job in Tokyo was hell on earth, he listened to me and bit down the last fragments of his Japanese man pride and quit his company to come and live with me and study for the komuin exams…

And now he’s landed his dream job despite the doubts of his parents, friends, and ex-coworkers, and he’s landed me – the demanding but hopefully amusing American girl that gives him crap about stupid things but is excited as a puppy whenever he comes home from work at night.

So many of my friends tell me that I’ve got a great catch and I believe them. Yah, there are days when I would like to have him sleeping on the couch… or maybe even the street… but the days where he makes me smile and laugh outnumber them so much more. I try not to think too hard of the future, I know that our relationship is still young and despite some trials we’ve passed already there will probably be even more to navigate in the future. But, I think we bring out the best in each other and he is my family. The best one I’ve got.

(I want this feeling to be written down and out there for the days when I wonder why the heck I got myself into this kokusai kekkon business in the first place.)

Happy Anniversary to us.

Which obviously I remembered from the song in RENT!
Today marks a year since I started my blog! Wow!! I can’t believe its been a year and nearly 100 posts!

I’m pretty proud of myself as I am a notoriously lazy blogger and I would have to say I’ve been able to keep up most in part thanks to all the wonderful ladies you can see listed to the right of this blog. Reading your blogs and writing in my own blog this last year has been a really wonderful experience and a necessary one I think for keeping my sanity through somewhat crazy times that living as an expat brings.

A lot has happened in a year… Ryohei and I moved in together, got married, and have now made steps to our next stage in life. He’s found a stable job and we are thinking about starting a family in the next year. I’m looking forward to seeing how much happens in the next year.

Tomorrow I will be headed to see Nay in Shizuoka!! I will of course be bringing my camera and plan to take many pictures!

I’m also hoping I’ll hear back on the novel translation… its been 2 weeks now… so I’m starting to think its bad news.. but the project has been released to the public so if I get it, I’ll be able to talk about the name and publisher on my blog!

Posted on: January 30, 2008

Just a quick pic to celebrate our 1x month anniversary ;P 


So I am back from my weekend in Tokyo!

I flew back from Haneda to Kobe this morning with the plan of going into work for a halfday, but I was just so exhausted that I decided to take the whole day off and rest. We had a pretty busy weekend and I have an interpretation event tommorrow so I didn’t want to burn out before then.

So this weekend was Ryohei and my 1st anniversary! I arrived in Tokyo by bus late Friday night. I take the bus from Osaka to Tokyo and its about 8 and a half hours which is soooo long. Espicially if I can’t sleep. I had Nanny Diaries to read, which I finished in about 3 hours so the other 5 I was just sitting their getting all crotchity. And also Ryohei and a nomikai that night so he couldnt come to the station and pick me up but he told me to email him when I got there. Which I did.. 5 times.. no answer. So at this point I am tired and cranky and I was about to say I’ll just meet you at your house.. (angry face) but then he came up behind me at the platform near Shinjuku and suprised me. Needless to say, Friday was just a crash exhausted night for both of us.


Saturday, Typhoon 20 decided to grace the Kanto area of Japan with its presence. Despite the fact that I would have been perfectly happy to stay indoors all day, Ryohei and I had decided long ago to buy one of those nice, 3500 yen cakes to celebrate our anniversary so off to Shinjuku we went in the middle of the typhoon (or it seemed like it to me). We were both soaking wet and cold, but we ended up get a chocolate and white chocolate cream cake which was yummy yummy and probably more calories then I should have consumed in a year.. but oh well, anniversaries are special! That night for dinner we made our special nabe and watched tv/relaxed. All and all a lazy but fun Saturday.. ohh I also introduced Ryohei to Godiva Chocolixor.. he became addicted opps!! Hehe.. I told him we can only have it once a month.. see I am a very kind girlfriend I think.. I don’t know if we can get it in Kobe so he better not be getting it behind my back in Tokyo!!!


After the crazy rainstorm came a beautiful clear Sunday. Which was the date of our actual anniversary! We slept in really late.. until about 11:30 yikes.. I haven’t slept in that late for a long time.. we had thought about going to the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, but since it was already about 1 by the time we got ready and I wanted to spend a full day there, we decided to head to Odaiba instead! For our first date we went on the ferris wheel at the Osaka Aquarium so we decided to keep the tradition alive by going on the ferris wheel and Odaiba as well. We got to Odaiba around 2:30 and had an okonomiyaki lunch before walking around the fuji telebi place but it was just shops and so crowed so we gave it up and went to where the ferris wheel was instead. There was a video game arcade so Ryohei played some weird game and I spotted the Nova English Game.. yes, I decided to test my skills agaisnt the rest of the country haha.. Well.. I got about 2nd place in the Tokyo area.. Ryohei was so impressed.. actually it was a pretty good test because they would show the Japanese word and you’d have to pick the right English one.. so it was actually a nice review for me… there were some weird words too.. like “compounded” and “thirstily”… but yah.. I was glad to impress my fiancee with my hot English skills.. haha.. We don’t speak English too often and I sound like an idiot in Japanese most of the time so it feels nice to show that yes I am proficient in SOMETHING! Anyways we lined up for the ferris wheel just as it was getting dark and saw a beautiful twilight view. It was soo beautiful. Afterwards we returned to his apartment and ordered Pizza Hut.. yum.. I don’t like the Japanese take on Pizza most of the time.. but that was very yummy~~ After dinner we talked about various things espicially his move here. I now have a pretty specific date!! March 8th or 9th!!! So only about 4 more months left!!!

So it was a very fun weekend that ended too fast.. saying goodbye to him this morning, as usual was hard. I’ll be seeing him in another 3 weeks when I have a week long conference in Tokyo but 3 weeks is still hard.. I just have to keep telling myself its only for a short time..

Anyways Im feeling tired now so I’ll leave you all with a few pictures from the weekend!

View from Odaiba at Sunset

Happy Anniversary Purikura!

One more! (note his english print is prettier than mine… 😦 )

All right thats all for now!!!